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The Crap is dead -- long live the Crap!
February 18th 2001, 21:31 CET by Morn

Ladies and Gentlemen, <a href="">Crapola</a> has left the building! Welcome to PlanetCrap 5.0, the <i>all new</i> (and somehow yet familiar) version of your favourite discussion website.

Regular visitors will notice that PC5 is very similar to good old PC3 -- clean, simple, gray, and no forced registration. We're going back to the Crap roots -- isn't that beautiful?

The <a href="/">front page</a> will display the number of new comments since your last visit again (and this time, it's clickable, too). You can now set a couple of <a href="/preferences.php">preferences</a>, too; right now, the two settings are the number of comments on one single page (you can set it to unlimited for the true PC3 feeling), and the page width (since people seem to have such different preferences regarding a site's layout).

Okay, so let's get to it. We have a couple of new topics coming up for your discussion pleasure, but you're all invited and encouraged to submit your own stories or just interesting news you want us to publish -- simply email it all to <a href=""></a> or use <a href="/sendstuff.php">this little form here</a>.

Rock on!

<b>Update:</b> Thanks to everyone who showed up at our little launch party in <a href="/chat.php">#planetcrap</a> -- it was a blast! We were hanging out, chatting, and listening to some cool <a href="">remixes of computer/video game music</a>, which was so much fun that we'll probably do this at every future PCIRCHO. w00p! Fragaday of <a href="">GoingUp</a> was kind enough to put up some <a href="">chat statistics</a>.
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#1 by "sentinel"
2001-02-18 21:54:23
morn: a beer would be nice

oh "think"... ehr

i think they should be random again, that way the effects are coolest when something really weird is picked out of context...
#2 by "Buccaneer"
2001-02-18 21:45:58
How about a new feature: morn reads and records all new comments and broadcasts them with Shoutcast?
#3 by "Foogla"
2001-02-18 21:42:13
Looking good. I really like the comment about the internal links. :)
#4 by "Stallion"
2001-02-18 21:39:29
Randomly picked. Handpicked is just another way for the site to go stale. :)
#5 by "Warren Marshall"
2001-02-18 21:39:23
Using the web interface ... how quaint.  :)
#6 by "Morn"
2001-02-18 21:37:57
Yep, the random quotes WILL be back, but I haven't decided yet whether they should be a randomly picked quote like in PC3, or a "quote of the day" from a handpicked selection of quotes. What do you guys/girls think?

- Morn
#7 by "Fragaday"
2001-02-18 21:34:09
Mmmmilky good.
#8 by "Stallion"
2001-02-18 21:33:47
Will we be seeing a quote of the moment?

Someone sour us up the milk!
#9 by "Whisp"
2001-02-18 21:33:13
ha! morn got BEAT!
#10 by "Frain"
2001-02-18 21:33:05
Way to go morn, w00t! :)

#11 by "Morn"
2001-02-18 21:32:08


- Morn
#12 by "Stallion"
2001-02-18 21:30:36
This is cause for celebration!
#13 by "Hambone"
2001-02-18 22:49:45
Good show Morn, but be careful not to work yourself to death.
#14 by "Spyder"
2001-02-18 22:52:50
Great job with the new release Morn! =)

Random quotes would be cool...
#15 by "Apache"
2001-02-18 23:03:11
Looks great! Much easier on the eyes, although I am concerned about the lack of registered users (the magic 8-ball says there will be much more trolling).
#16 by "Morn"
2001-02-18 23:10:27
Yo, thanks for the praise everyone! I think now that we're going back to "what worked", we're going to have a lot of fun here. Apache: Seriously, there was more trolling during Crapola than ever before. Ha. :)

- Morn
#17 by "Desiato"
2001-02-18 23:28:35


Anyway...good job...let the crap commence!!

#18 by "FunkDrunk"
2001-02-18 23:44:12


I can't wait for the action to start!

The Crap is back and kickin' it old school!

#19 by "Kelster"
2001-02-18 23:49:02
Very cool indeed! Awesome job Morn!

-Kel: Move 'zig'.
#20 by "Jafd"
2001-02-19 00:11:25
Baby steps. Thanks for the resource, Morn...
#21 by "Ghost in my Shell"
2001-02-19 00:35:54
#22 by "Apache"
2001-02-19 00:41:14
Okay, enough reach-around. Let's post a new topic. :)
#23 by "Morn"
2001-02-19 01:01:50
No new topic until tomorrow -- I need to go to bed! :)

G'nite everyone

- Morn
#24 by "Emjoi"
2001-02-19 01:06:54
Seriously, the biggest thing missing from PC4 was the ability to delete your own SubCrap, and perhaps a system of destroying long dead craps.
It would have left you with something alot more readable.

