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On Donations and other beasts
February 28th 2002, 14:05 CET by Morn

[topic deleted because Paypal are criminals]
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#1 by Ashiran
2002-02-28 14:09:53

*waves little german flag*

"Being gay is for homosexuals."
Ashiran - stating the obvious since 1979
#2 by Morn
2002-02-28 14:13:13
We were pretty good at the Olympics, but I had nothing to do with that. :-P

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#3 by m0nty
2002-02-28 14:20:32
Morn, I'm just glad you don't have to sell your girlfriend's wedding ring.
#4 by Gossip
2002-02-28 14:25:13
Morn's girlfriend has a wedding ring? ;)

Anyways, $3/month is less than a cup of good coffee, so there. One day, when blah is an PHP-AI and has taken over the world, you could be able to say "I helped it's development". Besides, PC alone is da bomb already...

Carlo "Gossip" Zottmann ·· ·· Planet Jumpgate
#5 by Gossip
2002-02-28 14:26:16
Ashiran, I dig your signature.

Carlo "Gossip" Zottmann ·· ·· Planet Jumpgate
#6 by m0nty
2002-02-28 14:29:23
Sorry to go OT so early, but why is no-one on PlanetCrap IRC today at Is there a new URL?
#7 by metsu
2002-02-28 14:31:25
hrm, maybe we're split
there are 13 of us in the channel currently

#8 by m0nty
2002-02-28 14:34:20
what's the full URL? I get diverted to when I go through
#9 by Morn
2002-02-28 14:34:33
Yes, doesn't want to connect for some reason. :(

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#10 by Martin
2002-02-28 14:38:50
As soon as I pay off my own backlog of rents, mortgages, tax debts and what have you not I will gladly donate a substantial amount of cash to help pc and blah stay alive. 8)

-- Martin
"Burger me!"
#11 by m0nty
2002-02-28 14:41:50
so what URL is working then?
#12 by Morn
2002-02-28 15:04:26
m0nty (and everyone else having trouble with CrapLink): just connect to instead of

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#13 by "flamethrower"
2002-02-28 15:06:38
I'd have paid for PC5.0, but I don't like v6.0.

So I should leave (and there was much noise and rejoycing in Warren's crotch).
#14 by Gabe
2002-02-28 15:51:33
Tough words coming from someone with no email address...
#15 by Gunp01nt
2002-02-28 16:00:23
Morn, I'd love to contribute but I don't have a credit card and it doesn't look like PayPal accepts anything else.

<<< Do you believe in a god that tells you lies or do you believe in me? >>>
#16 by m0nty
2002-02-28 16:03:51
Same prob as Gunpoint. I would only be able to contribute near-worthless Australian dollars anyway, so I might not be missed ;)
#17 by Morn
2002-02-28 16:07:47
Don't worry about it. :)

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#18 by JMCDaveL
2002-02-28 16:23:52
Will Eldin manage the PayPal account?

#19 by Matt Perkins
2002-02-28 16:42:52
Morn, donations shall follow...  if no other reason than I like to support labors of love...  speaking of blah and not being web savy since 1997 (forever ago), can blah be used in conjunction with the rest of a site?  If I use blah, does it have to look just like your site?  Or can I have part of it be about the comments and the like and do the what I like with the rest of it?

Either way, blah makes me want to run a website :)

stupid vowels
#20 by Morn
2002-02-28 16:48:06
blah can be easily integrated into an existing site. Since blah uses normal PHP includes for its templates, you can even reference "non-blah" includes you are already using on your site.

Regarding a blah site looking and working like PlanetCrap, you can basically change everything you want to change, but of course the more you want to change, the more work it'll be. Basically, blah itself manages all the data and the "actions" (ie, "display topics", "post a comment", "list users"), but everything it actually displays comes from the templates, which it simply passes its data to.

So, well, to a certain extent a blah site will always have a topic/thread/comment/user structure, but how those are conveyed to your users is totally up to you (and your templates).

Theoretically, you could call the topics "Forums", disable the submission bin completely, post a couple of "topics" like "General Discussion", "Quake 3 Arena Discussion", "Unreal Tournament Discussion", tag them all as "semi-threaded", and use blah as a standard messageboard system.

