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Daikatana Gold & Demo
April 22nd 2000, 02:37 CEST by morn

Woah, what a strange coincidence! On the same day PlanetCrap makes its return appearance, Ion Storm announce that their epic 3D shooter Daikatana, which has been in the making since something like 1834, has gone gold, and that there's a playable demo available for download!

Expect a short mini-review of the demo soonish; until then, download the demo (a hefty 103 megs! Eek) and post your thoughts on the game.

Here are some demo mirrors (thanks Blue):


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#1 by "Stallion"
2000-04-22 02:57:56
25KB/second from GameCenter, and radium's adding a beloved FilePlanet mirror as I type this :)

It better be worth it...
#2 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 02:59:35
I'm getting only 2.2 KB/s, so <i>hurry up planeteers</i>! :-)

- Morn
#3 by "Stallion"
2000-04-22 03:07:08
I'm not sure if its posted on FilePlanet yet, but 110KB/second is alllll good :)

I'll post the URL as soon as I have it near completion :)
#4 by "Urlaubsreif"
2000-04-22 03:10:59 http://
Ahm.... you're 21 days late for april fools. nice try...

It's true?

After years of hype and promises?
The game that was supposed to destroy Quake 2 is due to ship and HIT the shelves?

Right... I think it is going to actually destroy Quake 2. But... ahm.... forget it.

Sh.. my download is just slighty faster than Morn's.

Jon Romero:
"I really believe you're going to have a great time with it. It's a fast action FPS at its core, but with a whole lot more going on. And, finally, I want to give a big "Thanks, you guys rock!" to my development team here at Ion Storm -- thanks for sticking with me, guys. It was a long, tough road, but I believe we made some magic up here in the clouds."

Ah...he "sticking with me" development team...
is that why it all took THAT long???
#5 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 03:13:45
There are some EFNet kids out there who claim that Daikatana took even longer to develop than Unreal.


- Morn
#6 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-04-22 03:36:57
*hits download*

oh joy .. 64k isdn .. this will take a while :)

and *deep breath* DAYAM its good to see PC back

#7 by "Jeh"
2000-04-22 03:37:17 http://

Yeah and I think there was even a thread on a message board sometime about how Daikatana was gonna kick Unreal's ass :p

Oh well :)

- Jeh
#8 by "Ghost in my Shell"
2000-04-22 03:43:28
Whoa its back...the site that is...need to adverstise though :-)
#9 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 03:45:30
I just think it's <b>soooo</b> hilarious that the Daikatana demo is released almost the same minute PlanetCrap returns from its grave. It's like John Romero has been waiting for PlanetCrap to return before "making us his bitches". Oh my god... now I'm starting to realize... IT'S ALL MY FAULT! :-(


- Morn
#10 by "Lizzzard"
2000-04-22 03:49:22
Just finished D/L...
Intro sequence rocks da house!
Speed is liquid motion =)
Sound a little crappy. Been a little disappointed about that after the excellent sound tracks I heard before. Hope it's just the demo.

Anyway. Guys: I'll get this game!

My conf. PIII600 MHz, Geforce, 512 Mbyte RAM, SB live
#11 by "RAD Kade 1"
2000-04-22 03:49:37
So like, where's the Linux version?

#12 by "Lizzzard"
2000-04-22 03:50:41
Ok, this is a forum, not a chat. But: LOL @ Morn
#13 by "shaithis"
2000-04-22 04:33:16
I'll tell you what. If Daikatana DM is good, then that's terrific for all you people who care. If the single player isn't half-life level or better, I'm going to be severely dissapointed. With the amount of time and talent they've had on that game (regardless of how much of that talent has left), I expect nothing less.

What I've played at various E3's doesn't lead me to expect anything other than to be severely dissapointed, but here's hoping they prove me wrong.

#14 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 04:36:37
I'm probably one of the few insane souls who actually liked the original Internet demo that was released, like, back in the 60s or something. Of course it didn't give any early impressions of story/atmosphere/etc, but at least it kinda "felt right" -- something not every shooter out there managed to achieve.

