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Best/Worst of 2002
December 24th 2002, 08:58 CET by Morn


The BAD!
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#1 by Morn
2002-12-24 09:01:59
Game: Age of Mythology, Splinter Cell, Gore (haha), ADOM!
Movie: Minority Report, Two Towers
Music: CrapRadio ;-)
Book: ASP.NET Grundlagen und Profiwissen
Website:, because I love it and it still lives.

The BAD!
Game: Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege. Urk.
Movie: Was A Knight's Tale from 2002?
Music: Most of what is/was produced in Germany. Go away. Shoo.
Book: That horrible Doom novel. Oh god. Oh god.
Website: What. The. Fuck.

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#2 by Squeaky
2002-12-24 09:21:35
Game: None, I didn't like any of the games that came out this year.
Movie (& DVDs): Spiderman, Band of Brothers
Music: I just realized that I haven't bought a single cd at all this year. weird.
Website: Girls Kissing. (what else?)

The BAD!
Game: Warcraft III, Neverwinter Nights
Movie: Didn't really watch much in the way of (new) movies this year
Music: Too many to list
Website: (what a piece of crap!)

#3 by Squeaky
2002-12-24 09:24:39
I forgot about books:
The Good: was American Gods released this year?

The Bad: MCSD Guide to Developing Desktop Applications With Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Advanced Topics (as well as the course that I had to buy it for)

#4 by The_Joker
2002-12-24 09:29:43
Game: GTA3
Movie: Spiderman
Music: Shania Twain
Book: Tuk

The BAD!
Game: None
Movie: Time Machine
Music: Anything Bailey listens to.
Book: none
Website: none

Joker, Ph.D. Procedural Assholian Behaviour, Pedophilosopher
- All your ass are belong to my wang Jafd. Prepare to are penetration.
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#5 by Bailey
2002-12-24 09:33:49

Fuck you.


Please stop plugging your man-handling ninja school photos.

Planck is constant.
#6 by yotsuya
2002-12-24 09:38:32
Game: Jedi Knight II, Neverwinter Nights, UT2K3
Movie: Star Wars : Attack of the Clones
Music: Sade "Lovers Live"
Book: Some film book I read
Website: You Damn Kid (

The BAD!
Movie: XXX
Music: Anything by Eminem (it all sounds the same)
Book: I dunno what is it?

Lust can never be satisfied with a pink highlighter
#7 by EricFate
2002-12-24 09:41:37
Game:  Freedom Force, Crimsonland, I can still load them up and be amused.
Movie:  Spiderman, Spirited Away, I'll likely add Two Towers when I finally get around to seeing it.
Music:  Kent -- Vapen & Ammunition, Swedish Pop is underrated.
Book:  A Storm of Swords -- George R. R. Martin, please let A Feast for Crows make the April ship date.

The BAD!
Game:  Morrowind, 'Nuff said.
Movie:  The Master of Disguise, turtle turtle.  
Music:  Avril Levine.  Make the hurting stop and banish the Sk8er Boi song from my airwaves.
Book:  House Atreides -- Brian Herbert, he could have at least tried to cash in on the more lucid period of his father's writing rather than jumping straight into the shallow, dry, incoherent end of the pool.
#8 by Matt Davis
2002-12-24 09:50:24
Game: Starfox Adventures, Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, Morrowind, WarCraft III
Movie: Harry Potter and the Pot Chamber, Two Towers, Minority Report.
Music: Aqualung, Queens of the Stone Age, Beachlife.
Book: Kenneth Williams Diaries, Moab is my washpot, Caliban.
Website: looroll, Nation states

The BAD!
Game: Mario Sunshine (aimed too much at the l33t fanbois), NWN, Nightfire, NOLF2
Movie: The American version of The Ring (way to ruin a fantastic movie).
Music: Popstars - The Rivals, Cheeky Girls, Boy/Girl bands everywhere
Book: Kenneth Williams Diaries
Website: Gamespy, IGN (Stop fagging up your site design).

#9 by Squeaky
2002-12-24 10:05:29
Please stop plugging your man-handling ninja school photos.

Hmm... that's odd, that picture wasn't there yesterday. There used to be an actual website there.

#10 by Squeaky
2002-12-24 10:07:02
And the website really was a godaweful piece of steaming bull feces.

