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The Internet Stole My Soul
May 23rd 2002, 15:01 CEST by Scrozzy

During its infancy, the Internet provided few ways by which you could escape from real life, and just substitue aspects of it for some random Internet wizardry. Although these days it's different. People can now use the .net to meet people, search for resources, play games, and with varying degrees of success, fuck each other upon the cyber-kitchen table.

It's just one of those things, isn't it? You get sucked in, and before you know it, you've got square eyes and jizz all over your keyboard and optical mouse. It's just not cricket.

Many are the people who've had perfectly fruitful lives and who were sailing far into the distance on the great ocean of success, only to be thwarted by the Interent. Lured away from the quaint subtlties of life and engaged into a frenzy of online activity. Flashy forums, smilies, e-mails, IMs, porn, videos and Morn's perfectly rounded buttocks. You'd be forgiven for thinking life existed outside of your nerdcave's trapdoor. In your poorly lit, stinking and festering pit, you're free from physical abuse, less prone to accidents and disease, and you can transform yourself into a gorgeous 6', dark and handsome love machine, and noone will ever know that you're really a spotty, greasy, stinking, vile and snorting little runt with bad posture and circulation. More to the point, noone will even care, either.

How much has your life changed due to the Internet? Has it degraded your self-esteem, ruined your career/education? Perhaps it's enhanced your life, and you're using the best aspects of the Internet and they're working in synergy with your real life. Or maybe you've seen the light, and you're turning the Internet against itself, and using it to put right the things it messed up.

Personally, it metaphorically butt-raped me, and I feel I've been dealt a decade's worth of sodomy from a wookie. Although now I'm trying to put things right, and with a little luck, and 30mg of paroxetine every day, I'm well on the road to recovery.

3 cheers for me ...

And my wookie.
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#1 by Iazu
2002-05-23 15:12:41
Hmm, I would say that I've had both good and bad effects since discovering the internet (and computers in general). Of course, I try to take it in moderation and have at least a somewhat normal life outside of my onine hijinx.
#2 by Duality
2002-05-23 15:25:50
I've got yer wookie right here!  *grabs crotch*
Oh wait, that's still my wookie, nevermind.

I don't remember life before the Internet.  Though that was quite a long time ago.  I spent a long time on the Internet before the dialups started booming.  I had a telnet account that I used incessently in the mid90s.  This was actually before I really even knew what the Internet was.  

I remember spending hours late at night hanging out in IRC channels.  Or surfing my favorite bands' websites in Lynx, or even using ftp to camp CDROM.COM and downloading every concievable Doom/2 mod with the complete directory tree laid out for me in that one Doom WAD composition book that had articles about the best T/PCs.  Talk about old school, it was love.  There really is something to be said about sitting in front of a terminal screen doing all your connectivity.

After that, I had gotten my first dialup ISP account and found new fun with a graphical Internet.  It wasn't until the end of '96 that I found out Quake could play over the Internet.  My dad was planning on buying a new PC with Windows 95, and I was finally going to be able to play it online.

As for what it did for my life.  I'm so complacent now with it, since I don't know what life is like w/o it that its actually kind of a nice change when I'm out and about with other people doing stuff, be it a movie or drinking.  But I still do prefer sitting my ass in front of a big monitor to burn my eyes out.

But he threatened them with Toronto Gosh!
#3 by Ashiran
2002-05-23 15:26:07
After I'm done visiting all my regular sites I usually stop surfing. And sure there is IRC but I can go without that too.

But in case you are one of those people who spends all his time indoor-surfing rather then scoring a hot chick. There is always the internet to give you a handy reminder.

" I can send him a dead dog with the word "YOU" taped to its face." - Cliff Yablonski
#4 by Martin
2002-05-23 15:50:53
I'm with Ashiran on this one. I spend quite some time on the net but it's only for surfing my fav sites. I must admit that I can sit and reload "PlanetCrap archive, unread posts only" every fifth minute or so when I'm really bored though.

