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Star Wars. Come On, You Knew It Was Coming.
May 16th 2002, 20:12 CEST by Caryn

Of course we're all going to want to talk about when we've all seen it. I don't particularly care if you vote yes or no on this topic...I'm just trying to do my part to contain the madness to its own thread, because you know it's coming.
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#1 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-16 20:13:11
Please, no spoilers.

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#2 by Morn
2002-05-16 20:13:30
Topic pushed to front page by evil Morn.

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/lover/kraut
#3 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-16 20:14:20
Darth Morn, why must you be so evil?

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#4 by Morn
2002-05-16 20:15:16
It's Gabe. He's HOLDING me BACK.

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/lover/kraut
#5 by Morn
2002-05-16 20:15:29
That sounds kinda naughty.

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/lover/kraut
#6 by Leslie Nassar
2002-05-16 20:16:14
Or, if you can't help yourself, put them in a little spoiler block;

*** SPOILER ***

blah blah blah

*** SPOILER ***

i like monkeys.  are you a monkey?
#7 by Xero
2002-05-16 20:17:03
It was good not great, the last 45 minutes were off the hook, and unlike Phantom Menace I didn't fall asleep.

"It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something."
-Ornette Coleman
#8 by Martin
2002-05-16 20:19:20
I'm not reading this thread, I know there's going to be some shitfuckery when it comes to spoilers.

#93 by LPMiller:
no it doesn't! NO IT DOESN'T!!!
#9 by Bailey
2002-05-16 20:23:17
Well, I think I can hold off seeing it again until Lucas releases a "Anakin Made Less Whiney Than Luke Talking About Toshi Station" Special Edition. I simply cannot understand how that guy grows up to be Darth Vader.

Life without shame.
#10 by "Anon"
2002-05-16 20:29:34
hey can anyone please answer in a non-spoiler way the name of the guy who "ordered" the clones?

(I got a little confused)
#11 by jjz
2002-05-16 20:35:42
I will spoil with impunity, because this is the thread for such things.  I think I saw Jango Fett use that dopey backpack mounted missile thing, right?  Did we ever see that thing get used before?  I don't remember, but I barely remember any of the other movies other than SWE1.
#12 by Ashiran
2002-05-16 20:47:45
Didn't see it yet. And guess what, don't really care either!
And all this talk about spoilers. Everybody who saw all the trailers knows the story.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." Psalm 23
#13 by jjohnsen
2002-05-16 20:49:13
Spoil away, I'm not seeing it until Wednesday and I know someones going to blab before then.

jjohnsen's Mighty Mormon M203 O' Murderin'
#14 by Gabe
2002-05-16 20:55:00
What? Just don't read this thread until you've seen the movie. Complain about spoilers if they appear in a non-Star Wars titled thread.
#15 by crash
2002-05-16 20:56:06
spoilers don't bother me in the slightest. odds are i won't even be seeing this until it hits DVD anyway.

just... weary.
#16 by "Mister Nutty"
2002-05-16 20:58:38
I'm seeing it tomorrow because I want to see it in digital and its sold out until then.. Sigh.

Yes, Jango uses his rocket (shown in one of the TV ads).  No, it wasn't ever shown in the old trilogy, though they did make a special Boba Fett with 'firing rocket' action figure which got pulled quickly because some idiot kids shot themselves in the eye with it or some such, so they are very rare now.

And I agree, its hard to REALLY spoil a prequel..I mean, we all know what happens based on the original three movies..Its just a matter of seeing the details of how we get from here to there...And those details cant really be spoiled in one word or line (unlike some movies), so if you see anything that looks spoilerish and you're ultra-sensitive to such things, stop reading fool.
#17 by jjz
2002-05-16 21:02:18
I just always thought that was a dumb place to put a rocket in the olden days, and it did look silly in action.
#18 by Charles
2002-05-16 21:09:19
Now don't fucking blame me if you read the spoilers.  

Yeah, the rocket did look kinda stupid.  I mean, it's like it was planning on being mostly upside down so he could fire it at someone...   oh well.  Minor beef.

