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The Shack needs YOU!
March 6th 2001, 18:53 CET by Morn

From the <i>"those gaming sites are dying off quicker than you can say 'banner ad'" dept.</i>: ShugaShack (now <a href="">ShackNews</a>) is in trouble -- apparently their financial situation has become <a href="">bad enough</a> for them to be forced to <a href="">ask for donations</a>. 'nuff said, now let's hear your thoughts.
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#1 by "Morn"
2001-03-06 18:53:55
Thanks Enyak for pointing this out to me!

- Morn
#2 by "Blood_GC"
2001-03-06 18:55:25
I won't / can't donate to every site I like to visit.  SA, Blue's, Shuga...I simply can't afford it (nor do I want to).  Unfortunately, any site that requires donations, will die. :(
#3 by "Rantage"
2001-03-06 19:28:24
I don't want to be a hardass here, but whenever we had news, the Shack never bothered to post it or even acknowledge that we sent it to them.  At the same time, Blue's and Evil Avatar didn't even blink twice -- they helped us out.

I've got nothing against sCary, but after 2-3 years of that situation, why in God's name should I be bothered to give them money?
#4 by "Anonymous"
2001-03-06 19:33:34
Steve better learn some new "catch phrases"..A few come to mind.

You want fries with that?
You know, you can SuperSize that for only 20 cents more!
Romero, I'm sorry for picking on you, can ya loan me a twenty til next tuesday?
#5 by "PiMuRho"
2001-03-06 19:35:07
Survival of the fittest in action. Some of these news sites are going to die. When there's at least two other sites posting the same news as you, then what are you offering other than your own spin on things? Example: Blue's and VE both post, link for link, almost exactly the same news. VE just comments. Shugashack does the same, except their forums are even more troll-y. Blue's is the broadsheet to VE's tabloid. Where does the Shack fit in?
#6 by "Scope"
2001-03-06 19:35:29
Blood_GC hit the nail on the head. The only benefit donations could have is to help them eek it out until a permanent solutions is found. They won't be able to live of donations, merchandise or advertizing ... and I think we all know what option that leaves them with.
#7 by "NikNak"
2001-03-06 19:42:58
The Shack thrashing in it's death spasm?  Feh.  So another "hip, x-treme, technogeeky news" site bites the dust.  I can't think of a less earth-shattering event.

Wait.  Yes I can.

A new "hip, x-treme, technogeeky news" site rising to take it's place.
#8 by "Chet"
2001-03-06 19:47:43
This is just getting to be too much - all this donation shit.  Someone wasn't paying their taxes quarterly so now they need donations?  Its not like the shack hasn't been making good money for years...

If I play unreal online with my friend - he pays for his own isp - he decides to not budget the isp bill and instead blows all his money on Air Jordans - should I give him money so he can pay his isp bill so we can keep playing?  Or should I just move on?

When a site has been around as long as shugashack - they should at least give the pbs reach around and give you something for donating so much - a tshirt - a hat - something.

Smaller sites like somethingawful that never got going - I understand the cash infusion needed to keep going.  But come on...  when the shack was making the good money - was steve buying you dinner and a movie?  Holding your hand during the scary part?

Not to pick on Steve - but this is too much.    

Sadly my fiancée was forced to drop out of school to work at an optometrists to help cover bills.

Maybe if you could cut the cutting and pasting time down to 3 hours a day - you could get a job?  How selfish is that?  You couldn't give up your updating 15 stories a day - or budget your time better so your girlfriend could stay in school?  If you are that selfish to your finacee - what about your readers????

More and more - I am understanding less and less about people.

#9 by "Rambar"
2001-03-06 19:49:58
Do you know how many starving people we could feed with the money thats going to be donated to shugashack?!