I'm looking forward to playing the demo... no matter what the results are going to look like. =)

- Morn
#15 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-04-22 05:51:24
I fear that mr0n may in fact BE John Romero. Think about it - ever see the two of them together? Just don't let the Penny Arcade boys near him...

OK, I'll post some logical and coherent views on the matter later. Like once the hangover's gone to the great aspirin in the sky. Or something.


#16 by "Molo"
2000-04-22 06:09:53
Cool.  The demo is out.  Maybe now I can put my official Daikatana strategy guide that I purchased over a month ago, to good use! :P
#17 by "Thrrrpptt!"
2000-04-22 07:24:15
What I'm interested in seeing is whether or not the strat guide that came out a few weeks ago is outdated or not. Little stuff often changes in the last few weeks/days of playtesting, and that guide had to have been written and sent to the printers MONTHS ago.

Oh, I guess I'm interested in seeing if the game is any good, too. :) If there's even ONE bug in it, they're going to catch high holy hell. That game is going to be held to a ridiculously high standard.

#18 by "Mugwum"
2000-04-22 11:11:28
High standard, Jamie? If it doesn't reinvent the single player 3d FPS genre for the better, it's going to meet with disdain. It's a sad situation, but Daikatana is on a loser whether it's good or not :/
#19 by "Mugwum"
2000-04-22 11:17:46
<a href="">Looks as though things haven't started too well</a> for Ion with DK. The N64 version got a complete kicking from Nintendorks.

Although, that said, Total Games are supposed to have given it 9/10 or something. Couldn't find that review though, sadly.
#20 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 12:24:45
09:35:01 (7.54 KB/s) - `dkdemo.exe' saved [107424768]

Just woke up to see that the download has finished just in time. OoOoOO, I'm all giddy! :-)

- Morn
#21 by "PSX"
2000-04-22 12:28:37
Im not downloading it...  Im betting they would stupe to some low level to include subliminal messages to make ya buy the game :P

At last count, how many units do they need to sell to break even?
#22 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 13:25:53
Here are my first impressions:

The first (and most severe so far) thing that ticked me off was that the game wouldn't start on my German (!) system until I switched the language setting to "English (US)". Just like with the old Internet demo, they're apparently trying to escape the infamous German "indexing" system by simply not letting their game run on German systems. (I'm so damn glad that I'm computer literate enough to know that I can modify the language setting. Yes, that is sarcasm.)

Other than that, the game seems to be pretty much okay so far... I've heard reports of a nice intro video, but unfortunately I didn't get one when starting the game, so either I've been dreaming stuff up or something's broken here.

The graphics looked pretty much okay to me; considering they're using a bastard child of the Quake 2 engine, they're almost impressive. Sound design was good, too; except the humming noise of those stupid bio-mechanical (...rrrright!) mosquitos or whatever those nasty little buggers are was faaaaaar to repetitive (there are to many of them anyways).

Yes, good old gameplay... I admit I haven't played very far yet, but from what I was able to see the level design seems to be pretty solid, except for enemy placement, which was pretty horrific especially in the first segment of the game, where you get attacked by those stupid mechanical frogs and mosquitos. They're not much of a challenge, they're just really, really annoying, and I wish they'd just leave me the @$%&! alone.

Something else I noticed and didn't like much is that, at least in the passages I've played so far, gameplay suffered the "trial and error" syndrome: walk around a corner, get mutilated by a sentry gun, reload, walk around the corner a bit faster because now you know what's awaiting you. I hope this will change later, since I'm not a big fan of the "learn and reload" scheme many games seem to be applying these days.

But other than that, the game looks pretty much okay -- time will tell.

Okay, more Daikatana now. :)

- Morn
#23 by "Morgan"
2000-04-22 14:33:31
I didn't get the intro video either. Hmm.