I love my email and my ICQ but I'm not depending on the web the way that Scrozzy describes it. The Internet went from "toy" to "tool" a long time ago. I've done IRC and insane amounts of forum posting but I guess I get my kicks from other things nowadays. Except for porn, I can't live without that of course.

Shame without life.
#5 by Morn
2002-05-23 16:00:00
The Internet messed up my life, and it's going to mess up everything else in the long run, too. At least I'm a pioneer! :>

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/lover/kraut
#6 by "flamethrower"
2002-05-23 16:24:37
the net is additictive

and pretty destructive in many places

and not as much fun as it once was - those old doom/quake communities *buzzed*

but it IS a life-sapper

i thorougly advise everyone to take note of this :
#7 by Matt Davis
2002-05-23 16:27:52
I only use the net while at work, helps pass the time and theres no point in wasting my own bandwidth, but most of the time I can happily live without.

Times such as these with E3 I do a bit more surfing of an evening, but when the weekend comes I'm at the computer for no more than an hour a day.
#8 by Iazu
2002-05-23 16:34:52
#3 by Ashiran
And sure there is IRC but I can go without that too.

I've always disliked IRC, of course, the only thing I've ever really used it for is getting files since chatting is not my forte most of the time. I've always found it way too slow and clunky as compared to usenet or webpages. Not to mention all the horror stories I've heard about people who get attacked through it. As it stands, I don't use it unless absolutely necessary.

Also, to expound on my earlier post, I feel I have benefitted in some ways from my exposure to the internet (I've only been online around 4-5 years, if that long). Being able to look up damn near any article of information on any topic I so desire at a moment's notice is great. I also feel like I know more about what's going on in the world tech and news-wise. Before, I pretty much ignored what was going on in the world around me, never watched news or read the paper.

The downside is I do feel as if my social life has suffered somewhat. It can't be a coincidence that I went on a 2-3 year dry spell in female relationships around the time I got my first computer, although that's thankfully been rectified for around 1.5 years now. Plus I feel as if I'm always on the verge of getting some sort of repetitive stress injury in my right arm, so I try not to use it as much (although I do think it's just as much the fault of the way I tend to sleep with it in an awkward position).
#9 by Iazu
2002-05-23 16:39:00
In response to #0

Are you the Scrozzy that used to run Planetblackandwhite? I remember you posting in another thread about Peter Molyneaux and someone else said you got burned somehow by the whole Black and White ordeal. What exactly happened? If you don't mind sharing of course.
#10 by Phayyde
2002-05-23 16:45:15
I'm really thankful for the Internet and it's recent popularity.  It has offered me opportunities I never dreamed were possible.  It was as if the world decided to get really really excited about exactly the kinds of technology that I love and work so hard to be good at.  In a matter of years (say 1987-1997) Unix became 'cool' (I never saw that coming), networks became an extremely well compensated career, cool shit like Quake happened, HTML had a golden age.  I was in heaven.  Still am.  

I feel really lucky and thankful for it all.  I hope that if we can be good stewards of society and technology, if we can make enough right decisions and work hard, my kids will become adults in a world with even better opportunities than I've had.

My fear is that our civilization is building outward instead of inward.  Picture Wile E. Coyote outside the wondow of the 99th floor of some skyscraper, hammering one board to the next attempting to reach a neighboring bldg.  I'm scared we are spending way too much time adding on to this fragile tech economy and not enough time building infrastructure, farming, doing the hard work that keeps our culture from failing during hard times.  We are on the 100th floor of a house of dominoes...

Beat to fit, paint to match.
#11 by Martin
2002-05-23 16:53:45
Don't get me wrong, I love the 'net but it doesn't hold the same interest as it did several years ago. I use it frequently but I don't 'need it' the same way I did just 2-3 years ago.

Shame without life.
#12 by Matt Perkins
2002-05-23 17:08:32
Just like everything else, moderation is your friend.  The Internet can be a amazing place of communication, finding like minds, learning more, solving problems, or just having fun.  It can also be a place were people get to involved, don't ever leave their house, log years straight playing EverCrack, and get miserable because they don't have real people to talk to anymore.