Thats right, ZERO!
#10 by "Chella Kline"
2001-03-06 19:53:44
Funny. Morn tells me to get lost because of suggesting a few million would be handy feeding poor people. Then he's here passing the hat to save a web page.
Irony, it's so............ Ironic
#11 by "Rambar"
2001-03-06 19:57:58
He only posted the story.  The story is well within what I consider the general news coverage of this site.  I don't see him telling us to donate to shack.  He's not calling us pro-murder either.
#12 by "NikNak"
2001-03-06 20:03:12
Nothing wrong with murder.
#13 by "Karl Palutke"
2001-03-06 20:32:30
How long before we see 'sponsored sites'?  I can see it now: "id Software presents . . . Blue's News!"  The online gaming industry has benefitted quite a bit from the existance of sites like shugashack or blue's, it seems it is in the interest of the developers and publishers to prop them up.  Nobody really considers most of the webmasters to be objective journalists anyway, so it's not like it will affect their credibility.  

Also, sites would do well to stop hosting demo downloads, etc . . . a demo is basically a big advertisement for a game, but requiring a lot of bandwidth.  What percent do you think the big sites' hosting bills would go down if they stopped hosting 100MB+ demo downloads?
#14 by "None-1a"
2001-03-06 20:42:31
Why don't these sites to contract work? I resently had an interview with a local web firm. Their primary business was running a butt load of ad supported sites (GSI style), however they also do web design (the owner also works part time as a tech).

Why not do freelance design or writeing work to make up the cost not covered by the ads?
#15 by "cisboss"
2001-03-06 20:51:46
Their dead, no site as big as that has ever survived when it needed donations.
#16 by "Stepto"
2001-03-06 20:53:27
RE: Sponsered sites.  

It also brings home the point that if this is happeneing to the Shack, Blue is probably feeling the pinch as well.  As far as sponsored sites go, what we're seeing is really a consolidation.

Just recently, Homegrocer/Webvan pulled out of my city. This after Peapod recently pulled out/ went under.  Now everyone uses groceryworks.  So in like 2 weeks groceryworks doubled their business and will most likely continue to serve Dallas as the sole home delivery grocery network.  The business grew too fast, the losers are going under, and the last one standing gets all the business.

Voodoo Extreme, Stomped, Blues, and the Shack all do 85% the same thing.  It just makes sense that the ones who managed their money poorly will fail first, shifting readers over to other sites.  

#17 by "The Joker"
2001-03-06 20:54:02

agreed. it's a shame.

OT: MUHA, time for some snakewrestling, aaaaalllrighty then!

#18 by "fatgraham"
2001-03-06 20:54:10
and theres me thinking UGO have had some investment. are they not giving any to steve?

will donations work? maybe the first few sites, not many tho. (not after another month)
#19 by "R.I.P shack"
2001-03-06 20:57:27
I love the shack.  Hell its my homepage.  Sadly, I think they're dead in the water.  Too bad.  I get my news from Voodooextreme, but the Shack was the best place to talk about gaming (yeah there's alot of junk there, but if you know where to look theres som great dialogue).
#20 by "BobJustBob"
2001-03-06 21:19:27
I am pro-murder.
#21 by "Ramton"
2001-03-06 21:20:18
Damn, UGLY just shut my site down.. FUCK!
#22 by "gpxl"
2001-03-06 21:39:23
The Shugashack's been one of my daily stops for a while now but I agree with most of the posts going on here.

I could care less if he's having problem's now. When these, and other sites, were flying high I think all the webmasters thought they were cooler then the rest of us. Now's the humbling time,... poor sCary.
#23 by "Maarten Goldstein"
2001-03-06 21:47:20
and theres me thinking UGO have had some investment. are they not giving any to steve?

No they haven't paid affiliates for a couple of months.

When these, and other sites, were flying high I think all the webmasters thought they were cooler then the rest of us

what makes you think that.
#24 by "Ghost in my Shell"
2001-03-06 22:18:01
Oh yes people, talk shit now, what comes around goes around...

I gave sCary money, big fucking deal, you guys jealous?
#25 by "klerck"
2001-03-06 22:20:51
#8, Hi chet (klerck here)

I just wanted to let you know that I have sex with goats.

your bud

#26 by "huds0n"
2001-03-06 22:23:36
Wow, i knew there was a reason they called it planetcrap, i just had no idea that they were reffering to the people who post here....
#27 by "AtaRi"
2001-03-06 22:25:51
Hey the guys not DEMANDING money.  Just asking those that want to help him stay afloat to do so.  

