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Nude model denies nude photos
December 5th 2000, 02:40 CET by Andy

From the strange-and-blatantly-untrue department, supermodel Eva Herzigova has hit out at web sites which claim to offer naked photographs of her.

In an interview with the New York Observer, the Czech model complains that much of the information about her on the Net is inaccurate:

"Oh, thereís just, you know, thereís just everything. Everything. Where Iím from, how old I am, my parents, how many brothers and sisters... Just everything is wrong. My colours -- that I have green eyes, which I donít, I have blue eyes."

Then, in her best impersonation of English, she whines about sites claiming to have pictures of her naked:

"Then they put these naked pictures on... They put these black things over and itís like, if you, um, if you pay with your credit card, itís going to, you know, go off. And actually, they just put my face over somebodyís elseís body."

So has she ever done any naked pictures at all?

"I have never done naked pictures," she says.

But that's BS, of course.

Like a lot of supermodels, Herzigova has done dozens of naked photos. Not the sort of hardcore stuff that porn sites will claim to have, but plenty of topless and 'art' pics.

Why she's trying to deny it is anyone's guess, but seeing as she's so bothered about factual accuracy on the Net, she should appreciate this piece of misinformation being corrected.

Some highlights from Eva Herzigova's career of getting her kit off...

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
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#1 by "AmbushBug"
2000-12-05 02:46:20
I started to read the story and then suddenly became very distracted..
#2 by "Foogla"
2000-12-05 02:51:44
Same here. I was going to post a "Shocking! Horror! The Humanity!", but andy killed that nicely. ;)
#3 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-05 02:58:46
#4 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-05 03:10:18
This is probably the most retarded planetcrap topic yet.
#5 by "Jadawin"
2000-12-05 03:14:35
However, it is by far the best story Andy has ever posted. He should do this more often.
#6 by "illbuddha"
2000-12-05 03:39:09
#7 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-05 03:43:50
I've seen better breasts on girls that I've dated, and I'm a loser!!!!!! So maybe she should keep her shirt on.
#8 by "None1a"
2000-12-05 03:48:20
The images do look quite nice (not in a OoooOOoo breast way), well all but that housewift one what happened there?
#9 by "bago"
2000-12-05 05:26:58
w - w - w - . - p - l - a - n - e - t - p - o - r - n - ^H - ^H - ^H - ^H - c - r - a - p - . - c - o - m - ENTR
#10 by "JMCDaveL"
2000-12-05 06:24:56
That's what I call improving one's approval ratings.

~spank me~
#11 by "Apache"
2000-12-05 06:28:05
#12 by "Barneyque"
2000-12-05 07:44:09
So are these sample photo's the real deal, or are they supporting evidence that her face HAS in fact been put on someone else's body?
#13 by "CreoleNed"
2000-12-05 08:09:25
Morn, if PC is going to allow for the posting of nude pictures (I have no objection to the shots displayed here), you might want to make it clear someone at the top of the main page, otherwise those who visit PC whilst at work could end up in a spot of trouble.

As to the story, such as it is, it just appears to be part of Andy's machine gun-like, um, spurt of stories, so it will pass by as quickly as all the others. :)
#14 by "piramida"
2000-12-05 11:00:33
Nude pictures can be very different, I doubt anyone would have problems at work with that pictures, since they are obviously a work of art. Using naked body in art shots is perfectly acceptable even in respected magazines.

Of course, I don't see what it has to do with games or crap, but I don't mind, I enjoy B&W nude art :)

As for the topic, I guess she might be objective about "Eva sucking off 2 guys" kind of shots on porn sites, and just states it incorrectly.
#15 by "Preacher"
2000-12-05 11:51:22
As for the topic, I guess she might be objective about "Eva sucking off 2 guys" kind of shots on porn sites, and just states it incorrectly.

Got a link?
#16 by "AshRain"
2000-12-05 12:07:46
Sick d00d! :)
#17 by "Preacher"
2000-12-05 13:27:14

What's wrong in wanting to check out the... quality of the pics?
#18 by "piramida"
2000-12-05 14:41:00
Preacher, no, I'm just guessing there :)
#19 by "Preacher"
2000-12-05 16:12:42
Anyone ever call you a tease?
#20 by "piramida"
2000-12-05 23:14:51
#19 "Preacher":
Anyone ever call you a tease?