And I dunno, maybe I'm alone here, but I loved the use of jar jar as 'catalyst of the empire'.  Classic.  Yes, he's stupid.  And now, he's responsible for what amounts to the creation of them empire.  

Oh, and yoda kicked more ass than an ass kicker at an ass kicking contest.  


Bailey:  Beep beep, motherfucker.
#19 by Fugazi(werking)
2002-05-16 21:10:26
My cousin has the Boba Fett action figure with the firing rocket. You had to save up UPC codes or something to get it. He won't sell it though.

As far as spoilers go...spoil away.

"Good health" is merely the slowest rate at which one can die.
#20 by Bailey
2002-05-16 21:20:58
hey can anyone please answer in a non-spoiler way the name of the guy who "ordered" the clones?

Not as far as I can see. But here's the **SPOILER** version:

I thought it was Sidious, but the cloners seemed to say "Siphidius". If it was Sidious, my logic goes as follows: Sidious is Palpatine, Dooku is his new apprentice since Maul died, at the same time Dooku goes to the trade alliance and merchants to form a droid army, Sidious orders the clone army created. The droid army threat allows him to utilize the clone army in the best interests of the Republic, with himself at the helm. Birth of the Empire, and all that.

Life without shame.
#21 by Gabe
2002-05-16 21:31:12
I wouldn't really hazard a spelling of the guy that ordered the clones, but I don't believe it was Sidius. Rather, they used the name of a dead Jedi as a smokescreen to keep the real person hidden.
#22 by Charles
2002-05-16 21:32:52

I dunno bailey, I was sure they were saying something like "Sypha Diaz".  And obiwan recognized the name as someone who used to be on the jedi council... so I'm assuming it WASN'T darth sidious.  That could have probably used a bit more explanation.


Bailey:  Beep beep, motherfucker.
#23 by HoseWater
2002-05-16 21:35:11
Hey, get that SW stuff out of here, I just spent a while typing up some offtopic Sof2 stuff.  You got your own thread now.

Hmmm, interesting, that takes a bit of the sting out. We both just need to find a way to avoid each other, and both of our stats will improve.  
Secretly, I believe you are stalking me for the easy kill.  :)

Having said that, I leave the job up to you since usually, when you kill me, I am just cruising down a hall or something, and then I'm dead. I have to check the messages to see what happened.

I'd love to see demos of all our battles (being generous to me), to see what exactly it is that I am doing so terribly wrong it's obviously a systemic problem of some sort.

I do know the one thing I do wrong, is using the grenade launcher at the start of a battle, which leaves me with nothing to shoot for a second or two, while I get torn down praying for some ordinance to come out of my weapon. I need to restrict my use of that weapon for battles where the other party does not know they have been engaged yet.

What I would really like to know is, am I more efficient when on D, or when on O.  I suspect I am better on D, I am pretty disciplined, and tend not to go flying all over the map when I am supposed to be guarding the case  (hint hint all you rambos), I might make a quick tour through the offices or kitchen, but you wont find me on the roof dangling off a ledge unless I suspect the case is also there.

For other people interesting in getting better, pay attention to your sound.  Both when making it, and using it as a tool. I keep the music off, and the effects volume generously loud. If I am defending the case, and you come stomping through a doorway, fully expect to eat an RPG if I have one.

Also, if you are on D, and you are staging your defense from the main hall, here are some things that I find help me.  Keep in mind; I am only average at best, but still...

- If more than one person is in the main conference room defending, try to pick an entrance to cover, and cover it.  I would love nothing more, than to know that someone has my back, and I can focus on whatever door it is I have covered.

- If you are defending the room with more than one person, don't be moving around too much. If I hear a footstep, I have to look each time to assess the reason, this is distracting.  

- I find it is useful to position myself in the room such that I cannot be seen from the outside. This gives me the upper hand of first attack, and often I get to blast people from behind getting in some free shots. This also forces snipers to put themselves in a bit more danger if they want a piece of me.

- Obvious, but try not to stand where you can be roasted by a primed grenade or opportunistic throw.

- There are one or two places in the conference hall that you can place yourself to monitor all three doors from, while remaining hidden from outside the room, might as well use them.