Lot's of good points going around, but the fact is, if you don't want to pay, don't.  

It's not a subscription site.  The same company that 'pays' you, Chet, screwed him over.  Shit happens.

*Now.. I'm not saying MY fiancee would have dropped out of college over my webpage.. but then again, my webpage didn't bring in over 60 grand last year.*
#28 by "Anonymous"
2001-03-06 22:26:13
Not to seem dense.  But how did they *used* to run sites.  Back in the day of blues not hitting 200k of users?  Wasn't it a hobby and people had *normal* jobs?  Just curious how it was done many, many moons ago...
#29 by "SexPansion Pack"
2001-03-06 22:30:13
dude if you don't want to give the shack money don't.  All sCary is doing is asking... i can't see what the hell is wrong with that.
#30 by "nofxsux"
2001-03-06 22:31:03
The shack is different than Blues, VE, stomped and especially Planetcrap.

It is worth the dough to keep around. There arnet many other sites i would thrown down money for...
#31 by "bugsY"
2001-03-06 22:31:19
#25, we miss you klerck at the shack.

Oh and Chet, how about you go 4 months with out a paycheck and see what happens?
#32 by "cygnus"
2001-03-06 22:32:31
it's the horrible cycle.  page starts as a hobby, gains a lot of popularity, needs a better server/pipe to maintain the flow of users.  gains enough attention to make money off banner-views, quits day job and centres on page 24/7 .. eventually the banner/server provider yanks out from under you and flows down the toliet.

'tis a horrible cycle.

i miss the 'ol shugashack and quakerag.
#33 by "Goblin"
2001-03-06 22:35:16
the shugashack owns.  oldmanmurray suxxors.
#34 by "wunderbred"
2001-03-06 22:35:23
I'm not going to flame.  I'm not going to flame.  I'm not going to flame.
<sarcasm>I am however going to say that PlanetCrap draws the finest people.</sarcasm>

If you don't want to donate, don't.  If you want to try to make yourself feel less guilty by saying "The Shack never gave me anything."  "I couldn't care less..." etc. then fine.  Go ahead and say it, none of us can stop you, but I do ask that all of you saying this never visit the Shack again.  You aren't welcomed there IMO (I'm just a poster, but I've been there over six months now).  If I ever notice a recognizable name from one of you guys that posted saying how bad the shack sucks and how it doesn't deserve one red cent, I'm going to at the very least make it out in the open your opinion of the shack, so others will know about your standards of websites, and which one's you 'dont' visit.  

  Some of you may actually be serious, and never visit, and never cared about Gibson and his website, if so, fine.  I'm not talking to you.  I'm talking to those on here who hypocritically state that Steve never did anything for them.  Bullshit, I say.  He gave you his time and he gave you his words and he gave you his content.  If you aren't entertained and/or enjoy it, then don't return.  There are usually over 1,000 people online there at any given time who disagree with you.

That's all I have to say.
#35 by "plutonium245"
2001-03-06 22:35:39

Chet, he did say he'd give donators something, like a t-shirt/merchandise.

Your post has no purpose, in conclusion

#36 by "Defiler"
2001-03-06 22:37:19
Right on, Chet. If the website isn't paying the bills, get a day job.
#37 by "Anonymous"
2001-03-06 22:38:13
weeeeeeee bring on the shack posters!!!!!!!!!!!
#38 by "Chella Kline"
2001-03-06 23:57:13
I think all people with web sites should have real jobs. That way they don't have to beg for funds.
#39 by "Anonymous"
2001-03-07 00:06:06
Uhm, he didn't give us most places they cut and paste from some place else.  Or just happened to be on the cool PR email that spams out to everyone.

This is the same Steve that used to be with Ritual, right?

And frankly, if I EVER go w/out getting paid, much less for 4 months, I think a kind - bubye is in order.