Just an example. :)  Man, I love talking about blah.

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#21 by Matt Perkins
2002-02-28 17:05:16
You may just be the man!

blah sounds great and I'll have to come up with a reason for me to spout my crap on a site I call my own...  So very customizable, it sounds...  Will it come with an easy install for us web noobs, so we can have a generic setup while we figure it out?

As for changing it around, that would be a must.  I love to mess with things, learn how they work and make them work for me.  :)

stupid vowels
#22 by Duality
2002-02-28 17:08:17
>> I ... will ... obey. *cha-ching* <<
Incoming love, Morn.

I think PayPal has other ways of payment ... not exactly sure, though.
Personally, I use my debit card.  That way I can make purchases that I would otherwise need a CC, but not worrying about credit card hassles.  When I'm outta money, I know I'm outta money and don't spend anything else.

... disguised as a genderless burrow owl ... 6.0!
#23 by Scrozzy
2002-02-28 17:35:40
The Blah thing sounds interesting. I might possibly use it one day, and be assured that if I do, I'll donate handsomely. =)
#24 by Morn
2002-02-28 17:42:23
Will it come with an easy install for us web noobs, so we can have a generic setup while we figure it out?

You install it by unpacking/uploading it wherever you need it to be, and you configure it by editing a little configuration include file. In order to make your site work, you only need to change the database connection settings; all other options are optional (hehe). Of course you'll probably want to change some of them (like the site title, webmaster name & email, and such). There are many, many additional options that allow you to customize almost every aspect of your blah site if you really need to fine-tune things.

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#25 by The_Joker
2002-02-28 19:05:41
#3 Roadkill beard:

Morn has a girlfriend??

Joker, Ph.D. Procedural Assholian Behaviour, Pedophilosopher
- All your ass are belong to my wang Jafd. Prepare to are penetration.
#26 by crash
2002-02-28 19:25:26
yep. you simply weren't enough for him, Joker. i think he was waiting for The Right Time to tell you.


- if you can laugh at it, you can live with it.
- "Hey, how 'bout this: fuck you." -LPMiller
#27 by Morn
2002-02-28 19:57:44
Yes, we've been together for more than 4 years already. We're not married yet, though, so there were no wedding rings I could sell. Damn. ;)

Hendrik "Morn" Mans • • admin/coder/kraut
#28 by Bailey
2002-02-28 20:07:47
Sigh. All the craplinks are directing me to Chromag, which I can connect to easily but it seems no one else can. I weep for the children. Well, not really, more me than the children.

Sir, you are seriously hunting my wumpus.
#29 by m0nty
2002-02-28 20:09:11
#30 by m0nty
2002-02-28 20:11:13
Or just scroll back up to #12 where Morn explains all.  ;)
#31 by Bailey
2002-02-28 20:40:32
I did try the eu! No worky!

Sir, you are seriously hunting my wumpus.
#32 by Bailey
2002-02-28 20:40:59
Never mind, third time's the charm.

Sir, you are seriously hunting my wumpus.
#33 by bluishred
2002-02-28 21:07:19
does paypal accept bowls of curry as a form of donation?
#34 by Narcopolo
2002-02-28 21:17:01
Mozilla's integrated IRC client seems to work.  I don't know why this is a bit of a shock to me, it was practically painless.  Oh well, I'm not keeping score anymore, I like it, I'll keep it.
#35 by Leslie Nassar
2002-02-28 21:55:38
Narcopolo, which build of Mozilla are you using?  I tried the integrated IRC about a week ago and it caused an AV right off the bat.
#36 by Narcopolo
2002-02-28 23:23:23
The latest version, 0.9.8

This is the first time I've tried it since I freshly installed Windows two months ago, so that might be part of it.
#37 by Bailey
2002-02-28 23:59:01
Only you can save this site from financial ruin or cruel jokes on Fucked Company.