I made a little crap of my own, but it was just an experiment as most were.  I would have cleaned up after myself, if you'd let me.
#25 by "Quicken"
2001-02-19 01:07:28
Cool. Lovin' it :)
#26 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2001-02-19 01:31:06
Somebody set us up! The Crap!

OOo I like this, no more pesky registration code to get in my way and a nice smooth easy to read interface.

nifty work Herr Mr0n.

#27 by "Fragaday"
2001-02-19 01:33:40

for anyone who is bored and wants to glance at the stats from the IRC party.
#28 by "Dark Messiah"
2001-02-19 01:43:27
Awesome job with the layout man.
#29 by "Evi|ivE"
2001-02-19 01:54:14
Morn you rock.  I love the way the site looks now.  The Planet Crap 5.0 logo is great. :)

I think you should bring back the 'comment of the nanosecond' and make it just pick random quotes.  I always liked that because sometimes comments would be taken out of context and were very funny.
#30 by "spack"
2001-02-19 01:58:43
Hell yeah... its about time, now I can have my old nick back ... (i dont know who the shithead was that stole "spack" first and then never posted anything... dumbarses)

yeah so release the source code already.. .sheeshes
#31 by "Morn"
2001-02-19 01:58:51
Thanks everyone! And regarding the random quotes, it looks like everybody wants them to be like in PC3 -- so I guess that is what it's going to be. Expect the return of the QotN in a couple of days. :)

But now I must go to bed, or I'll be in a world of trouble tomorrow. Nite!

- Morn
#32 by "MCorleone"
2001-02-19 02:18:42
#33 by "Paul"
2001-02-19 02:41:50
Looks good to me!
#34 by "Desiato"
2001-02-19 02:49:46
438 wonder my wrists hurt...damn..

Nice stats Fragaday...

#35 by "treble"
2001-02-19 03:24:23
good job morn!

all your crap are belong to us!
#36 by "ToadWarrior"
2001-02-19 03:45:42
#37 by "Hresh"
2001-02-19 04:38:27
Wow, it is really looking great :)
#38 by "Anonymous"
2001-02-19 05:06:27
#39 by "HaGaR"
2001-02-19 07:34:18
In regard to the customizable page.  Even after I chagned the width to 85%, its still not really full width.  The user info (post number, name, etc) is not all the way to the left of the table.  It sits about a quarter of the way in.  So, I still have unused space!
#40 by "Danny Pr0to"
2001-02-19 08:10:33
I like the colored race.
#41 by "Datafox"
2001-02-19 08:20:34
Ahhh I can read a huge long page again. I did not like going to other pages.

The page looks nice, you did a good job here.
#42 by "ToadWarrior"
2001-02-19 08:28:54
Bah, I was hoping there'd be a CS update by now. :(
#43 by "Creole Ned"
2001-02-19 12:09:08
Looks keen, Morn.

The logo :)
#44 by "Morn"
2001-02-19 12:59:43
Creole Ned, I hope it displays okay -- I'm using the PNG format for the logo, and PNG support still is a bit shaky in some browsers (like Opera, which for some reason doesn't seem to support PNG transparency).

- Morn
#45 by "MCorleone"
2001-02-19 14:21:53
PNG format?  Point me!  Never heard of it.
#46 by "Frain"
2001-02-19 14:47:14
PNG is Portable Network Graphics, isn't it?

I _think_ it's more or less like the GIF format but completly open source...but I could be wrong :)

#47 by "Morn"
2001-02-19 15:02:30
PNG has support for different bit depths, (alpha) transparency, and usually is a bit smaller than GIF. And oh yeah, you don't need a license to be able to write software that generates GIFs...

...I think. :-)   (I just used it here because the logo was smaller as a PNG than it was as a GIF.)

- Morn
#48 by "The Joker"
2001-02-19 15:43:31
Hello booyz!! I'm baaaaaack!!!!!

#49 by "Eyegore"
2001-02-19 15:43:40
Good job Morn!  I just goes to show just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should.  This is a lot more like the Crap I grew to love two years ago.
#50 by "szcx"
2001-02-19 16:43:50
And oh yeah, you don't need a license to be able to write software that generates GIFs...

IIRC, the GIF patent expires next year.  Did you know that technically, anyone (*cough*Craig*cough*) who writes software that embeds the IE browser control has to buy a license from Unisys?

Various Microsoft products provide read/write capability and/or other LZW capability covered by Unisys-owned U.S. patents 4,558,302, B1 4,558,302 and foreign counterpart patents. Although Microsoft is licensed under these patents, Microsoft’s license does not extend to software developers or third parties who use Microsoft toolkit, language, development or operating system products to provide GIF read/write and/or any other LZW capability in their own products ( e.g., by way of DLLs and APIs).
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