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The Vagaries of Chance
Submitted June 21st 2018, 20:46 CEST by Desiato's Ghost

It does no good to complain about lack of participation. I'd rather remember the "good old days", even if returning is impossible due to the arrow of Entropy and Time.

I don't recall everyone, and who would?

Perhaps someone with a photographic memory, which I do not possess, or want to. Memories are supposed to fade, as a kind gesture to the shambling bag of mostly salt-water in which our meat computers reside.

There are a few I recall, but they seem to have mostly gone and in one instance passed on to the other realm of who-knows-what.

Time is cruel that way.

But I do remember good things here, the heyday of frantic shooters and daily posts on all kinds of topics. I'd ask morn for the archives, because I'm sentimental that way -- but I'm not sure if that is even possible, or the request even able to thread its way to his screen.

What do you say to a corner of the internet that is still and silent? A place that was teeming with hopes, dreams, jeers and humorous shitposts? How do you honor a chunk of your life spent typing at a keyboard, interacting with a site that had better performance and load times than any social site now?

To sublimate it all into a single sentence or several paragraphs isn't possible.

All I can say, is I regret not keeping my connection to this place. Having to log in under a similar nickname because my former password is long forgotten, buried on a machine that is no doubt rusting in a e-waste landfill as birds wheel overhead, screeching at the sky.

Morn, if you stumble across this before you decide to send this place to "/dev/null"  -- please contact me at -- I'm serious about the archives, if you could provide them.

We lived, laughed, and fought here.

Now the only sound is the whirring of a hard drive, burbling to itself in a server rack somewhere.
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