I love the Internet.  For work and play, I can't concieve of a world without it.  That's not to say I don't like playing football with friends more, but it has become a part of my life.

Oh yeah, and fools in PC IRC are so much fun to poke at.

LPMiller - "Really, I'm just a get along kinda a guy, all about the love."
#13 by Duality
2002-05-23 17:11:55
So that was you poking me?
And here I thought it was someone trying to entice me. :(

But he threatened them with Toronto Gosh!
#14 by Bezzy
2002-05-23 17:37:40
I can blame the internet for making me fail my courses, but I ca only blame myself for using the internet.

Sick and tired and not impressed with shoehorning art into a profitable industry.
#15 by Max
2002-05-23 17:47:42
Everything in excess! Moderation is for monks!  Thank you, Robert.

Anyway... I wasn't sorely affected by teh intarweb when I first got on because I'd spent the previous ten years calling and running BBS'. I got my chat fix from Compuserve CB Simulator on a 300 baud modem on my first Apple II (though IRC addicted me for months after my discovery of it in the early 90's).  I briefly became a complete shut-in net addict in the days because my life and my job at that time sort of encouraged it - I was in North FUCKING Dakota (AKA Hell Frozen Over) in the military and had a lot of time to kill.  I've sort of cycled in and out of being a complete nethead and having a real life over the last ummm 16? years, and have found a happy medium, I think.  New online games can still cause a huge surge in my net use, however.

I don't know what it is I like about IRC - it's probably been the most enjoyable part of my net use over the last 7-8 years.  I think it's the immediacy of it and also (especially in a channel like #planetcrap where 90% of the people are known quantities) that people's personalities and humor seem to really show through.  Plus, as wizard says, poking IRC newbies and idiots is one of the funnest things evar!

I've no idea what I'm doing out of bed.
#16 by Stralutia
2002-05-23 17:56:15 None
The internet is the reason that I am who I am today.

I grew up with the internet.  I'm in my late teens now, but I've been online for about eight or nine years.  I remember going to this technology workshop thing when I was in grade five (in 1994) and being blown away when they showed me the 'graphical internet' (on Netscape, even!).  That was my introduction, and after that I went home and begged my parents to get it for probably about three months until they caved in.  

Looking back, I wouldn't be the same person had I not.  I recall early days, where me and my friends (who were also just as amazed at the concept at the time...yeah we were stupid, but we were also only ten years old) would go and find personal websites and send flame emails to the owners if they did not entertain us immediately.  We were using my father's email account, and unfortunately someone replied to us before I had the chance to delete the email.  Even more unfortunate, this someone was a real estate agent who was a client of my father's.  That wasn't fun.

Shortly thereafter, I viewed my first pornography on the 'net.  I was amazed at the weath of nudity to  be found.  I still am.  

Later still, I experimented with website creation (I was probably 12 at the time).  I created a very horrible site about my favorite hockey team, without I even knowing the "new paragraph" command.  My computer teacher in school saw it and laughed his ass off at me, taking me aside and showing me a few things.  It was a grand time.

The next big thing to hit me on the net was gaming.  I missed out on the Quake scene, mostly due to my age, however when Starcraft came out a few friends of mine reccomended it to me and that was that.  I played that game into the ground for roughly about two years, while dabbling in whatever else came out during that period.  The reason why I am into games so much today is because of the endless sea of competition I could find online, having previously found single-player games to mostly be boring and redundant.  

Without the net, I wouldn't read the same books I am reading today. I wouldn't listen to the same music I listen to today. I wouldn't have the same ideas that I have today.  Probably most importantly however, I wouldn't be living with the girl (now my girlfriend) who I met about two and a half years ago on ICQ.  The 'net has broadened my mind, expanding my tastes while refining my ideas about life.  

Nowadays, I spend most of my time online looking at about ten websites I frequent daily.  I also spend a lot of time grabbing files.  Yes, I download illegal music and games.  I'm a big believer in trying before I buy, and I do buy anything that I enjoy.  With whatever time is left I usually play games (either online or not).  I guess I don't have the same negative feelings towards the net as the poster in #0.  I've never been "metaphorically assraped".  It is what you make of it.  If you want to enhance yourself, mentally, spiritually, artistically, the 'net is a very good place to start from.  It isn't the be-all and end-all, you still have to do the work yourself, often in "real life", however I feel it is a great platform to start from.  