I thought it actually looked pretty good. My biggest problem is with the enemies. They're generally *very* poor. What possessed Ion to include so many of these stupid fiddly little things? The frogs, the mosquitos, those strange walking mouths in the snow level, and so on. I don't want some kind of boss creature every two steps but nor do I want to have to be fighting off things that I could just crush underfoot. The bad guys and the combat really dragged it down. The weapons didn't help either. What's up with the daikatana? Why do I have to take a breather between every damn swing?

I'd maybe buy it if I had lots of spare time and cash. Since I don't have either of those right now, I'm not even going to bother finishing the demo.
#24 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-04-22 16:18:39
Well, I'm at half a meg on this, getting about 2.2k/sec from my T3... people must really want this game ;)
I suppose I'm not really qualified to say anything without having played it yet, but from what I've seen in videos and screenshots, I think Daikatana's in danger of actually being quite a good game...
#25 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 18:55:11
In <a href="">his review of Daikatana</a>, Evil Avatar states that "Daikatana sucks the sweat off of dogs balls."

Then again, that's Evil Avatar; he still gave the game 2 out of 5 stars (an equivalent of a 40% rating, right), so it must be pretty tasty dog balls.

- Morn
#26 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 18:57:40
Sorry, my bad: it's his review of the Daikatana <i>Demo</i>, of course.

- Morn
#27 by "Chango"
2000-04-22 19:48:07
I'm dreading the download... on my 56k it's gonna take all night...

better be worth it.

Morn, congrats on getting this monkey back off the ground (or wherever it was)!!
#28 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 20:01:18
Chango, thanks! :)

PlanetCrap was "sleeping", I guess. Unfortunately it missed the entire Ultima IX deal; my gawd, just think about the stuff we could have posted. ;)

- Morn
#29 by "Chango"
2000-04-22 20:25:37
Oh jeez, Morn.  Just be thankful this place wasn't around for the UT Vs Q3 debate.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about all the kinds of UT Vs Q3 crap that was flying around at that point!

#30 by "Morn"
2000-04-22 20:44:12
Oh my god... you're right. It wouldn't surprise me though if at least 50% of the upcoming threads ended up as <i>some</i> kind of "EpicGames vs. id Software" discussions... ;-)

- Morn
#31 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-04-23 00:00:24

reminds me very strongly of Unreal ....

especially because it crashes continually (single player) on my box......

which is a Geforce, 384mbs of ram, and an athlon 750 .... which runs q3, ut, HL and other acronym games with blistering speed


#32 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 00:04:55
It hasn't crashed here yet (P3-500, TNT 2, 256 MB RAM), but I need to switch my system to "English (US)" every time I want to play it and it's starting to piss me off. Grrrr!

- Morn
#33 by "Warren Marshall"
2000-04-23 00:09:42
Just posting a note to say that it's good to see the 'crap back in action.  :)

Hi guys!
#34 by "Seth Krieg"
2000-04-23 00:13:46 http://errrlll?
I'm really curious as to whether this lukewarm reaction is because so many of us have been bagging on it so long, that we'd look like complete dumbasses to go back on it now (see morn's link to EA). Besides, doesn't saying something is 'ok' nowadays from a bunch of self-righteous, bitter, computer nerds mean much anymore?

And for the record, yes I've bagged on Romero and the Creek, I'm leaving it to you guys for the straight poop though. (Not that I don't trust EA that much, he's just so passioned about what he does, sometimes I think it overshadows his reason a lot of times). And there's no way I'm sitting through that download on a 56k connection (Wheel of Time was bad enough at 75 megs)
#35 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-04-23 01:46:22
well I got it running stable.

actually, Im quite impressed, the greek levels were extremely well done, tho something is just 'off' with Miko ....

its quite entertaining to play, it has potential.... Deathmatch is quite fun too

I may even pick it up when it comes out over here, but before that .. time to buy Thief2...

#36 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 02:16:25
I still haven't played much more of the game, but I just wanted to comment that the Daikatana haters out there should realize that it's a considerably more "mainstream" title than, say, Q3A, UT or even Half-Life, and, from what I've seen, really targets the "Diablo 2 audience" more than us "hardcore gamers".