#11 by Jens Christensen
2002-12-24 10:11:05
Game... Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (singleplayer), Unreal Tournament 2003 (multiplayer)
Movie... LOTR The Two Towers (didn't watch a lot of new movies this year)
Music... Hellacopters - By the Grace of God, Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf, Eminem - The Eminem Show

That's a big trunk. It fits a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly.
#12 by OwenButler
2002-12-24 11:15:32
Game: Mafia
Movie: Two Towers
Music: too many to mention
Book: The Truth - Terry Pratchett
Website: crap

I tried to think of the bad, but nothing sticks out.
#13 by Cliff
2002-12-24 12:01:09
Game: System Shock
Movie: Brazil
Music: Aja
Book: The Abortion

The BAD!
Anything created after 1994 or so.

Some say it doesn't exist.  Others say you just need to look harder.
#14 by Cliff
2002-12-24 12:02:48
Except Fight Club.  Fight Club was ok.  And Donnie Darko, I guess.   But everything else has sucked.

Some say it doesn't exist.  Others say you just need to look harder.
#15 by Matt Davis
2002-12-24 12:24:49
Did you fall into a time warp and get mixed up with 5+ years ago on your game and movie?

Or did you just not read the topic properly?

#16 by deadlock
2002-12-24 12:37:10
Game: GTA Vice City, Devil May Cry, Jak And Daxter
Movie: Two Towers, Minority Report, 28 Days Later
Music: That Foo Fighters one, One By One?
Book: The Raman cycle by Clarke/Lee (well they're new to me)
Website: My one, of course. That one that let you make faces was pretty cool as well, but I can't remember where that was...

The BAD!
Game: I can't afford to buy crap games
Movie: I'm being dragged to Sweet Home Alabama next week, does that count?
Music: what Matt Davis said
Book: I don't read crap books.
Website: anything from that thread where people kept using javascript to hijack the 'Crap.

there's stains on the carpet and crap on the pavement
#17 by Fallon
2002-12-24 13:23:32
Game: Mafia, Morrowind, GTA3, UT2K3 - just. And my fave, NOLF2.
Movie: Nothing I've seen.
Music: Nothing I've heard.
Book: Nothing I've read.
Website: That tiny Unreal mod community forum Warren Marshall barged on to correct innocent newbs about UT2K3 in the brashest way possible.

The BAD!
Game: There are so many bad games out it's impossible to choose.
Movie: Don't know but the new Terminator 3 looks shitty, yes?
Music: That Nelly / Kelly thing.
Book: Er, anything?
Website: VoodooExtreme for their crap new design and . . . well, being VoodooExtreme.

"Will Wright, creator of The Sims, is 98% carbon and 2% plaster."
#18 by MCorleone
2002-12-24 14:00:36
Sorry to break the pattern, but Morn started with a book ASP.NET - I'm assuming that's not targetted to the n00b.  

I know SQL Server at the intermediate level but what I don't know at all is how to interface it with a browser - Can anyone please recommend a book that can get me started?

Merry XMas all, have a safe and enjoyable one.

Imagine the world in a bottle.  We take that bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it.  I warn you, we are murderous - COIL
#19 by Gunp01nt
2002-12-24 14:06:05
Game: BF 1942 (no bug's been bugging me yet...), MoHAA, JK2, GTA3, Yamakasi
Movie: hmm. I didn't see Minority Report yet, that may be the only contender.
Music: Dance Valley 2002 Hard Dance Edition mixed by Yoji Biomehanika, Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to The Head, Gouryella - Ligaya, most stuff by Armin van Buuren and DJ Scot Project.
Book: what?
Website: naah,

The BAD!
Game: Unreal Tournament 2003 Arena, C&C Renegade
Movie: XXX (should've known my friends would choose to see that movie over Minority Report. Damn them!), Ali G Indahouse, Episode II (made me decide NOT to go see Episode III when it's out)
Music: The Eminem Show, DJ Boozy Woozy, Jan Wayne
Book: what?
Website: idiots!