#17 by Darkseid-D
2002-05-23 18:22:33
the net is a tool, a hobby, an alternate reality.

its there to be used, abused, explored and deplored

it is what you make of it and what it makes of you.

Ive been hooked up for nearly a decade and a half, and used to be able to whistle the correct tones for 2400 baud ack........

On the upside, the net has provided me with some of the definitive comedic moments, some of the best arguments, information beyond classifiction, my fiancee (met her via irc and yes we`ve met irl). Ive met some good people, stayed in touch with quite a few of them and have contacts in many places where I know I have a couch to sleep on and a meal if I ever swing past that way. Those contacts work in wide fields, from game developers to artists to porn stars to technical people, if I have questions, I can get them answered.

However, it can dominate and take over your focus, I got royally addictted to MUDs in my last year of university and nearly flunked my degree because of it. The whole social aspect and personaes can real drag you into that binary world. I saw what it was doing to me and saw I was letting it do it to me, happily in fact and took control of my reality again. Its now a tool and a place to spend some fun free time, but what you see there is not a facade, its not hiding behind who I want to be, its who I am, sarcastic, warped, occassionally funny, sometimes a right bastard, but it is me as you`d find me in `reality` (a couple of older posters have met me and can confirm this *waves at chango*)

and now to derail the thread

Enders Game, the movie

like the Deus Ex movie, I dont know whether to cheer or cry.


in other news

Never argue with an idiot, theyll drag you down onto their level, then beat you with experience.
#18 by Charles
2002-05-23 18:26:25
The internet has been nothing but a good thing for me, if for nothing else than broadening my musical tastes by an insane margin.  'The Internet' itself has never gotten in between me and my life.

Bailey:  Beep beep, motherfucker.
#19 by Shadarr
2002-05-23 19:37:14
The internet has definitely changed my life for the better.  Through the internet, I can now listen to songs by bands in Germany to find out if they're worth buying, and then order it over the net.  If it weren't for the net, I would never have known that there is still good metal being made.  I was able to keep in touch with a friend who was travelling around Bali, with no fixed address and no phone.  When I bought a car stereo, I was able to quickly read reviews of several models so that when talking to the sales person, I was almost as informed as he was (or more, it's hard to say).  Thanks to some helpful web sites, I don't need to get the newspaper, TV guide, or movie listings.  Thanks to Google, I don't have to paraphrase as much because if I remember most of a quote I can usually find a site with the exact quote I'm thinking of.  And with the web, I can take breaks at work without being quite so obvious as taking out a magazine and reading it.
#20 by crash
2002-05-23 19:49:37
the internet is a tool. like a hammer. hammers are great when you use them properly--you can build fences, houses, all kinds of stuff. don't know how to use it, you get smashed thumbs, broken bones.

either way, it's kind of hard to blame or praise the hammer.

just... weary.
#21 by Duality
2002-05-23 19:53:57
So you can fix everything with the Internet and duct tape?

God I'm showing my northern roots. :l

But he threatened them with Toronto Gosh!
#22 by MCorleone
2002-05-23 20:23:14
As Mr. McLuhan said so many years ago, the Medium is the Message.  This conversation happens after every new mass medium has a few years to become ubiquitous.

Build a man a fire and you'll keep him warm for the rest of the night.  Light a man on fire and you'll keep him warm for the rest of his life.
#23 by Fugazi(werking)
2002-05-23 20:36:47

C'est bien.

"Good health" is merely the slowest rate at which one can die.
#24 by "Doctor Monkey"
2002-05-23 20:48:41
In the late 80's (something like '88 or so) I rang up a huge phone bill at my parents house in Brooklyn dialing up a BBS in Long Island where I was a Sysop for the Newbie Board, using my C64 and a 300 Baud modem. I was 14. It was cool. Well, the bill wasn't cool, but the BBS was. I had a silly nickname, and all my posts where written in a style and personality that was different from my own because, save for the RL friend who joined the BBS when I did, no one knew who I was! This anonymity was amazing, and I loved it.

