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July 1st 2013, 22:08 CEST by LPMiller


I believe Planetcrap is trying to achieve sentience.
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#46 by jafd
2013-09-18 16:42:20
Ah... much better. DARK SOULS.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#47 by jafd
2013-09-18 16:51:01
Hey, remember when the worst thing I was doing, was disrespecting the memories of the fallen Americans who heroically gave their lives on that September morning in 2001?

Yeah, that was for about a minute. Have you guys walked outside and talked to people? NO ONE thinks it was a real thing. NO ONE.

Exactly how are the Secret Service going to protect so many threats to The President's life? Well, tell you what, I'll let them know immediately.

Also, how is that there hasn't been a word breathed of Mr. Obama... travelling to, you know, North American Defense Command... and hitting the bhang in the warroom?

There must be some heavy duty energy transference possible, because I hadn't thought about the idea at all, until I broke through some resistance in my mind.

OF COURSE The President is getting stoned. OF COURSE. No wonder that speech was as it was, after they sent out the butler to wipe up the mess that the old, ignorant white man riled up.

Hrrm. The magic is gone. I guess I was only allowed just the one more post, to wrap up all those loose ends, just to tie it up in one place.

Also, did you guys kill Bailey, or are you keeping him from me? Like seriously. He cannot stay drunk forever. Oh! wzrd!

Last I recalled, wzrd and Matt P were two different people, but maybe you guys have evolved into amoebas or something. Anyway, thanks for the three good leads, PC. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you, they're nothing. But to me, they're gestures of your goodwill, respect, and eternal surrender to the awesome power of my righteous inquisition.

Let's not make a big deal out of it, okay? Or I'll grape your daughter. Well, I mean... not really grape. More like plum.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#48 by jafd
2013-09-18 17:09:23
42:20, 51:01... yeah, the board checks out. Cleared for warp. Does anyone know anyone who would like to write me a sonnet? It is going to be a long autumn for us all.

Also, not the same author now. Were you looking for the... the another... uh, wait.

No, it doesn't want to return. Yes, it knows that. No, I don't care. Do you guys not get it? I was never looking like anything but an idiot because... I am learning.

Also, there were a few Agents hanging around here. Like really. Like really! Spetsnaz? What? I wanna meet the Russian agents who closed ranks around Vlad while he nailed the ring!

Like, did he signal them to close, or did he just know that they would, or... does he even see the guards anymore? Maybe they're just animated Cyrillic letters that dance to his amusement.

Vlad could use a publicist. Remember that guy who was poisoned with polonium, who died a horrible death? Ah, shit, maybe he deserved it. Obviously, the power of the average human to understand and comprehend complex situations is... a highly intricate set of circumstances.

Also, I figured out the spoilers for the next war. Shhhhh. I don't know when it will start. They've gotta get the doves in position. How do they not see this coming? Oh, right, the Internet is a series of tubes. Does anyone have a link on that science on how the mind links to the brain and also to patterns of sunlight?

Oh, right, I'm the one doing that science. Well, whatever. You'll have to buy me a master's degree, I can't operate this centrifuge unless I am certified.

Justice for Ponds/Flesichmann! I hope the youth of today will search for the name of that author in that one Rush song that explains everything. Also, and this is for real, so sad about the dead Australian.

Still. Am I the only one? Well, there was his girlfriend. lol. She'll make a perfect ninja infiltrator.

Excellent. It truly makes no more sense at all. Pretty Good Privacy!

Also, some links to old, declassified copies of the company-wide newspaper of the NSA. I have this feeling that I used to move it around, or something.

Man, no one is moving shit over there now. lol. Every digital line is potentially infected with no way of knowing, and no one knows how to clear it as re-secured.

Mysteriously, all the techs are playing Frogger on their... wait, that's not a droid. Why are these civilians marching in single file? *click*

I sure wish someone would hire me. It seems unreasonable to continue working for myself for free, when I gain from the benefit of all of your experience.

Oh, wait, wait. I remember. All that peeing into a cup. All that threatening. Hrrm. Tell you what--I can piss into cups now.

I am more plant than man. Production plant. Human.

Damn, was there really any doubt to that extent? Oh, yeah, right, I forgot, the place is full of them. Also the children seem to be even worse than they were when... well actually, no.