Actually, I don't know anything about the ladies either. Wait! I mean, I do! I mean... WGHT! JHGT! Yes I'm Awesome!
#20 by Gunp01nt
2002-12-24 14:08:57
fuck... yamakasi should've been one notch lower with 'Movies' instead of 'Games'

Actually, I don't know anything about the ladies either. Wait! I mean, I do! I mean... WGHT! JHGT! Yes I'm Awesome!
#21 by OtherSide
2002-12-24 14:12:44
Game: Age Of Wonders 2, UT2K3
Movie: Minority Report, Two Towers, The Ring, Spy Game
Music: The Vines - Highly Evolved
Book: Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

The BAD!
Game: Arcanum, Dungeon Siege
Movie: Nothing
Music: Nup
Book: Nada
#22 by Morn
2002-12-24 14:40:39
MCorleone: ASP.NET is love, and definitely the way to go for "big" web development on Windows platforms. Also don't confuse it with the old ASP, which was very similar to scripting languages like PHP, except it used Microsoft specific languages (VBScript, JScript).

ASP.NET is a lot like J2EE, which is a good thing in most situations, but may be a bit too overpowered for simple stuff.

If you just want to run a bunch of queries on SQL Server and display the results, you may get results faster by using PHP either with IIS or Apache, even on Windows -- or simply ASP itself.

C R A P R A D I O - Game Music Internet Radio Thingy! Brrraaaiiinnns!
#23 by Funkdrunk
2002-12-24 14:58:51
Game: Freedom Force, UT2K3, Vice City
Movie:  I didn't see a new one that really moved me, but I quite enjoyed Spider-Man
Music: Audioslave, Adrianna Evans (came out in 97, but I only recently aquired it), Soulstice
Book: John Henry Days by Colson Whitehead
Website: GPF Comics

The BAD!
Game: Dungeon Siege, Bridge Commander
Movie: Minority Report (I was picking at plot holes through the whole movie)
Music: The fact that Kelis' new album is not going to be released in the States, and I had to import it.
Book: Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind.  I have completely given up on the Sword of Truth series.
Website: none of note.

An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.  ~Henry L. Mencken
#24 by MCorleone
2002-12-24 15:00:50
Thanks Morn - J2EE, ASP, PHP is all foreign to me.  Presumably because you say ASP.NET is the way to go, it makes sense to skip right to ASP.NET (If I can).  Is the book you recommended targetted at the intermediate/expert?  If so can you recommend a book for the n00b?

Imagine the world in a bottle.  We take that bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it.  I warn you, we are murderous - COIL
#25 by MCorleone
2002-12-24 15:01:58
As for what I'm doing with it, I need a browser to act as a form to enter/update records, and will probably use Crystal Reports for the reporting piece on the backend.

Imagine the world in a bottle.  We take that bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it.  I warn you, we are murderous - COIL
#26 by jafd
2002-12-24 15:15:52

Game: Metroid Prime.
Movie: Metroid Prime.
Music: Metroid Prime.
Book: Metroid Prime.

The BAD!

Game: TIE: "American Football" & "War on Terror". Pack it the fuck in already, Jesus.
Movie: "Star Trek: Nemesis". Rick Berman is the fucking devil.
Music: All the versions of "Stones" on with vocals.
Book: This year I have decided that I no longer enjoy hard science fiction.
Website: Worst. Forums. Evar.

"Colder than a ticket-taker's smile at the Ivar Theater on Saturday night."
#27 by Duality
2002-12-24 15:33:28
Game: UT2k3, SoF2
Movie: Attack of the Clones, Spiderman
Music: Curt Jackson's Masterhand History Vol1 - Techtsujin (yeah, I'm pimping a friend's CD, I can't help it ... it uses the Invid theme for an intro!)
Book: (Publication) NewType USA
Website: Discount Anime DVD (chinglesh subbed anime)

The BAD!
Game: Hitman 2, NOLF2
Movie: Cowboy Bebop - Best Sessions (WTF ... a collection of fans' favorite episodes?  What's the point?)
Music: Fortunately, I don't get bad music.
Book: I haven't read enough to find a bad book
Website: The Asian Prince
#28 by Gunp01nt
2002-12-24 15:57:48
MCorleone: the prime good thing about ASP.Net is that it uses a fully object oriented language, whereas ASP, PHP and the likes use script languages (only execute once when run) and are basically just HTML preprocessors, which means they are meant only to produce an HTML page.