Then I got to start playing with VAX systems in 1992, when I went to college. I had my own email account, and I could message my friends who were on the system, and I could go and play online text RPing games! It was amazing. And soon after, someone showed me a weather website in Mosaic which blew my mind. That was '93. It began.

I still spend a lot of time on the net. If I'm on my computer, I'm basically on the net. I IM with my GF, my brothers, other friends (like Aussie Girl, who I'd otherwise never have known, were it not for the net). Whether it is a good or bad addiction, I'm not sure. But it is definitely an addiction. It is also a tool, as has been stated, and I think it's a great tool.

I have friends who are now 16, 17, 18. As far as they know, the net has been here forever. They have always had internet access. They have always futzed around with the Web. They don't remember when a 300 Baud modem was bad-ass. I'm curious to see what they'll be like in another 5-10 years. While it's fun playing the old "I was learning to program in Basic on my C64 before you were born" card, I envy these younger folks. They take for granted things I viewed as minor miracles. They have an understanding and ease with technology that I had to work hard to aquire, and they still surpass me in some instances. I think they are going to be the most interesting aspect of the whole "internet is bad and addictive" question. Let's see what happens to them.

As for me? I'm going to go and read,, The Brunching Shuttlecocks, Wil Wheaton's site, a couple of Forums, Gamespy and Gamespot, a bunch of webcomics...and then, probably, actually do something with my day. *laugh* Addicted? Yes. Worried? Not yet.

-Doctor Monkey
#25 by mgns
2002-05-23 21:11:26
#24 . Doctor Monkey
I had a silly nickname...

Nooo, really?!

professional philosophical level design monkey.
#26 by HoseWater
2002-05-23 21:16:11

© 1968-2002 Robert 'HoseWater" Lloyd
#27 by "Doctor Monkey"
2002-05-23 21:39:58
*laughs* Ahh, but see, silly nicknames were still so new and novel way back in '88. At least for me. Plus, the silly nickname was much sillier than any I have now. Doctor Monkey is pretty normal, if you think about it.

*runs away giggling*

-Doctor Monkey
#28 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-23 22:32:28
are you a real monkey?

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#29 by Mister Nutty
2002-05-23 22:45:59
Been using the Internet since 1989 (and Deja -- er, Google Groups has some embarassing old Usenet posts by me archived to prove it..hey I was young then.. 28 now).

I must say I'm definately addicted to it, but not in a bad way I don't think.

By addicted, I dont really mean that I go without sleep or shun society just to take part in the net -- I don't (though maybe I did somewhat the first year or two).

But if the Internet somehow 'disappeared' tomorrow, it would seriously disrupt my life...

  I use the Internet for a ton of things: email to friends and family who live across the country (yes, I phone and visit them too, but not every day), general learning & research, etc, etc.  

As a computer programmer, I easily spend upwards of 10 hours a day on an Internet-connected computer and it gives me the creeps to even consider a world where I couldn't easily pop up a browser
and go find some bit of information, either for work or just general interest.

Don't get me wrong, if the Internet DID go away, I'd be fine in the long term -- not gonna burn my house down and shoot myself,but it would seriously muck things up in my life and I assume in the lives of many other perfectly socially normal people (not to mention all the freaks, of course).
#30 by bago
2002-05-23 22:50:03
The net rocks. Lead to Good Job, Good Music, Good Friends, and even Good Sex. Fast Forward the Future!

#31 by LPMiller
2002-05-23 23:12:41
man, I'm already stuck in SOF2. How the hell do I get up on the roof?

I believe I can fly......urk.
#32 by Mister Nutty
2002-05-23 23:56:40

#33 by AnalFissure
2002-05-24 00:03:07
Gordon from EB just called. My copy of SOF2 has arrived. Bless.
#34 by LPMiller
2002-05-24 00:05:05
Jump where? I'm a bloody rabbit, I'm jumping so much, but I'm not seeing where to go. I know it's going to be a 'duh' moment too - I always breeze through the tough spots, and get stuck at really stupid points in a game.