The painted up mascot that corpor... and, scene

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#49 by jafd
2013-09-18 17:36:48
It sure makes sense why it is important to have shipped a working title. Someone has to know how this crap is faked, get the new guy to do it.

Also, and this is from me to you--I have really missed being here and doing this, and I so wish that I had ever been welcomed, back or otherwise.

Oh, hey, where's Tweedledee and Tweedledum? I can hardly wait to videoconference with you! An exorcism requires eye contact, that's about it.

"Bobby." Mwhahaha. Robert. Rob.

You know, I would make a useful person to advocate for an established brand. The NSA spent $250million... maybe billion? On encouraging select companies to grow in certain directions, subtley.

Huh. I wonder if they thought about making people think of online interactive socialization as, like... hip and trendy. Let's go ask them!

Knock, knock. Would you care for a blood sample? Yeah, we're looking for The Philadelphia Area. Do you have the authority to bar me from the grounds? Cool, let's... meet out side, Servant.

Oh, shit, there I go again. This has nothing to do with sports, except the way that everyone who loves sport, is forced to sit and wait and take their turn for... well, whatever.

I rather like making sport, frankly, but I do not like watching one force utterly oppress another force.

Speaking of which, thank you for my health care. Your taxes utterly oppress anot... no, that's not it either.

Wait a second. What is going on here? Oh, right, build up for war. Comic relief is good.

Why so Syria? Why do I know eveything about who is going to be in your Super Bowl, but very little about why people wish to kill each other in the place where one wants to move fuel around?

It isn't because I do not care, that is for sure. Someone must decide. Find him, ask him, move on.

The suspense is thrilling! At any minute now, everyone might realize that attack weapons and defense systems are excellent ways to, I don't know, paint someone's house, or encourage someone to help teach children to read, or... oh, wait.

I wonder where I would be submitting this if I wished the world to see it? Oh, probably MySpace. lol, lol, so abandoned. Or is it?

I'll tell you, as soon as I remember a name I actually recognize and receive a legitimate echo back from, what the hell I am trying to think about, but I don't think it is fair for me to express the whole of my design document in a public place.

Surely you understand. Oh, well, guess not. I wonder what would happen if I tried this with a Ouija board?

Oh, well, that was a terrifying vision. I'll be sure to try that some other day, when this exposure has been vetted.

bbl. Putin fanfic imminent. Sequester! 90% support gun control, so, give us the control you have, oh, wait, why is this not working out as it was before?

The short attention span of the world may be spreading the data farther than it might otherwise. You guys heard, right? Things have changed, and now the world is a safer place.

Does it count that it is more dangerous for thieves? I don't know how, but it sure is scary to be on the run from authority.

Who is that now, btw? DoJ, DEA, POTUS, uhm... oh, never mind. YOu know what? An awful lot of you actually don't find this kind of politics fasincating.

find these. find THESE. I sure am adding absolutely no useful information here at all.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#50 by jafd
2013-09-18 17:45:59
I just got a message telling me that I was wrong, and the message was right. I suppose I will log off now.

Or will I? I wonder why I no longer know what I have in my own mind, from time to time. It suddenly started going blank right in the middle of weaving a complex blob of nonesee that has anything to do with geopolitics.

Oh, it must just be anxiety. I'll stand in direct exposure to high intensity radiation, and then I will feel calmer, just by being closer to the energy information.

This is reading like scripts of affirmations from self-help CDs published by diabolical gardeners.

And, with this Key, you unlock Our knowledge. One for the fans! I didn't just export encryption technology by posting a message to a member of the Union that is next to the place where the other, old Union used to be, did I?

It is so important to a citizen to obey, and be clear. Don't ask me why, useful people seem to appreciate it.

I guess I'll have to go back to watching the news. Oh, yeah, that fertilizer plant explosion!

Nothing about it, not anywhere! lol! Man, shit just happens, I guess.

How could you have not seen this coming?

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#51 by Wudi
2013-09-19 02:27:38


w0rd up!
#52 by lwf
2013-09-19 04:51:21
Too many bots around here these days

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#53 by jafd
2013-09-19 12:47:32
There are currently 0 people browsing this site. [Details]

The details are these: SEATEC ASTRONOMY.

lwf: Welcome to the previous level. Put on that pink schoolgirl outfit you like.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#54 by jafd
2013-09-19 13:10:29
Also, and, I don't want to brag or boast, but this is a true story.