Actually, I don't know anything about the ladies either. Wait! I mean, I do! I mean... WGHT! JHGT! Yes I'm Awesome!
#29 by jjz
2002-12-24 16:51:58
Game:  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Animal Crossing, NOLF2
Music:  WFMU, Shooby Taylor
Audio Entertainment:  Archives of the Steve Dahl Show, Seven Second Delay
Book:  Anything by Peter David, Alias by Brian Bendis
TV:  The Shield, Firefly, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mole

Game:  Metroid Prime, StarPeace
#30 by Lurker
2002-12-24 17:13:13
Movie: Minority Report, Two Towers
Book: Count of Monte Cristo
Website: PlanetCrap

The BAD!
Movie: HP:CoS, Punch-Drunk Love, Eight Crazy Nights
Book: The prophet
Website: PlanetCrap
#31 by Caryn
2002-12-24 17:32:44
Game: BF1942, Super Monkey Ball Jr. (GBA)
Movie: The Two Towers
Music: Audioslave
Book: Christ: Crisis In the Life of God by Jack Miles
Website: Ultimate Flash Face

The BAD!
Game: Asheron's Call 2
Movie: Star Trek: Nemesis
Music: Probably that album that Kelly Osbourne put out, but I don't know
Book: Haven't read any bad books this year
Website: Tokyo Delve's...most awesome sushi bar up in North Hollywood, but a design that's stuck in 1994.

"Bailey: Cuba has great rum and even better cigars.  Their current dictator's health is failing and he's looking for a successor. All of a sudden you declare an interest in Cuba. You're fooling nobody." - HiredGoons
#32 by Morn
2002-12-24 17:57:04
We didn't have animated GIFs in 1994! Pah! :P

C R A P R A D I O - Game Music Internet Radio Thingy! Brrraaaiiinnns!
#33 by Morn
2002-12-24 17:58:07
MCorleone, pick up a copy of Web Matrix over at They have all sorts of tutorials, too.

C R A P R A D I O - Game Music Internet Radio Thingy! Brrraaaiiinnns!
#34 by Fugazi(werking)
2002-12-24 18:06:24
The Good
Game: BF1942, Mafia, UT2k3, SOF2 (multiplayeronly!), MOHAA
Movie: The Two Towers, Spiderman, No Man's Land, Bowling for Columbine
Music: Audioslave...not much else that's new that I like
Book: Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds (at last, some good new SF!)

The Bad
Game: Nightfire, NHL 2002
Movie: Queen of the Damned
Music: anything by Celine Dion
Book: Promethea (comic) by Alan Moore (just got way too weird for me)
Website: (not the one you think)

"Good health" is merely the slowest rate at which one can die.
#35 by Bailey
2002-12-24 19:06:09

Merry XMas all, have a safe and enjoyable one.

You say that as though the two were mutually compatible.

Planck is constant.
#36 by Sgt Hulka
2002-12-24 19:11:51
Game: Painkeep Arena
Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Music: Rob Halford - Crucible
Book: MEG by Steve Alten
Website: Drudge Report

The BAD!
Game: Too many to list
Movie: Anything with Sandra Bullock or Whoopie Goldberg in it.
Music: Bottled Pop or anyone with 'Lil prefixing thier name
Book: Joined at the Heart by Algore
Website: Oh that's easy.. 3D Realms. :)

Merry Christmas from Team Evolve

Got DOOMED? - Videogames do bad things to good people
#37 by jjohnsen
2002-12-24 19:40:23
Movie:Two Towers, Minority Report
Music:Norah Jones, Audioslave
Book:Lovely Bones, Girls will be Girls, Live From New York
Website:Planetcrap, TMOL, Dark Horizons
TV:Curb Your Enthusiasm, 24

The BAD!
Game:Warcraft III
Movie:Harry Potter
TV:Sopranoes (What the hell happened this season?  I was bored until the final episode).

#38 by Eric T. Cheng
2002-12-24 20:06:39
Game: No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way,Battlefield 1942,Medal of Honour: Alllied Assault,soldier of Fortune: Double Helix (multiplayer)
Movie: Spirited Away, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Spider-Man
Music: Garbage b-sides

Kilt Wearing Pixel Pushing Monkey Boy
IMDB Entry
DVD Collection
#39 by Leslie Nassar
2002-12-24 20:59:11
Game: Super Monkey Ball 2
Movie: Punch-Drunk Love
Music: Divine Operating System
Book: None
Website: Movie Poop Shoot