- This is also obvious, but as a defender, as long as you have the case covered, you will win. Running all over the map looking for the last offensive guy while entertaining, is not a good plan.  Stay with the case, the offensive player WILL come, if someone wants to sit on the roof with a sniper rifle for a few minutes, thatís fine by me, they can't shoot the clock.

- As a defender, there are some things you can do to completely waste your turn at glory and almost guarantee your quick demise.  I know this from experience unfortunately. The first bad thing you can do, is to run out the front door of the conference room at the start of a match. You are almost guaranteed to either get sniped, or blown up. Same with the center aisle in the room, don't go there at the start of a match, you will probably get roasted.  The other thing you can do to die quickly, is run out on the patio. This is not as dangerous as running out the front door, but itís risky.

Any time you get killed by someone who is not threatening the case, your life has been wasted.

General pointers, some of the weapons have kickback, and crawl up the screen the longer you fire them not to mention an increased spread pattern. Know which ones these are.  If you aim at someoneís head, and lay on the fire button, you absolutely must compensate, and the greater the distance to your target, the more you must compensate.

  Use weapon loads to your advantage. This is obvious, but pretty much all of us have died reloading. When on D in the conference room, there are a million things to hide behind.  Wait your turn, come out when they are changing a clip, duck back behind to reload your own, and donít give up any free shots. Since you are on D, you should be able to get the first shot in, and if you return fire only when they are reloading, you should come out on top. Quick bursts, lead your target, and duck.

Donít go toe to toe against a shotgun user, especially at close range.  They don't have a lot of ammo, make them waste it.

Some people might find that this all makes for the most boring game in the world, but if it's not your cup of tea, join the other team, I personally, take defense quite seriously, and gain quite a bit of satisfaction when the team successfully defends the case. This probably comes from my days of TF when I made it a point to take it personally whenever the flag was compromised.

Oh, and if you are on of the best things you can do, is to storm the conference hall at full strength right away, at least half of the defenders ran out the back door, another quarter probably split through the front door of the conference room, and either got killed, or are engaged. The remaining defenders should be quickly overwhelmed, and all you have to do, is figure out how to get the case to the copter without the guys who ran out the back door killing you. But then you are all focused on the same task, and have the case to boot. I think as an offensive player, your battle should be fighting back to the copter, not getting picked off one by one getting the case, that's easy.

If you have the case, announce your exit plans.  That way, your team can better cover you on the way out.  You can have people both in front of you and behind you if they know where you are going.

Those are my thoughts, I am sure some will disagree, and I'd love to hear alternate points.

© 1968-2002 Robert 'HoseWater" Lloyd
#24 by HoseWater
2002-05-16 21:36:20
WTF?  How did I end up in this thread?

Man that pisses me offf.

Sorry guys.

© 1968-2002 Robert 'HoseWater" Lloyd
#25 by Bailey
2002-05-16 21:36:46

Drinking at work again?

Life without shame.
#26 by HoseWater
2002-05-16 21:41:01
I don't know, very embarassing, I really wish morn could remove my gibberish from here, I posted it where I wanted it in the other thread.

Sorry again.

© 1968-2002 Robert 'HoseWater" Lloyd
#27 by Charles
2002-05-16 21:43:31
Yay! I'm not the only fool that posts in the wrong thread!

Bailey:  Beep beep, motherfucker.
#28 by Xero
2002-05-16 21:43:34
Big spolers: Jango Fett vs Mace Windu OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something."
-Ornette Coleman
#29 by Xero
2002-05-16 21:44:37
Damn I need sleep, shouldn't have played Tac Ops, should have gone right to bed, been up 18 hours now.

"It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something."
-Ornette Coleman
#30 by "r a w p o w e r"
2002-05-16 21:44:57
The big print giveth and the smaller print taketh away.
#31 by HoseWater
2002-05-16 21:50:10
I got fouled up when I copied my post into word for a quick spell check.

I already knew at that point, that a topic had been submitted for SW's.

Then I quicky read new posts to see if anyone posted anything that would affect my posting.  In doing so, I saw a crapload of SW posts, including morns indicating he pushed the SW thread into action.  All the while I thought I was still in the previous thread, so it appeared to me that all this SW stuff was in the wrong thread.

