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ROCK!! (dot com)
June 23rd 2000, 11:50 CEST by andy

The trouble with companies giving assurances about what they'll do in future is that sometimes they change their minds. Apogee fans take note... ;-)

There are lots of "free e-mail for life" services around, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, RemarQ and Altavista, and on the whole they are very reliable. But what would happen if, for example, the domain name were to be sold, and the new owner didn't want to continue the free e-mail service?

According to the dotcom dead pool over at FuckedCompany, that's exactly what has happened with e-mail provider BigFoot.

Having given out addresses for the last three years -- advertising that the service would be available "for life" -- BigFoot has now sold the domain name. The new owner, music network SoundStone, is using the domain name for its portal site and, claims FuckedCompany, any BigFoot customers with an e-mail address have now lost it.

It certainly seems that this story is true, although proof is a little thin on the ground.

When asked how he knows of SoundStone's policy, the man behind FuckedCompany, Philip Kaplan of PK Interactive, would only say "I am the magic man and I know all". BigFoot failed to reply.

Such actions by e-mail providers could, potentially, be disastrous for individuals or small businesses. In a recent story on Salon the owner of a domain name explained how it had been "hijacked" by Network Solutions because she no longer had access to the e-mail account she was using when she registered it. In that case it was a work address and she had moved to a different company, but it could easily have been an account with one of the free providers.

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#51 by "Sgt Hulka"
2000-06-24 15:52:20

What we're doing right now is starting a
grass roots dev team of TW fans to create a killer version of Tradewars.
What we DON'T want to do is update it to the point where it's unplayable, uncool, and dorky.  We have had multiple offers from big companies to do just that.  Basically they'll give us X amount of $$, slap the Tradewars
name on a project that we have little to do with, and that frightens us.  We dont' want the
name tarnished.  We have a lot of history with this game. I ran a BBS for 5 years, ran TW on the board, and I know the drawing power of the game.  It's a highly addictive, strategic game and it already has a huge fan base, why screw up a good thing.
#52 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-06-24 16:09:23
I confess .. I cant remember Tradewar ..

anyone got a link to expose its n34tn355 ?

/me goes back and plays some more nethack

#53 by "Sgt Hulka"
2000-06-24 16:23:40
#54 by "Brad Wernicke"
2000-06-24 22:27:24
3D Realms made a business decision. They did not want to pay, so they found someone else (FilePlanet) who would provide the services for free.

We run a number of 3D Realms game sites, ie: Dukeworld, Wangsdojo, Maxypane, etc. I am fairly disgusted at how they have handled the whole situation (and they know it).

3D Realms is THE TOUGHEST gaming company in the industry to cover without me causing them problems, so if I cause them problems, it can only get worse.

But I am not gonna let Wieder make it sound like fucked 3DR over somehow. Sad though that a small network like mine can put up a few bucks to keep a kickass ftp service, and 3D Realms can not even afford to split the cost of the service with us who have supported them long and hard in so many ways it is unbelievable leaving us to pick up almost the entire tab, which is fine with me. Atleast we know where we stand with them.

My days of ass-kissing any developer are now over. I've been schooled by the best of them. That being said, I have alot of respect for alot of people over at 3D Realms, and they make kickass games.

The bottom line is, it's business. Like it or not.

So endeth my rant.
#55 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-06-24 23:28:02
<quote>I was just going to stay out of this Wieder, but CDROM.COM has taken alot of shit over this entire charade, and I think it's pretty pitiful.

First off did not even know 3D Realms had its own directory there. I had run the /3drealms directory there for over 3 years now.</quote>

Slow down.

I'm talking about GSI when I discuss the business that uses it as a backbone.

3D Realms using it for mirroring our files is to me similar to a user uploading thier maps. Just on a larger scale.

So, no... I'm not in over my head, I guess I just didn't make myself clear enough on what I was talking about.

Had you even known what I was talking about in reference to the entire concept of the situation, you wouldn't have gotten your panties in a bunch. I agree that should have started charging. I think they did what they had to do and hold no ill will towards them. You would know this if you read back through the actual thread about the topic.

However, compared to an email service that changes management and cancels it service, I think the situation is more troubling.

So, thank you for your rant, but you went off at the wrong time this time Brad.

Charlie Wiederhold
#56 by "Brad Wernicke"
2000-06-25 00:04:19
God this feels like the old days at USENET Wieder.
#57 by "flamethrower"
2000-06-25 00:05:42
Brad, as a LONG time user of CDROM, especially the Q1 scene, I'd like to say: "thanks". :)
#58 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-06-25 00:25:52
Old days of USENET?

Yeah, I think I remember you going off without knowing the full story several times then too.

Hopefully eventually you'll understand that I agree with you and will be able to put what I said in context of the topic at hand. If you disagree with me on <b>that</b>, then I'm all for discussing it.

I haven't given any "shit", and support their decision. Just because the webmaster of the company I work for doesn't agree with me doesn't suddenly make me have the same opinion as him, so it's understandable that I'm going to get annoyed when I'm roasted for his opinion and "mild attack"

I spent a lot of time trying to be impartial with you Brad, listening to your complaints, even when I disagreed with them. Being honest and offering suggestions. Thank you for effectively flushing all of that effort down the toilet.

Next time you have a bone to pick with 3DR, please try to pick it with the people who are actually cause you your headaches, not the first person you see that you can publically target.

Charlie Wiederhold
#59 by "Brad Wernicke"
2000-06-25 07:12:15
Wieder, do you know what? You are 100% correct. I feel like a bit of an ass here on this.

I make some valid points about how things went with 3DR, but you never did indicate that you back/did not back the way they handled things. It is pretty clear to me that you agree with what I said earlier.

Hope the damage done with you is not irreversable, I honestly did not understand what your original post meant.

I guess I will eat crow on this one big time. The timing on all this was crappy though, as we got a big phatt invoive from Digital River ( for June and July on Friday that is due immediately. What we pay them every month will basically wipe out any profit we make for the rest of this year :D

I am edgy, aggravated, and pissed off, and you got caught in the cross-fire.

Brad Wernicke
#60 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-06-26 09:18:16
Thank you, Brad.

Charlie Wiederhold
#61 by "Seth Krieg"
2000-06-27 19:32:52
You quoting Rocky Horror, Charlie?<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#62 by "flamethrower"
2000-06-27 20:25:29
Shhhh, damnit! ;)<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#63 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-06-27 21:47:39
Damnit... Janet!
#64 by ""
2000-08-08 04:29:26
<a href="">feces</a>
#65 by G-Man
2004-09-23 08:12:31
I am an asshole.
#66 by Greg
2004-09-23 23:35:27
The feces post was more interesting.

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