This place used to be like this: I would login and start writing, and there would be cheers of appreciation. "jaffed! jaft! jade!" they would cry.

Then, one day, my star fell. I actually do not recall the supposed event. It was something, I believe, completely inconsequential. In response, I went on a warpath against all evil spirits. Also 3D Realms. 3DReams? Oh, whichever, your branding came late, because you were, at best, the ones who coded Rise of the Triad.

Or, you know, whatever. Paraphrase! Art licence! Now, I know that I am not such a one any longer.

My star has gone beyond nova. Do not ask me how I know this. I do not know, but I were to be asked, I would be granted the information from beyond the aetheric veil.

So now, those days long gone, I am well aware that most of you Crap Perusers are not even still living on the planets of your births, and even more aware that most of you reading this are going to be like... "huh?"

Oh, wait, I mean, most of you reading this are going to be like, not at all, because we don't read jafd posts.

Yeah, this is my Western Empire of Whatever. So please, if you would, or could, when you see that there is no one here except my oh-so-pathetic keyboard banging and my patently absurd attempts to use guerilla numerological hashes for purposes they were never meant for, please, be kind.

I am beginning to feel like I am laying on the polite prose a little too thick. Also, it seems to be the case that there really are not very many people here, and certainly, IT WOULD SEEM, no one who wishes to see me increase my visibility level.

I could not give less of a planet's worth crap now, however. I'm not saying you all have got to kiss my ass for being here (big deal, people come and go), or to be absurd about how to utilize the new technology, because I have already had my feelings hurt.

They'll recover. Meanwhile, your intrusion attempt has been halted, binned, and logged. I think I could get a script that does that without me typing but typing "halted, binned, and logged" feels really good to my heart.

Also, Morn? I have clicked quite eagerly on your link to, probably about fifty times. I wish to let you know; I cannot do it anymore, I simply cannot observe your disgusting and pathetic ethical practices.

You can clean this up. I would recommend doing so. I will not recommend anything, however, as there must be some reason that no one loves anything or anyone here anymore.

... was it me? Remarkably, I rather doubt it. Meanwhile, note above: lwf either didn't notice the entirety of the technology grant from earlier, or simply hasn't bothered to consider as fact, no more war. In the meantime, note that for the largest part, I log in, I start writing, I spread joy and love to the whole of the world.

I know, I know, some of you think I am lying. I get that a lot, you know. Usually from bitches who want me to kick down, over and over and over. Wait, wait. Not bitches. What's the other one again? I'm going to have to abandon all use of rhetorical questions, because this writing is suffering.

It is nice to re-embrace our past. Yelling JAFD in a crowded theater is now grounds for dismissal. Thanks, Gabe! Hey, does your wife still remember me from that first night we talked?

Feel that sting between that feeling of being insulted, and not quite remembering a real thing? That's pride. It is fucking with you.

Thanks... uh, who? Well, whatever, you know who you are. I do not, and that has made all the difference.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#55 by jafd
2013-09-19 13:16:02
Ah, shit, I overflowed that one. I am truly sorry, my flawless record is finished.

Read it, if anyone likes. I really don't know what any of these things can actually be said to be saying by the time I hit the Post button, but I am sure at discrete moments in the process, the numbers and letters are being agitated.

I won't be able to update my email address here until Morn consents, and I am not sure when that might happen. I was honestly considering finding a local... girl? Anyway, someone, get on that China box.

I actually hate that name, "China." It reminds me of offensive times.

Also, please do not call this a comeback. "Peeps." I hadn't planned on setting up shop, and now, will not, and I'm rather surprised, considering the massive amount of open space available, at rock-bottom prices.

Would you like to know why? Becuase, you lied. YOU LIED. Shit, dog, I got two of those! Now, imagine the consequence to lying TO ME.

Okay, stop imagining. None of you are even close. My secret is, no one has ever seen me mad. Also, I don't know who is looking for me, but I badly wish to see her.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#56 by jafd
2013-09-19 13:18:02
uh... but um, I meant him. Sorry about that. Can you edit that in post? I'm on in 5.

Oh, hey, Manny C., contact me. You're getting terrible advice.

Hyperline crossing in 3... 2... 1.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#57 by LPMiller
2013-09-19 18:53:13
nice to see that greasemonkey script still works.