No, and don't tell me you never saw a similar shots. You can't really tell much except that you see something that looks like penis and something that looks like... okey, I won't get into details, but that stuff is readily available and is not very diverse, no matter who's posing. Nothing new. Nude art is much more aestetically pleasing.
#21 by "ubik"
2000-12-06 00:00:19
hahahaha! ...the best laugh i've ever had from planetcrap.

nice one. :)
#22 by "gnoleb"
2000-12-06 00:49:08
Andy must be lonely :P
#23 by "Preacher"
2000-12-06 01:02:33
Piramida.. rofl.. are you serious?
#24 by "piramida"
2000-12-06 01:10:24
#23 "Preacher":
Piramida.. rofl.. are you serious?

Actually, I never am :) I'm serious in one thing - I like nude art. Female body is just too beautifull to not look at ;)
#25 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-06 01:50:43
You forgot to mention the male body.

The nude male body.

Preferably Danish.
#26 by "Apache"
2000-12-06 03:38:51
/me suddenly has a craving to eat pasta
#27 by "japakazol"
2000-12-06 05:00:11
Wow when I thought PC couldnt get any better....!!  ActuallY i think this woman is nuts.  Those are obvisouly nude pictures of her whether they are artsy or not.  All we gotta do now is find some moving pictures of her (pr0n) =D
                     whee... just beat Red Alert 2
#28 by "code404"
2000-12-06 17:14:36
Damnit how am I supposed to maintain a total lack of respect for andy if he starts posting porn!
#29 by "Preacher"
2000-12-06 18:30:24
porn = respect..

Anyways.. It's hardly porn what we get to see in those pics.
Stop being so sensitive :)
#30 by "RyslinANDIndigo"
2000-12-06 20:38:56
geeze ya show your nekked breasts show your nekked butt...YOUR NEKKED..k...alright next issue
#31 by "Preacher"
2000-12-06 23:16:02
So you are saying that a porn movie is where you see a nekkid chick just walk around?
#32 by "code404"
2000-12-07 01:42:37
If you can jerk off to it it is porn.

...actually I am just shocked andy even has pics of a naked girl. I would have assumed andy was in the "girls are a conspiracy by game developers and the french (redundant since the french own virtually the entire pc games industry but this is andy so he wouldn't know that) to steal our essence and secretly fund monolith's evil plans to corrupt good hearted people through subliminal messages embedded in lithtech code" brigade/pyscho ward.
#33 by "WarrenMarshall"
2000-12-07 05:10:15
code404 (#32):
If you can jerk off to it it is porn.

So if someone finds a nude statue at the art gallery arousing, it's suddenly porn?


Warren Marshall
Level Designer/Programmer/Corporate Shill
Epic Games (
#34 by "None1a"
2000-12-07 05:15:16
If you can jerk off to it it is porn.

You can jerk off to a picture where people are not naked, does that mean the Koels ads are porn?
#35 by "code404"
2000-12-07 11:01:52
Yes to both #33 and #34

This is part of the wonder and glory of porn it can be anywhere at anytime.
#36 by "gimper"
2000-12-07 12:42:45
Does anyone else find the shot where you can see her ribs disturbing?
#37 by "piramida"
2000-12-07 16:59:42
2 code404: one woman comes to a psychologist for a consultation. He shows her a drawing of a triangle and asks "what do you see on that picture?" - "Porn" she says. Then he proceeds to show her a drawn square; she identifies it as a group orgy. He shows her a straight black line and she tells him that it's nothing but porn... He goes through his collection of images with the same result. An hour later:

Doctor: "Damn, ma'am, I think you are pretty much fucked up"
Woman: "Actually doctor, you are the fucked up one - showing me your disgusting pornography for the last hour".

... everything is relative... but there's common sense too :)
#38 by "code404"
2000-12-07 21:33:57
... everything is relative... but there's common sense too :)

aah yes the rarest commodity around ...except possibly genuine hermaphrodite porn that is just damn hard to find.
#39 by "Drew"
2001-04-11 22:20:57
Ass c mn,
Everone come and Fuck
#40 by "Anonymous"
2001-04-20 22:12:57
#41 by "Anonymous"
2001-05-07 05:26:29
#42 by "Anonymous"
2002-02-19 01:03:44
Still thinking...
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