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Game piracy funding terrorism?
December 4th 2000, 11:07 CET by Andy

The Real IRA, the terrorist group behind the Omagh bombing which killed 29 people, is reportedly producing counterfeit games to raise funds.

The UK's Sunday Times claims that pirate copies of PlayStation 2 games are being sold at around 30, making the terror group around 20,000 per week.

Legitimate copies of the games, which cost 45, are hard to find, increasing demand for bootleg versions.

This is a disturbing side-effect of Sony's failure to supply adequate numbers of its games and consoles. If someone wants a 45 game that they can't find anywhere, and there's a 30 copy on a market stall, will they be thinking about where the money goes?

Sunday Times article.
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#1 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-04 11:10:08
#2 by "Iazu"
2000-12-04 11:10:23
I thought that it wasn't really Sony's fault taht they couldn't produce the units, but a parts shortage somewhere in the chain...
#3 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-04 11:18:50
Let me summate this: "Sony kills people". Andy, you are a super-genius. You should live in the sewer with legions of followers and make periodic attacks on major cities with mind beams. Did you hear me correctly? MIND BEAMS. I think they would crush the streets or something. The very streets we walk on.
#4 by "RyslinANDIndigo"
2000-12-04 11:31:17
he said GAMES folks not accual playstations...
that means the poor terroists are subject to the lack of shiped ps2s also!
#5 by "the_reformed_pianist"
2000-12-04 12:11:16
#6 by "godZero"
2000-12-04 12:51:02
Nah, I believe they have enough sponsors already, they don't really need to sell pirated games. That's ridiculous. You need about $20-50 to make a bomb which can blow away a small building (not that I built one, but I know some people who experimented with it just for learning purposes, chemistry students, of course).

So they should have built approx. one bomb per sold copy, which would make 700 bombs per week (assuming they have the people who can do it -which they certanly do- and don't have to pay for specialists).

Crazy speculation.
#7 by "Rambar"
2000-12-04 13:46:13
That picture is quite tasteless.  Anyone selling a tshirt of it yet?
#8 by "GhostinmyShell"
2000-12-04 18:18:40
Well the stores here in the US are overstocked with ps2 games/stuff...we need systems.

Also somehow coming up with any notion that sony is somehow at fault for this is silly.
#9 by "undule"
2000-12-04 18:41:38
Wow, that's kinda faskinatin'. The global economy is good stuff. Better than they be peddlin' drugs I suppose, right?
#10 by "Barneyque"
2000-12-04 18:46:36
This wouldn't surprise me in the least.  All the big 'crime' organizations are fed by smaller ones doing anything imaginable that turns a buck.

The claim of it being a side effect of sony's inability to supply equipemnt in sufficient numbers, is a bit of a leap. While I'm sure it helps them move their warez (no pun intended), you will also see crime organizations trafficing in goods that are not in short supply. It's not uncommon to find that they run rings moving common items such as cigarrettes, and booze, which as far as I know are not in anyway in short suppply, they just cost more than a certain percentage of the population would like to pay.

In short, they will deal in anything that the public desires, usually selling such items at a substantial discount which drives volume. Very simple really.

Next.  :)
#11 by "DaveLong"
2000-12-04 19:05:15
This is kind of ridiculous. The games are easy to find. It's the systems no one can get. The only reason they're making games is because it's a simple thing to counterfeit and history has shown time and time again that people only care how much they pay, not if the thing in there is a "legitimate copy".  Obviously, most of the nimrods buying the counterfeit games just want to save money and get more games than they could otherwise. It's this same desire that drives the entire warez industry on the PC.

...and before you ask, yes, warez are an entire industry.
#12 by "deadlock"
2000-12-04 22:16:33
This is hardly something of a shock. I mean, the Provos and the Loyalists and the various splinter groups have been doing this kind of shit for years, pirating videos and tapes/CDs. It's probably not just PS2 games either, I wouldn't be surprised if it was PC games as well. The protection rackets are well documented as are the drug dealing, smuggling and black marketeering.

The 'problem' isn't that they are using the money just to produce bombs, they are using it to purchase guns and materials etc. and to fund their other, more serious rackets.

#13 by "Gunp01nt"
2000-12-05 00:02:03
Ummm,.... TERRORISTS WIN ...?

New CS theme: ship the PS2's! :-)
#14 by "bago"
2000-12-05 05:16:10
Imagine that.. Criminals.. Condincting Crime.... With Comoddities !
#15 by "cash"
2000-12-05 13:45:12
I am in this business of selling pirated CDs.(i work for these buggers)

I believe this. WHY?!?

In South East Asia for example,
smuggling drugs can get you the DEATH sentence or life imprisonment.
Heck...getting caught in a niteclub high on Ecstacy pills can land you in jail for quite a long time..

So...Why risk you life over a few hundred bucks?
better go smuggling CDs.
That the modus operandi of triads,smugglers and gangs now(in SEA).
Many of these ppl changed from drugs to pirated games because of the low risk and high profit/returns.

Compared to drugs; pirated computer games,vcds, and video games CDs have a wider market.
Heck.In economics this is called HIGH DEMAND, HIGH SUPPLY factor.