"Testiculos habet et bene pendentes" - "He has testicles, and they dangle nicely."

"LP, your big balls are a religion." - Jibble
#58 by Shadarr
2013-09-20 00:44:34
Nice to see my scrollwheel still works.

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#59 by jafd
2013-09-20 02:48:14
It's nice to see that both of you still understand the purpose of understated acknowledgement.

Hey, why so Syria?

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#60 by jafd
2013-09-20 02:51:11
I changed the title of my topic in the pipeline to "no longer thinking..." just to keep it all in one place.

Careful what you ask for next time, I guess. Frankly, I thought post #50 was fucking brilliant.

Dark Souls.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#61 by G-Man
2013-09-21 17:35:04
I'll admit that I actually read all of that. I got most of the references but had to look a few up. Jafd is pretty well-read, even if a lot of it is concentrated on pseudo-science, science-fiction, and conspiracy theories.

But jafd: You are in your 40s now. Isn't there something better for you to be doing with your life?
#62 by jafd
2013-09-23 13:47:39
G-Man: I would not know if there is something better for you to be doing with your life, but I assure you, I really did not dare to hope that you really do get... you know, compensated for monitoring this site.

Thank you for your service. Also, you should know that one of The Powers prevented me from posting here, the very lengthy thing I wrote, just for you.

That's not, like... obstruction, is it? Well, whatever, obstruction of jafd's id is its own reward.

I'd check in with the people, if I were you, because even I am quite surprised. Apparently that "greasemonkey script" doesn't work so well in a thread titled "Thinking..."

(I really only come here when impelled by A Power, but... thanks guys, I really appreciate all your clandestinely held approvals of my very nature.)

Hey, anyone seen DKI lately? I fucking LOVE that pussy. UNF UNF UNF! The war is over! jafd wins! jafd wins!

Consider the victory lap I'm gonna take one day... it's going to be a very exclusive event. I mean, I wasn't even going to, but I sure as shit did not come to PlanetCrap just to fart.

I came here because I love you all, and because the mental driver in my head tells me that I should not forget about any of you. Shrug. I don't care. If it hadn't told me that this was the last time for this site, I wouldn't be here at all.

Ironically, I am sure all but one of you think I'm just here for attention. Sigh. Now I know how Van Gogh feels. Felt. Whichever.

No, Morn, it's not safe yet: SHHH!

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#63 by jafd
2013-09-23 14:02:58
I feel like I just found a sequence breaking method in Super Metroid (SNES) that no one has found before.

What are the odds? Well, I'll either practice it and "claim it," or tell other people and let someone else "claim it" or I'll pass it along to someone else, and let them "enhance it."

I choose Elon Musk. Who is that guy? I should have been on his forum twenty years ago. Why didn't that happen?

Well, whatever*, someone just put up "The Official Forum of The Official Inspiration for The Character of Tony Stark," throw up a paywall, and we're in business!

In business dealing with very angry South African gem and mineral magnates, but, you know, whatever. There's like at least two dozen splinter groups vying for transnational power now... take your pick!

Or, of course, GTA V. Or, of course, not have yet figured out that if one knows jafd, and one is not right with jafd, one is in a bad way. There's exactly THREE people that I'm tight with IRL from this site, and two of them are in denial, and the third, well... everytime I think to myself, "what the hell, did I really waste all that fucking time?" this girl is right there to remind me that I was right all along, and what happened, doesn't matter.

Well, I guess it does matter, because the last post I made that "didn't matter" got... intercepted!

Love that greasemonkey script. It's so testable. Oh, wait, wait, I mean: "deceitful."

Like it could just be Morn, editting in real time. Or not. Or whatever. It's definitely "a thing," though.

God, I love Morn's things. I hope Morn's secret dream is to rescue the world from Facebook, because I think he actually could!

And that's something I could help with, of course. Consider how much I annoyed the lot of you, without even trying. What if I had any actual clever skills, and what if I was motivated to use them?

Is it treason to attack Facebook, or is that just gay-bashing? Or would it be stalking? Would it be cyber-stalking? It wouldn't be, say, an attack against, say, some kind of government, because OF COURSE Facebook isn't the government, it's just, like that kid, and a bunch of citizens who were ripped off.