Sir, you are seriously hunting my wumpus.
#38 by Duality
2002-03-01 00:18:47
Would morn make it onto Fucked Company?  I thought you had to be a company to do that.  Unless morn's got a turd in his pocket helpin' him code, I don't think he has any company.

... disguised as a genderless burrow owl ... 6.0!
#39 by Matthew Gallant
2002-03-01 00:22:16
Well, he is German.

Marketing is a crutch for mediocrity and a handicap to excellence.
#40 by The_Joker
2002-03-01 00:25:18
#26 by crash:


#33 by bluishred:


Joker, Ph.D. Procedural Assholian Behaviour, Pedophilosopher
- All your ass are belong to my wang Jafd. Prepare to are penetration.
#41 by LPMiller
2002-03-01 00:51:29
trillian seems to work fine with crapchat.

What's the point of wearing your favorite rocketship underpants if nobody ever asks to see 'em?
#42 by Gossip
2002-03-01 10:52:39

It does indeed.

Carlo "Gossip" Zottmann ·· ·· Planet Jumpgate
#43 by jafd
2002-03-01 13:08:28
Unfortunately PayPal does not support neuter characters. :/

Nevertheless arrangements have been made.

I want a sub-crap with access exclusive to those who have donated non-trivial amounts. (Cash, I mean, not just content. d(:)



choose any two: Cheap, Fast, Good.
#44 by Warren Marshall
2002-03-01 16:09:37
Shit, a few dollars a month is the least I can do considering the bandwidth I chew up on this site.  :P

I am a magnificent three toed sloth.
#45 by Desiato
2002-03-01 17:57:38
Just so everyone knows - you can also utilize babblefish and to donate something off of '' wishlist. Here are a few links....and yes, I'm doing this without any prompting.
It seems the right thing to do considering all the work morn has put into this site, and the fact that I'm constantly entertained by the IRC channel and now Blah as well.

Herr m0rn's wishlist: Here.
Bablefish: Here.
Currency Converter: Here.

Note: Don't use a comma when converting, or you might have a heart attack as it parses 61,35 as six thousand one hundred thirty five euros. For us in the USA, current rate as of this posting is 1 USD = 0.864965 Eur.

Why Simple. They source it locally and ship it - not across oceans and continents.

I did it, its can even pull up the english site and go along - most of the formatting is the same.

#46 by Desiato
2002-03-01 17:59:41

I meant by "pull up the english site and go along" as using the english site as a guide for what to do if you don't feel like doing all that translation....I did not mean ordering from it.


#47 by HoseWater
2002-03-02 01:32:09
Hmmm..... I'd like to contribute, but I am creditless.

I have a personal rule that I live on what I earn, and not a cent more. Part of that means the only creditcard I have, is work issued, and unless I could somehow convince them that planetcrap was work related, I could end up causing myself a world of pain.

How about a mailing address for one of those old antique things called cheques or money orders?

The internet needs a plan B for dealing with money, it drives me nuts that the credit companies of the world seem to have taken it over without even trying.  

I need a card that I can preload with real earned cash.  I wonder if such a thing exists.
#48 by None-1a
2002-03-02 01:42:36
I need a card that I can preload with real earned cash.  I wonder if such a thing exists.

Yes it's called a debit card and a seperate checking account just for the card (tho it tends to not be a great idea to use them online since the protection veries from bank to bank). I also remember someone once linking to a p0rn card that was supposted to be used to pay for sites (of course not being backed by a major credit company means sites have to out of their way to support such a thing).

O and all of you people bitching about paypal not taking any thing but credit cards, sign up for an accont. That will let you do a EFT to add money to the paypal account to use to pay for the donation.
#49 by HoseWater
2002-03-02 01:47:10
Well, I have a debit card...I practically live off the damn thing...what's money look like again?

But I've yet to see a website say Visa/Mastercard/Scotiabank debit/diners.

As for those of up bitching about paypal not taking anything but ccards...the last time I checked, paypal would not work transfering cash directly from a Canadian bank account.  Did that change?
#50 by jjohnsen
2002-03-02 01:51:22
Wow on the Amazon wishlist it says the Tripods show is on DVD in Germany, anyone know if it's available in the U.S.?

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