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More piracy woes for GameSpy
December 2nd 2000, 05:55 CET by Andy

Another site hosted by GameSpy is being used for piracy.

Clay Templeton, alias "BiG_GunS", the 16 year-old leader of mod group tmProductions, uses his PlanetUnreal-hosted site to advertise pirate copies of games, as well as movies in the DivX format.

He currently lists over 20 gigabytes of games and over 11 gigabytes of movies. A list of applications is promised for the next update.

The list, which is not password-protected and has been linked to from at least one popular gaming message board, has been available for over a month.

Templeton says on the site: "Everything listed here is located locally; either on a cd or on my hard drive. If you want access to any of this, simply e-mail me ... and we can set up a scheduled transfer."

There are also instructions for how to obtain files on CD, and Templeton gives out what appears to be his home address in Arkansas, USA.

Some of the games listed are Half-Life and Opposing Force, the whole of the Quake series including some mission packs, Sin, Soldier of Fortune, Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Elite Force and Deus Ex.

The movies listed appear to be mostly older titles that are already available on video. The more recent ones include American Beauty, Fight Club and Road Trip.

It does not appear that Templeton stores any pirated material on GameSpy's servers.

GameSpy's press contact was not immediately available for comment. One ex-senior employee said managers almost certainly aren't aware of the hosted site being used for piracy.

Update: Three hours later, the games/movies list, which was at this address, is no longer available. (It hasn't been removed, but it has been blocked.) We haven't heard back from GameSpy yet, and the e-mail we sent earlier didn't include the address, so it's not clear who blocked access to the list, or why.
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#33 by "Chromag"
2000-12-04 09:05:44
The file existed.  Andy sent the link to our admin list the night before he posted the story and three of us verified it.  The PU site manager acknowledged it's existence.  Put that "if it existed" stuff to rest. :)
#34 by "szcx"
2000-12-04 09:37:52
i didn't mean to imply that i doubted the file ever existed, i'm questioning andy's update.  he says that the file is still there, just hidden.  is there some proof of that, or is it a suspicion?  if he only suspects that it's still there, he should say so and not try to pass it off as fact.
#35 by "rizzuh"
2000-12-05 03:54:18
This is a test, please ignore it.
#36 by "bago"
2000-12-05 05:13:56
szcx: It's called an http403 error. Look it up in an RFC sometime.
#37 by "None1a"
2000-12-05 06:10:13
if the file existed and was simply unavailable because of security settings (like no anonymous site access), it would also show up as a 403 (unavailable), not as a 404 (non-existant).

Let me explane this again, I visited shortly after the updated and followed the link, which at the time gave a 403. Now it give a 404 not found message. Thus when I went the file was hidden by a security setting, and latter removed (thus giving me the 403 error while it was hidden, and the 404 messge once it had been removed).

If andy had tried that file and got a 403 as well (which would be the case since it'd be damn hard for him not to get one when I did shortly after the update), the file was hidden when he made the update. You do know GSI could have very easaly delete the file or moved it since andy made that update right?
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