I don't know that one either, but now that I've been censored, I guess someone will have to care about it.

Seriously, troopers, I wrote this post that went like this: "I will never post like this again, here's why" and then when I hit "post," it... vanished.

I guess it was because I was thought to be lying? No idea. It couldn't be due to the presence of chaos magick, because that's just a story, ho ho ho. I'll prove this by only using that on another site, and never using it on another, and ignoring it on this one.

This sounds like a whole lot of work, so it is a good thing I am not doing shit besides being a nuisance. And I couldn't be involved--I get lost on the way to the pre-school by taking a wrong turn at the air force yard.

I really don't think it works that way, but I am trying to make various search algorithms trigger on a false-positive, sort of, you dig? Anyway I think the last one really got Clippy's attention.

I'm not mad, but... if that wasn't Morn, and it wasn't Gabe, I don't know who it was. And, in response to your private dreams... it is nothing to do with me.

Keep sitting on those archives, Morn! Valuable in ways I cannot imagine. You should see what is happening over here as a result of my interaction with you.

Have you ever heard of... Skype? I don't know, I think it is a fad.

(I liked the other post better, my friend. You are welcome for this favor. YOU NOW OWE ME ONE.)

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#64 by jafd
2013-09-23 14:10:18
one more just to seal off that Rule of Three thing, and isolate the one stolen post.

Hairy Potsmoker is really overrated... wait, wait, I mean, Harry Potter and the Thinly-Veiled Parable sure has changed things.

"Hi! We've noticed that you've accidentally left your construction open to influence and corruption by... well, whatever. Did you mean to do that? Fix it or we will haunt your daydreams, thanks... oh, you did already, thank you, enjoy the rest of your hallucinogenic fantasy, et cetera."

So glad I never finished those books, sat through the films, bought into the concept of "an ending," and grew up.

So, any of you friends with her? I heard she was lonely, no one understands her, has children that are rapidly flying out of her control, and... I don't know, posting on the Internet under a pseudonym, I guess.

Good thing it isn't here or you eagle-eyes would have been all... over... that... right? Or maybe it is only aliens. Or ETs. Or boys. Or Nazis?


"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#65 by jafd
2013-09-23 16:37:13
by the way, Morn, I do not know if you remember, but, I have only gotten sorrier over the years, so please hear me clearly here:

I am very sorry for inadvertently hurting your feelings when I was asking you those personal questions about your nationality. It was unkind of me to be so callous, simply because of my own disdain for my own nation.

I asked someone later, and they were all, "omg! you totally pissed him off. You are a stupid American, and are hated all over the world for a reason." And I was all, "hey, fuck you! I meant well, I was just asking!" And then they were all like, "somethings, one should not ask about."

So I moved forward, resolving to be more polite to Germans when asking about their past national embarassment, and still not quite figuring it out, because, after all, I am not German.

There's this other guy, too--I asked him "Why is there no King? Did he die? How can you have a Queen without a King? For that matter, how can you have a King without a Queen? These logical absurdi... hey, wait, where did he go? I thought the English believed in that "chosen by God" thing... don't they?"

And, prior to all that, I asked this Hindu woman, on the bus, about the red dot on her forehead. I was all, "hey, excuse me, what's that red mark all about? is it important? blah blah blah blah!" With her, I didn't give much of a shit, because as soon as I made it clear, that I wanted to know, she made it clear, that she thought I was just lying, and messing with her, for why? I don't know. I never know why people do it to me, I simply know why I do it.

Because, it was done to me.

Yeah, so, anyway, Morn--loving the security you got. It is highly impressive. Have you considered ever licencing this tech?

And, to be sure, I am really going to be not bothering you anymore. My first post was inspired, and the second one was just to test your script, and, I tested them.

You're welcome. I am so happy to be a part of your beta test, which obviously is ongoing for as long as you say "Planetcrap 7.0, coming soon. Now with more poop!"

Maybe you've taken that off, but whatever. I only come to this site now, because I love you, and when I am driven to go anywhere, this place was #1 in my heart, and has been for decades.

Obviously things are different now. You deleted TWO of my messages! You let me post DOZENS of others! You allowed poor G-Man, poor guy, you allowed him to be afflicted with my madness!

Which is all fine! So... what was wrong with the other two? Too long? Really? Or did they... contain sensitive information?

I am honestly asking. You could let me know. Or not.