I mean, there's a N64 version -- need I say more? :-)

People always start crying about how a game "sucks" only because it doesn't appeal to <i>them</i>. But hey, what else is new.

- Morn
#37 by "Valeyard"
2000-04-23 04:06:41
Crashed the first time I tried Multiplayer...but the Single player was ok.

Runs wicked fast even at high resolutions, level load times are fine, the engine doesn't look as dated as I expected, but it's still showing it's age.

Animations are passible/good.  Sound is ok, though I have notice at least one very minor sound problem.

The game "feels" good, and I've had fun playing it.  I'll be buying it...just to see the whole thing.  Some things in the demo are VERY impressive...some are just good...nothing really "bad" yet.  (Playing it a second time now)

#38 by "Bob.McBob"
2000-04-23 04:20:42
Hey nice to see PC is back. I missed it. Really !

I'm downloading the demo and I really can't wait to see what's going to happen when it's realeased. In fact I don't even care about the game anymore; the only thing I am interested to see is how it will be received by the critics. I've seen a lot of editors saying they think the game might just end up being canned ... so when I saw that it went gold it was kind of a shock. I'm sure it'll be a good read for everybody. Maybe the only game I'll read all the reviews to come out on it hehehe.

Wish luck to Romero. He needs it. bad.

#39 by "MCorleone"
2000-04-23 05:14:06
Wow.  On the strangely off chance that PC may be up, I hit the site.

To my surprise it's back in business!  Time to polish up on my Monolith bashing skillz.  

As a side-note.  Is it too late to start a thread about the UO Second-coming debacle?  That's a model Mr. Romero should have looked into:  Sell the box on the shelves with the promise that the actual game will be available at a later date.  

On-topic, though, back in the Dallas Examiner days, what was the figure that Daikatana needed to sell to break-even?  I can't even remember vaguely enough to hazard a guess.  Who knows, maybe it'll be available in time for Christmas bundled with Storm Over Gift 3 for $14.99 at EB...

#40 by "Bob.McBob"
2000-04-23 05:17:39
Well... I've tried it now and ... what can I say? The demo is not so inspiring. In fact it blows. You're attacked by frogs and flying bugs (and when they kill you, you just explode. If you die from poisoning, you just explode too damnit). So far I was impressed but I think the emphasis should have been more on actual interesting enemies rather than amphibians and mosquitoes (made of steel, lookout!)

The multiplayer, even though I was running the game on a cable modem, was the laggiest, choppiest thing I've experienced since Duke Nukem on (and that, my friend, is far from a compliment)
For some weird reason, the multiplayer is far more laggy than the ole demo. Devolution?

anyway these were my 2cents. I still think the full game could be good -- as long as you don't fight critters too much eh

#41 by "Apache"
2000-04-23 07:08:17
I really like that staff that looks like a red veined penis! ;)

Hard to pass judgement on a game just from a demo...

ps- nice to have you back online, like there aren't already enough place I can post to piss people off!

#42 by "Creole Ned"
2000-04-23 07:35:31
I've only played through most of the first level. It's very dark and very green.

Very dark. Very green.

Starting out being attacked by mechanical mosquitoes and frogs isn't exactly the best way to hook a player, but I will keep going. I liked the Nali healing fruit. :)

All in all, it's just hard to say...when I play out the demo, maybe I'll have a better idea. At the very least, though, it doesn't look like the game will stink up the place -- and I never expected it to.

Welcome back, Crap! I knew keeping the bookmark for the site would pay off someday. :)

Creole Ned
#43 by ""
2000-04-23 08:45:05
#44 by "Jafd"
2000-04-23 10:33:49
Well when I first tried to get it to run it choked harcore... and, no .ico file for the executable? What's that all about fer Christ's sake???

But after a little fiddling, I got it to work... and frankly I'm more than a little impressed by it. Not bad for a demo at all, really.

I've heard many folks complaining about the biomech frogs and skeeters... saying they are ugly, annoying, easy, etc. Don't understand this AT ALL; I thought they were very cute, intimidating, and hard to deal with.