Send me u$2 and I'll get you UT and HL:CS and GunMan
#16 by "Darkseid"
2000-12-05 21:05:05

thank you morons, for such insightfully stupid comments.

The various terror organisations over here in N.Ireland (yes I live here), have been dealing in counterfeit goods for years, its just one of their scams. You can get  'compilation' cds of 5+ pc games on one disc, 20 playstation games on one disk for 20, copies of windows, copies of sage.

basically, if it can be pirated and duplicated, it will be. It then gets sold in places like Corn Market, SmithFields Market or the Knutts Corner Sunday Market.

Hate to break this to you as well, its not just the terrorists do it, I know of several 'part time' pirates who get software via their job, burn a copy, colour photocopy the cd case and churn out a few dozen copies, then pop down to the markets on sunday and flog it.

know what, it sells. It sells well. It sells well enough to fund one of these gentlemens BM3 M5.....

Thats just the 'software' side of things, then you have your music tapes, cds, videos and increasingly so Video Cds and the odd DVD.   Yep the 'Real' IRA probably do make money profiteering like this, sadly its not uncommon wherever you live in the western world. Its not right, its not fair, it happens, all you can do is notify the authorities, who too often dont have the time or manpower to do more than the odd random bust, which only drives them underground for a week or two then they come back....

Sensationalist..... but with a grain of truth.

Is it any wonder I want out of this fuckin country.

#17 by "deadlock"
2000-12-06 00:34:53
Was in Belfast on Friday Ds, pain in the arse over the weekend:

Friends/family etc.: where were you on Friday ?
Me: Belfast
Friends/family etc.: eugh, it's like a different country up there...
Me: that's cos it fucking is you morons...

#18 by "Speed"
2000-12-06 01:59:23
It's not only in the Western World that you can buy illegally copied software.
Anyone ever been to Asia ?
If you go to a software or computer shop you can hardly buy any original soft. Everything is copied there... You can't even compare that to the small-time warezing that's happening in the West.

#19 by "Andy"
2000-12-06 04:30:35
Darkseid's post made me look at this in a way I'd not considered before...

1. Terror groups use piracy (and drug/cigarette/alcohol smuggling) to fund their operation.

2. The target 'customers' for this pirated material know that it is being supplied by terrorists, and know what the revenue will be used for.

3. Those customers live where the terrorists are killing people, either by assassination or indiscriminate bombings.

4. Knowing this, they still buy the pirated material.

Isn't this, in effect, a society funding its own destruction?
#20 by "cash"
2000-12-06 06:13:17
Read my earlier posts!
Go Go Go!
I'm from asia....
#21 by "None1a"
2000-12-06 06:34:19
Isn't this, in effect, a society funding its own destruction?

In a way yes. Most people are just way to short sited to see that by buying from these groups they are funding killings, all they see is a cheap game, cigarettes, alcohal ect. It's the same with every thing (I know all that fast food will kill me, but I just don't care).
#22 by "Darkseid"
2000-12-06 19:56:35
Absolutely correct Andy.

the same way people still buy drugs off dealers even when they know its lead to the death of others.

humans are hypocrites on so many levels.

#23 by "Seth"
2000-12-07 06:09:16
Lest you forget the real criminals.

Legally taxed/sold alchohol and cigarettes resulted in 600,000 deaths last year (in the USA alone, I believe).

1,000 died from Heroine.

Andy, do you have any numbers on the IRA? That incident you cited that killed 29 seems to be a more extreme case, and I was just wondering where the totals are at.
#24 by "Andy"
2000-12-07 07:08:21
Seth -- try this article or this page of links.

One quote from the article stands out for me:

I saw one little girl who had lost her hand. She was maybe about 11 or 12. She was in a bad state, panicking. She was by herself, walking along the road. No one helped her. I think everyone was scared of her.
#25 by "deadlock"
2000-12-07 16:43:39
Not to downplay the crimes committed by the IRA in its' many guises, I think it is worth pointing out that both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland are responsible for their fair share of atrocities. It is also a fact that in recent months most of the murders and punishment beatings have been committed by Loyalists, many of them on rival Loyalist gangs.

Again, I'm not downplaying the atrocities and the injustices of the IRA; it's probably fair to say that even the Provisional IRA has distanced itself from the acts of the Real and Continuous IRA splinter-groups, in particular the massacre that occurred in Omagh. Incidentally, the official deathtoll is 29, as Andy states, but one of the women killed was actually pregnant with twins. Unborn children, unfortunately, don't show up in these types of statistics.

#26 by "Darkseid"
2000-12-09 14:41:47

gee, look they do 'legal' fundraising as well

#27 by "MasterG"
2001-04-04 18:11:35
Iread the paper today to see a young boy of 14 who has lost his sight and one of his arms. The Real IRA inflicted upon him.Why? Why O Why? They should maybe start blowing up guilty people and not innocent youngsters. The fact of the matter is- They are making all this money so why dont they buy another country and move on!!!
Home » Topic: Game piracy funding terrorism?

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