Very humiliating to say the least.

© 1968-2002 Robert 'HoseWater" Lloyd
#32 by Bailey
2002-05-16 21:56:54
I wouldn't sweat it too much Hose. Everyone SNAFUs on PC.

Life without shame.
#33 by Sgt Hulka
2002-05-16 22:05:27
I have a bad feeling about this.. The questions.. Many there will be.. yes...

....Don't be Left with the chimps. Evolve with us...
#34 by jjohnsen
2002-05-16 22:50:30
Has Episode II opened everywhere or just certain countries?  I saw it was up on the donkey and wondered if Lucasfilm would open it everywhere to get people in the theaters before they downloaded it.

jjohnsen's Mighty Mormon M203 O' Murderin'
#35 by BobJustBob
2002-05-16 22:53:05
I didn't like that R2D2 could suddenly fly and that C3PO worked for Lars and neither of them remember it. And it seemed like the ending was even more abrupt than TESB. Other than that it was cool.
#36 by jjohnsen
2002-05-16 22:54:26
clip from the National Journal's Congress Daily news:
Trusting The Force, House Empties For Screening

After losing six hours of House floor time Wednesday to resolve a jurisdictional dispute over the welfare reform reauthorization bill, House GOP leaders confronted a potentially more serious problem when roughly a quarter of the entire House said they would be spending the evening at the movies.

"They're all members with kids," said one GOP leadership aide. "It's a bipartisan effort." Fomenting the near revolt was a special screening - open to members - of the latest Star Wars film, "Episode II - Attack of the Clones." House leaders originally had scheduled the welfare debate to begin late Wednesday morning and conclude by early evening. However, leaders were forced to postpone the debate to fix a dispute involving the Ways and Means and the Appropriations committees. To accommodate members wanting to attend the three-hour screening, GOP leaders agreed to roll votes until the end of the debate, but with one condition: "You have to come back," the aide said.

jjohnsen's Mighty Mormon M203 O' Murderin'
#37 by jjz
2002-05-16 23:08:46
Well, I always wondered how he dealt with stairs.
#38 by "Mister Nutty"
2002-05-16 23:23:50
Episode 2 opened in quite a lot of countries simultanously.  It starts either today or tomorrow in half of the world, and even people in El Salvador will be seeing it on July 26th (its latest scheduled opening).

Just because R2D2 didn't fly in the original trilogy doens't mean he couldn't.  Part of the charm of the character was that every once in a while a new toy would pop out that you didn't know about..  The hax0r tool (ESB), the shock tool (Jedi), etc..  I don't understand how anyone could gripe about this, but a lot of people have been... Have you all forgotten that aspect of R2 from the original series?

Also, if you remember back to A New Hope, it seems pretty standard that droids get their memories wiped once in a while (Luke was going to wipe R2 & C3P0s memories, remember?  Then R2 ran away and the rest is history...).  So maybe that's why 3P0 doesn't remember...  Not a plot hole, IMO.  Also as to why Lars doesn't recognize C3P0..we've already seen at least 2 other droids that looked more or less exactly like 3P0, just in different states of disrepair...  So how would he know this was the same protocol droid from before?  ..clearly they are based on some sort of a standard kit..
#39 by sepultufart
2002-05-16 23:25:10
I will get a pirated version and G. Lucas will not get 1/2 a penny! Hopefully there will be not enough money to make Episode 3 and all the Star Wars celuloids and bloated stinking fans will be sucked into a vortex!

The force is not logical, Dr Spock!
#40 by Matthew Gallant
2002-05-16 23:26:40
Foodbunny remarked on the way out: "Kit Fisto is the happiest jedi in the galaxy."

Marketing is a crutch for mediocrity and a handicap to excellence.
#41 by Duality
2002-05-16 23:27:22
I know, I mean he couldn't have possibly done that little inching hobble up the stairs!  Heck even down the stairs seems incredibly improbable!

The butter religion will spread nicely.
#42 by sepultufart
2002-05-16 23:31:03
"Kit Fisto is the happiest jedi in the galaxy."