The choice, as never before, has been left up to you.

I remain, yours, as always
simply and delightfully, just another friendly Dischordian. The 'd' is silent. The 'f' has always been the constant.

Rouse me from my IRL slumber cautiously, I warn ye. Ye? Ye are warned! I'm not aware of any magickal influences in this post, so, it is not like I am threatening anyone.

Oh, except for that one guy. Someone told me something about how I was never going to amount to anything, or I wasn't going to succeed, or... fuck, I forget.

It reminds me of this guy I asked for help from, and he ignored me completely, and then when Libya flipped, he went to go... who knows? He said "to help his family" but even if so, whatever? The fact that he had to give a reason at all was rather weird.

Oh, and the way he vanished without a word was odd, too. Maybe he died? Awwww. Maybe he went to work for the new secret police? Well, that would suck too... unless I happen to meet him in Libya.

highly, highly unlikely. However, it is even more unlikely that Morn is pissed at me because he thinks I'm racist against Germans, or am a crazed-Nazi-hater, or, even worse, one of those crazed-Nazi-lovers... because, damn, the world is full of nutters.

He may simply have been pissed that I found it to be a sign of pride that I was largely ignorant of the global political issues that I was asking him about, when I really had to business to, but, to be fair, the guy is going on about Crap and Poop and there's this one stereotype, so...

Well, whatever. I've moved on. I would like to know why Jeet was banned that day... hell, I would like to know why anyone was banned that day. That day was so much fun, I forgot how horrible it was!

And, of course... well, you know, 12 years later, anyone who did not have someone they -personally- know, who died on that day, can shut the fuck up, omg, omg.

I don't know about the rest of you Bud swillers, but after building that absurd new building, you would thought they would have counted their blessings... but no, 9/11, 12 years later, and they were just about ready to trigger another... PlanetCrap IRC party.


So mad at you, Morn! So angry! Grrrr! On the bright side, I forgive you!

Also, if there were something else wrong with my posts, besides, you know, length, your secret is safe with me. No one is going to ask me any questions about what I post here.

You guys know there are other forums where I could do this, right? So, consider this truth: I only do it here. And even I do not know why.

Also, I don't know why I keep countermanding my mind's orders, but whatever. I've won.


"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#66 by jafd
2013-09-23 19:04:28
Another post, nuked while composed... I think PC 7.0 is waking up.

Marsh Davies still on deck... NEXT CONTESTANT, hugin_len! COME ON DOWN!

And by that I mean, STAY THERE--I WILL COME TO YOU.

One of us is going to need a hug. I've been crying for twenty minutes, ever since they told me that I couldn't be friends with you anymore.

You know... because of... well, maybe they didn't tell you. Anyway, whatever. At the level of activity on this site, it hardly matters. Any name would do... oh, here's a sample, jjz*, come on down?

Oh, silly me... you've always been here. Anyway, none of this is important, it makes me look bad, and is not going to impress Morn.

So, I'm done. This may well be evidenced by the distinct lack of content in these latest posts.

Like seriously, I knew I was done here, but now, I have demonstrated that. What's more, I've demonstrated it cleverly! Let's just say, you had to be there.

Morn, I'm done with your beta test now. I know, what, like, a decade plus later, am I really so delusional as to imagine myself an ongoing part of your deal?

WELL NO, I WAS NOT. And yet, I came here... and discovered the myth that I once was, had become... well, I don't know, because, I took it back.

or, am taking. Who cares, right? Why are you even still reading this, without asking me what I'm going on about?

I've never been so happy to have been shut of so many rhetorical questions. I am being honest.

also, I am honestly compelled to say one last thing.

... why?

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#67 by jafd
2013-09-23 19:05:26
oh shits! I'm sorry! I meant to say


"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#68 by Wudi
2013-09-23 21:44:31
Wait...what? *m0rn (or gabe) deletes posts here?


*Is this really true?

w0rd up!
#69 by bago
2013-10-21 11:06:14
You forgot Raffi and his fruit based telecom network.

#70 by Milan Brezovsk√Ĺ
2013-10-26 19:41:10
He's like another Tommy Wiseau, but with more mania.

Parhelic Triangle is coming. Eventually.
#71 by bago
2013-10-27 01:06:19
Well, at least he got Nazis, 9/11, and bud light into a single post. Credit where credit is due.