"If we allowed everyone who wanted to drop their pants and moon police officers, we are undermining the authority of the police."
-- Senior Sergeant Michael Purcell, police prosecutor
#40 by crash
2002-12-24 21:13:58
the good:

game: Dungeon Siege (released this year), Asheron's Call (most entertainment this year)
movie: Fellowship of the Ring (last movie i saw in the theater, and it was good)
music: Earshot, Letting Go
book: n/a

the bad:

game: Warcraft III
movie: n/a
music: anything by Eminem
book: n/a

By this time tomorrow we can be doing BODY SHOTS off HOOKERS in some MEXICAN HELLHOLE
#41 by Gunp01nt
2002-12-24 21:19:42
Movie: Anything with Sandra Bullock (...) in it.

from that IMDB link:
74th Annual Academy Awards, The (2002) (TV) .... Herself

hey, did you guys know Sandra Bullock played herself at the 74th academy awards? wow, this is totally amazing! I always have been wondering who it was that put down such a performance as Sandra Bullock at the Academy Awards, and it turned out to be.... Sandra Bullock!

Actually, I don't know anything about the ladies either. Wait! I mean, I do! I mean... WGHT! JHGT! Yes I'm Awesome!
#42 by Col. Kilgore
2002-12-24 22:32:14
Game: Divine Divinity
Movie: Dog Soldiers
Music: Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Book: Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America -Dan Savage

The BAD!
Game: Neverwinter Nights
Movie: Signs
Music: Almost everything on commercial radio
Book: Why waste time on bad books?
#43 by BabiG
2002-12-24 22:39:27
Game: Civ3, Age of Mythology, Tony Hawk, NOLF2
Movie: Minority Report, Changing Lanes, Road to Perdition, Red Dragon, Signs, Punch-drunk love...and some more I can't remember or haven't seen yet.
Music: Porcupine Tree, Dave matthews band (not usually a fan, but I like the newest CD)
Book: haven't read anything that came out this
Website: seriously, and

The BAD!
Game: NBA Live 2003, Tekken 4 (not horrible, but disappointing)
Movie: Didn't see a lot of bad ones, windtalkers probably the worst one.
Music: Take your pick
Book: none
Website: none

Now to make fun of everyone else's list...
#44 by MCorleone
2002-12-24 23:01:44
How's the new Massive Attack?

Imagine the world in a bottle.  We take that bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it.  I warn you, we are murderous - COIL
#45 by "sebi"
2002-12-25 00:08:29
Game: Eternal Darkness, THPS 3&4
Movie: The Royal Tennenbaums, 2 Towers.
Music: Blackalicous "Blazing Arrow", Silent Poets "To Come..."
Book: Jonathan Franzen "The Corrections".
Website: Planetcrap

The BAD!
Game: UT for Mac OS X
Movie: Die Another Day, Windtalkers
Music: That ketchup thingy
Book: Will Self "My Idea of Fun"
Website: I tend to forget about bad websites immediately.
#46 by Bailey
2002-12-25 00:47:24
You guys really need to learn how to process Best/Worst of 2002, as anything else DOESN'T FUCKING QUALIFY.

Beating you about the head, ass, with a 12-inch rubber christmas dildo.

Planck is constant.
#47 by crash
2002-12-25 00:55:19

By this time tomorrow we can be doing BODY SHOTS off HOOKERS in some MEXICAN HELLHOLE
#48 by CheesyPoof
2002-12-25 02:24:58
Game: MOHAA, Morrowind, GTA:VC, NOLF2, Hitman2
Movie: Aotc, Road to Perdition, Minority Report
Music: I don't buy music.  I listen to Uncle Kracker on the radio, I guess they're good.
Book: The Universe in a Nutshell (pretty sure this came out in 2002, generally I don't get books in their year of publication)

The BAD!
Game: Dungeon Siege, NWN
Movie: I try not to go to the bad ones, this year I was succesful
Music: see above
Book: None.
Website: (the infamous YF javascript OnMouseOver)
#49 by Dethstryk
2002-12-25 02:42:10
Holy shit. Capitalization from crash.

Bailey: Sob, bluh, fat ankles, etc.
#50 by BadMath
2002-12-25 02:46:51
Game: Natural Selection.
Movie: K19 - Only good movie I saw this year.
Music: Fugazi - The Argument (Released Oct 2001, so what)
Book: My college makes me buy enough of these so I avoid them elsewhere.
Website: All Music Guide - Great reference when ripping mp3's/OGG Vorbis.

The BAD!
Game: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Warcraft III, GTA3.
Movie: Lord of the Rings (both)
Music: Don't know, only listen to what I know I'll like.
Book: See above.
Website: 95% of whats out there.
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