I was playing on the hardest skill level from the get-go, however. Maybe on easy mode they are just irritating? I'm no slouch at shooters, I swear, but my first five minutes consisted of me running for my life and dying a lot before I caught on to the pacing.

Someone above said that they thought it was wank that even when dying from poisoning, you explode... well two thoughts here. 1) the blowing up animation looks neato; 2) you're some kind of cyborg feller, so it makes sense that when you die your toys explode... maybe so you can't be salvaged by the enemy?

Don't care, really. Hopefully in the full version there are other ways of buying the farm... but really, niggling at the death animation not being 'realistic' enough seems outrageous to me. I mean, come on.

Also I thought that the SaveGem dealie was a pretty good idea. Previously I have thought such a gimmick was an extraordinairly tacky hassle, but I think that it was implemented well enough that it could work. After all the game auto-saves like every five minutes anyway? I do think their should be an option to let folks save whenever they want though. No point in antagonizing people.

I don't know of any game with the same kind of hype history as this one. I think that in the long run, it will help the game out. For one thing, the game doesn't _totally_ suck... I found myself having a good time for the first 30 minutes I played, and if I continue to have fun playing out the demo, I just might buy this thing.

PlanetCrap and Daikatana in the same weekend? I expect to see Jesus on monday.
#45 by "Tony"
2000-04-23 10:50:12
Am I right in saying that the only available demo for Daikatana right now is quite old? I see so many people making judgements based on playing a very dated demo. Of course, you'll get a general idea of it's taste, but stuff changes. Not that I'm defending them here - I could care less either way. :)
#46 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-04-23 11:48:22
No Tony ... there was a _new_ demo released the other night.

oh and guys, persevere through the swamp, its the worst part of the demo.  When you get to the Greek levels things improve immensely and the Viking levels are quite neat too.

The swamp got on my nerves, especially those fricking insects .. but .. it does get much better and less annoying...

#47 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 11:50:31
Tony: Huh?

MCorleone: UO Second Coming? Can you elaborate?

Everybody: Glad to have you all back! :)

- Morn
#48 by "Chango"
2000-04-23 12:52:13
Well there's no way on God's green earth that I'm downloadingthat on my 56.

Luckily, though, the timing of the demo release puts it good for a coverdisk exclusive across most PC mags next month.

-I also think somebody a little earlier said that you can't really pass judgement on a demo.  But that's the soul purpose of a demo anyway, from a marketing point of view.  You play it, pass your judgement, then decide whether you're going to buy it based on that judgement.

#49 by "Morn"
2000-04-23 13:06:02
Chango said: 'I also think somebody a little earlier said that you can't really pass judgement on a demo. But that's the soul purpose of a demo anyway, from a marketing point of view. You play it, pass your judgement, then decide whether you're going to buy it based on that judgement.'

That's an interesting topic which would make a healthy PlanetCrap discussion by itself, I believe. What exactly <i>is</i> the purpose of today's demos? Yes, of course it's supposed to give potential customers a taste of the game, but having been following the gaming scene for all that time, reading .plan updates, watching the mud fights on sites like this one *ahem* and reading all the BS on usenet, I am starting to believe that developers feel the need to release a demo not simply to give people a taste of the game, but also to tell all the whiners out there: "Here we are, this is our game, see? It's not vaporware, now take it apart and stop whining already!"

Just look at how many demos today consist of alpha or beta code. How representative of the final game is that <i>really</i>?

- Morn
#50 by "Dahakon"
2000-04-23 13:18:30
Hm, I also think the demo looks and plays great. Plus, it's got single player. Can't remember when I last played a single player fps.. oh, right, WoT. Well, this game kicks the hell out of WoT, even if I am a big fan of Robert Jordan..

I must say that I'm impressed. If only they had got this out a year ago, it would have kicked some serious arse. Nevertheless, it still has a good market, because good single-player FPS:s are scarce to say the least.
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