I believe I can fly......urk.
#35 by Shadarr
2002-05-24 00:07:58
Jump off the roof of a higher building.
#36 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-24 00:10:46
LPMiller: are you talking about the very beginning of the game with all the crates?  Open the door and go up the stairs :)

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#37 by Jamiekin
2002-05-24 00:30:52
I hear that they have internet on computers now..
#38 by Filthy Animal
2002-05-24 00:36:22
That's an urban legend, dumbass.
#39 by LPMiller
2002-05-24 00:44:06
Open...the...door? But it's locked!

Open the least, I I think it's locked.

I believe I can fly......urk.
#40 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-24 00:46:25
Hold the use button down for a while.

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#41 by LPMiller
2002-05-24 00:46:52
I am teh stoopid.

I believe I can fly......urk.
#42 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-24 00:49:31
for anyone who cares, butter is now running sof2 retail.

the sof2 mp test is still there (and will be for the next week or so) but has moved to port 20101.

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#43 by Duality
2002-05-24 00:56:04
Does anyone know if the demo will play with the retail version?

But he threatened them with Toronto Gosh!
#44 by Bailey
2002-05-24 00:56:26
I actually broke down and bought the SoF2 retail. Then I found out I was unemployed again. And my credit card is being declined. And I'm moving at the end of the month.

I hate the internet, and all of you eFolk on it.

Life without shame.
#45 by Duality
2002-05-24 00:56:42
Nevermind, I think its SP only.

But he threatened them with Toronto Gosh!
#46 by Hugin
2002-05-24 01:17:36
I bought it, and I'm installing it as we speak.  The latter half of the install is insanely slow for me, something like one percent per two minutes.  And I'm sorry to hear the bad news Bailey, that sucks. :(
#47 by Hugin
2002-05-24 01:42:14
Okay, it didn't like my Yamaha CDRW for some reason.  It installed fine from the DVD player.
#48 by Matt Perkins
2002-05-24 01:52:54

Sorry to hear that Bailey...  good luck on the job front and at your new place.

LPMiller - "Really, I'm just a get along kinda a guy, all about the love."
#49 by Sgt Hulka
2002-05-24 02:00:34
I don't use the internet. The internet uses me.

....Don't be Left with the chimps. Evolve with us...
#50 by sepultufart
2002-05-24 02:01:34
The place where arogance and show-off still prevail, despite the fact that they're all anonymous...

The place where they stick their heads into the bin, and accuse you for all the trash stuck on their heads...

The place where they talk, talk, talk, but there isn't anyone listening! (Your mom's on the phone)

The place so organised you find that there is a thausand pages worth about Arafat, Bush and Love-life stories, in a knitting-forum/socks-subsection...and where people get accused of murder/troll/spam/outrage/dullness when they do really are on-topic...

The place of colors (argh! My eyes!) and text (oaaah! I'm sleepy!) and animations (Argh! I'm motion sick!)

The place where they express their supercool XXX smart wit, by saying "we're so witty & cool! U R a fag-loser" and don't even stop to consider the subjectivity of things...

The place where everybody lies so much, it's pointless to make up something no one will believe you...

And to get there you had to pay: Hardware 1500$, Crashing OS piece of shit 100$, Interupted every 5 minutes Connection 150$ a month; and time of many long hours (waiting for shit page to load) a week... all to be ending up reading such wonderfully masochistic thoughts as: "people are so used to get everything free, they shouldn't be surprised to wind up pay a whole lot more!"

I know what you feel when you say the internet "proverbially raped your ass"! But it's not the internet, it's the same people that occasionally ventured into your backside, any day of the week, still in proverb-land, through any means, system of communications (mobiles anyone?) or circonstances... I guess it only takes time and experience to pinch their butts, whilst laughing like a sick homosexual before they manage to get their fingers on yours...

Still there's plenty of handy stuff on the Internet... that save a lot of time... etc... etc... (but that post was about the proverbial backside redecoration business)
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