That's because he's a romulan, from babylon space nine!
#43 by Foodbunny
2002-05-16 23:39:12
--  Spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers  --

I enjoyed it.  The costume design was so much better than in Episode 1, even with the "Let's go save Obi Wan!" white spandex with seams to her nipples and easy tearaway midsection choice.  I was amused by Amidala's choice to wear progressively more revealing clothing after she decided that she can't be with Anakin.  Some of the alien design was great - I liked a lot of the jedi and the cloners.  Some of it was still too toy-riffic.  Kit Fisto with his meat dreadlocks is possibly the most cheerful minor character ever.

The people in the theater we were in were idiots.  They applauded when Jango died.  Why?  They liked him.  Oh well, they also applauded the Yoda asskicking scene too quickly so they sounded lame when the true asskickery began.  I didn't think that scene was as cool as many people think it is.

Overall, good movie.  All my nits are minor and hardly worth picking.  I like Spider-man more, but I'm not disappointed with Episode 2.

They're cute, they're cuddly and jam shoots out their heads.  I want 'em all!
#44 by jjz
2002-05-16 23:42:44
He was all jumpy.  It was fun.  I liked best him going right back to the cane afterwards.
#45 by Sgt Hulka
2002-05-16 23:45:59
The film seemed like a wind up toy.  For 1 hour and fourty minutes, I spent the time winding up an asskicking Yoda.  Once he starts kicking ass and the action starts, the film ends.  Hopefully this is a setup for an ass kicking 3rd prequel.

....Don't be Left with the chimps. Evolve with us...
#46 by Hugin
2002-05-16 23:58:35
The last half hour ruled.  As somone who does a little CG work as a hobby, the film was insanely gorgeous/inspiring/intimidating/depressing.  SO happy Amidala kicked some ass.  Ass kicking Yoda worked much better than I was expecting.  Lucas cannot write dialogue to save his life, but we already knew that.  Much, much, much more satisfying than Ep 1. Leia is so clearly her mother's daughter, and jesus, ditto whiny Luke and his father.
#47 by jjz
2002-05-17 00:22:32
Oh, and I liked his little hover chair.
#48 by zimbardo_ugly
2002-05-17 00:23:26
I kinda hate America right now. In communism, we got Episode for with 3 (three!) years of delay and nobody was plastered with the Force, it being interpreted much the same way as that pointy-headed one-eyed Ordo Seclorum guy on your bill. Now we have been assimilated; we have our preciousss on the same day you guys do; it's responsibility and pride; and we have to see it the same day, large Coke which you have to buy at the theater and the obligatory THX->digital (inevitable!) conversations echoing in the heads before we see yet another (spoiler) teaser for a WW2 movie, only one in which Bruce Willis saves the Jews from Bin Laden in a camp using only inherent bravery (/spoiler). But it's the post-orgasmic discussions on precious minutiae that really get me down - the final smoothing of ugly "individual experience" curves into a general (kickass!) opinion. It's not just Lucas - it is deeper. It is the fact that art is finally dead for the public, and that although smart people noticed the muses being switched with Rhondas, they are in a position in which they need the pussy-produced smoke rings, even if that means giving up their never-met selves from the weird Capra-esque universes.

I cannot even not see the fucking movie -- the explanation would seem so sophomoric; and there WILL be a test. And yes, I am drunk.

- skazal Rzhevskij i razmazal govno po bil'jardnomu stolu...
#49 by Jamiekin
2002-05-17 00:25:28
slightly offtopic.. Why oh why oh why are there trailers for The Matrix in front of Star Wars ? The next Matrix movie is coming out in *another WHOLE year!!!!!!* .. yes, another entire @#$@ year.. I hope they're not starting the hype overkill, at least with this movie.. you know, every few months release a new trailer, tell more and more of the story/action/effects, and when the movie comes out, you've pretty much realised how its gonna go... Heck, I'm surprised they don't start showing trailers for Lord of the Rings 3...
#50 by "Shantan Maverick"
2002-05-17 00:40:00
Count Dooku, Darth Tyrannus and the Jedi-that-had-been-dead-10-years are all the same guy
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