#72 by Matt Perkins
2013-11-06 05:07:31
I'd say jafd wins, except dancing on a corpse is obscene.

Also, Mike, we all got tired of the douchy act a long time ago. It's too bad too, because I think you're good people beneath the bullshit...

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#73 by Gunp01nt
2013-12-08 00:11:57
I just bought ~0.18 bitcoin.


She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#74 by schnee
2013-12-21 02:07:12
I did a vanity search for my name, did not see it, TLDR
#75 by gaggle
2013-12-21 22:38:09
I still visit here almost every day.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#76 by TreeFrog
2013-12-21 23:07:46
I saw that picture of you drinking a milkshake while your woman has a beer.
For shame, gaggle. For shame.

"One part disembowels me while another slowly eats its way through the gas line. As I bleed out on the floor, it reminds me that I need to buy milk." - Jibble
#77 by lwf
2013-12-22 01:51:31
Gotta check to see if there are new posts.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#78 by Chunkstyle
2013-12-22 04:54:11
There were 4!

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#79 by CheesyPoof
2013-12-22 04:55:28
Merry Christmas!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#80 by CheesyPoof
2013-12-22 04:55:43
Not swapping my hat out still paying dividends.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#81 by gaggle
2013-12-23 00:53:29
They were preeetty good milkshakes though.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#82 by Squeaky
2013-12-23 07:47:51
Merry Christmas to all you crappers!
#83 by Gunp01nt
2013-12-24 09:28:26
Crappy Christmas everyone!

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#84 by deadlock
2013-12-24 10:12:11
No no no! It's 'Crappy Shitmas'

#85 by gaggle
2013-12-24 10:46:15
Merry Christmas! We actually already celebrated it two days ago, so today we just make some good food but don't do presents or any other traditions. Pretty relaxing.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#86 by Matt Perkins
2013-12-24 23:08:05
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Friends!

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#87 by Shadarr
2013-12-25 10:32:15
Merry Christmas to the best group of semi-sentient chatbots ever created. I hate you all.

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#88 by Chunkstyle
2013-12-25 16:01:59
Merry Christmas Crappers!

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#89 by CheesyPoof
2013-12-26 06:00:29
Six posts! It's a Christmas miracle!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#90 by gaggle
2013-12-26 14:47:49
My dad bought a new computer and I helped install it. It was my first contact with Windows 8.

First off its about half a day to update everything to 8.1, so that's fun. The computer pretty much just sits there with a progress bar. With that done I then thought to stay with standard apps as much as possible, so I jumped into Internet Explorer. But it is seriously insanity to browse the web using the metro mode! It's a weird toy browser that I keep fumbling when operating multiple tabs, or even multitask back after looking at other apps. I like iOS Safari fine, but this one is a totally mystery to me.

It's easy to realize life can't be lived purely in Metro anyway, because it doesn't support java and programs like Word is desktop only.  So if my dad has to fall into desktop for some things then I might as well give him Chrome, at least it's Metro mode looks like its desktop counterpart.

With Chrome installed things are instantly better, no longer constantly fidgeting and cursing every time I go to the web.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#91 by gaggle
2013-12-26 15:03:37
Anyway, so I'm pretty critical at this point. And my dad is not great with computers so I had my doubts.

But we sit down for him to use it for the first time and I was blown away by how well he took to it. The ability to hit the Windows button at any time to get back to the tiles is great, it provides a real sense of safety that there's a simple button that always goes back. And he took to the Metro mail app, where attachments are easy to manage. The larger text is nice too. All in all I'm super happy to see it being a better "dad computer".

In a more professional capacity I think how Windows 8 mixes modes together is totally hopeless, they mesh together incredibly awkwardly. But seeing my dad actually *less* frustrated than what he was used to with XP is really cool, so I'm ready to say Windows 8 is great in that context.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#92 by Gunp01nt
2013-12-26 22:17:58
Congratulations Monty!

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#93 by honeypower
2014-01-05 16:45:11
aww, this place is still alive and hasn't changed a bit ... that makes me happy!
happy 2014, everyone <3
#94 by Matt Perkins
2014-01-06 17:44:45
hey honey. It's only the same in that it's very dead. :)

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#95 by yotsuya
2014-01-14 23:41:12
'Sup, guys?

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