I don't understand the fuss, the market corrected itself from .com mania it's only natural everything related does too.  Investors have seen this comming for over a year.
#40 by "gpxl"
2001-03-07 00:06:41
Hrm,.. I'd have to agree that the Shack is a way more entertaining site then Blues or Voodoo. But seriously, how much consistent donating is it going to take to keep the site up and running. Doesn't look like they are willing to say.

That being said donating this month won't keep them running forever, so if consistent "donations" is what they need. Why not go to a subscription based model,.. thats what it looks like they need after all right?

I'd be down for donating to the site if they guaranteed a tee-shirt. Selling merchandise on Cafepress would probably get a better response (although their price gouging is a different matter entirely).

I still don't think any kind of short term bailout is going to make a difference in the long run.

And Maarten,.. sorry for the high flying webmaster thing, should have been directed more towards some 'other guys' sites.
#41 by "Rantage"
2001-03-07 00:07:35
*shrug*  If people like the Shack and feel strongly enough about it to donate money...hey, more power to them and good for sCary.

As for me...I get my news elsewhere.  Like I said before, when I sought out their help to spread some news, I got nowhere.  So I vote with my wallet, in a fashion.

Considering that sites such as the Shack use visitors like me to make money -- via advertisements -- I don't let sentimentality enter my decision process.  I'm paying for news with my time & bandwidth.

If I'm not looking to "purchase" news, and there's no other benefit to me by the continued existence of such a site, well then I don't do a thing to change the course of events.
#42 by "Desiato"
2001-03-07 00:08:12
Yeah, and then they can personally take out a second mortgage to fund a DS-3 line for the traffic...hell YES!! And then they can fork over the title to their car and buy a month or two of co-location space at HavenCo in Sealand!! KICKASS!!

And if they try *HARD* enough, they can beg on the street before work, during lunch, and on the train riding home so they can upgrade the server with more memory!!

Damn good ideas!!

#43 by "Cacambo"
2001-03-07 00:10:16
The highly regarded Cacambo would like to know why so many of the visitors to this website have started their name with Ram-.  I see Ramton and Rambar as two glaring examples.  Is this some sort of trend that I am not familiar with?
#44 by "Chet"
2001-03-07 00:12:20
#31 - its not like ugo is paying us right now.

But I responded to most of the shuga kids on shuga when this died...  of course it was nice that some came to our forums to post gay porn in our forums  - that is always a quick way to prove your point - or lack of....

#45 by "gpxl"
2001-03-07 00:17:33
So what are the special circumstances that allows PlanetCrap to exist without ads or Donations? Anybody know? Maybe they could help out the Shack.
#46 by "Chet"
2001-03-07 00:23:54
#45 - fairly low bandwidth - didn't get used to the big cash rolling in.

#47 by "Rambar"
2001-03-07 00:29:14
I also think Morn has a day job.  AFAIK he only works on this site during his offtime, kinda like a hobby.

The most excellent Crapspy, is free as well....
#48 by "Johnny Rotten"
2001-03-07 00:30:00
I imagine OMM is cheaper to run than the shack due to traffic, bandwidth etc....

Chet, yeah theres absolutely no denying that the shack does have a large number of idiots.  That place drives me fucking insane sometimes.  And yet its still my homepage.  That says something... (aside from me being a sadist)

As to the donations... well, I donated.  It was a onetime thing for me and to my understanding its a onetime occurence for Steve as well.  I certainly wont make it a habit, but considering the enjoyment the its brought me, and hopefully will continue to bring, I dont mind.
#49 by "Rambar"
2001-03-07 00:32:07
I don't follow PC regularly so someone should correct me but for the longest time I was the only RamFOO around and I think Ramton is a rececnt addition.
#50 by "None-1a"
2001-03-07 00:33:34
More and more - I am understanding less and less about people.

Chet just repreat this every hour on the hours then things will make since again.

'Populatiry with the hardcore = the right to make money while doing what ever illogical thing you can think of"

Most people runing hardware sites work as tech, I've already posted about one company in FortWayne that makes most of their money from ads, but had a design/hosting business to back it up when needed.
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