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Welcome to PlanetCrap MK 4!
November 27th 2000, 22:23 CET by Morn

Yes, it's the all new PlanetCrap. Compared to the good old PC3, there are three major changes you should know about:

Registration - it had to happen, didn't it. Yes, you now have to register before you can post comments. Don't worry, registration is free (doh) and pretty much straight forward. It also allows you to create...:

SubCraps! As a registered user, you can now create your very own PlanetCrap-style online discussion site. No software to download, no fees to pay, complete web-based content control... it's all there. Simply go to this page, enter the subdomain you want, the title of your site and that's it. It's free, easy, fun, bla bla bla... so go ahead and try it now.

If you don't like PlanetCrap's design, you can even modify your subcrap's looks by editing its CSS file (does this make subcraps "skinnable"? :b). I've moved all formatting instructions to CSS this time, so you'll be able to change all colours, fonts, table borders and so on and so on and so on.

You can also set up a list of moderators who can help you out with running your subcraps. If a user has moderator privileges on your subcrap, he can post, edit and delete stories on it, just like you. Oh yeah, this kinda brings me to the third big new feature:

User submitted stories! Yes, registered users can now directly submit stories to their favourite subcraps (including the mother site, PlanetCrap). User submitted stories don't appear on the subcrap's front page until one of the moderators (or the subcrap's owner) activates them, but people will immediately be able to view them. So all you need to do is a) submit your story and b) bug one of the subcrap's moderators about publishing it.

Oh yeah, lots of new stuff, eh? Anyway, one last comment: Crapola is far from done. All the core stuff is already working perfectly, but there are still a lot of rough spots that need to be ironed out. If you start your own subcrap, you might want to visit the Crapola website from time to time to stay updated about the latest changes to the system. You are also invited to post your ideas and comments there.

Oh, and by the way: the old PlanetCrap is still at (but it's not going to be updated any longer).

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#1 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 22:26:14
FIRST! :-)
#2 by "ynohtna"
2000-11-27 22:29:08
What a lot of crap!
#3 by "BloodKnight"
2000-11-27 22:29:56
3rd post :)
#4 by "BloodKnight"
2000-11-27 22:30:35
Damn this is set up weird, but more organized I dare say

Ahh fuck it, going to write a Q3F review
#5 by "GhostinmyShell"
2000-11-27 22:31:46
Hello I am fourth post bot...

I have made you all my bizatches 1 time(s) now...

Whoops this isnt the shack...hehe....
#6 by "ynohtna"
2000-11-27 22:34:39
Sweepstake on how many posts PC v4 will survive before PC v5, anyone?

(Derek Smart's comments count as 10).
#7 by "BloodKnight"
2000-11-27 22:35:24
At least we won't have much of those masterbating trolls who post under 'noname'
#8 by "Apache"
2000-11-27 22:39:50
thank god for registered users :)
#9 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 22:43:20
One little side note: yes, I realize the default CSS (which is also the one we use here on the main site) makes Netscape 4.x vomit. Please, please, please, if you're a Netscaper, upgrade to Netscape 6.0 which has been out for a while already (or just Mozilla); the site looks great in those. It's all CSS2's fault!

- Morn
#10 by "paul"
2000-11-27 22:43:58
This is crazy. I do like it, so far. Color wise it's more pleasing to the eye.

- Paul
#11 by "paul"
2000-11-27 22:49:26

When I try to submit a story for "pending" it tells me I have no access.

The exact words are "You must have moderator privileges for this subcrap to access this page!"

- Paul
#12 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 22:54:45
Sorry, my bad! Fixed (I hope). Thanks for pointing that out!

- Morn
#13 by "Apache"
2000-11-27 22:55:06
you can only publish stories in your own subcrap, not the main site.
#14 by "12xu"
2000-11-27 22:57:38
are all the old threads dead now?

#15 by "VictimsWrongs"
2000-11-27 22:59:35
Three thumbs up. Y'know, Mr0n, PlanetCrap has been a *really* great site for a *really* long time. Nice work.

Um, I missed the result... did you decide to end up using banners?
#16 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 22:59:43
As mentioned in the story above, the old PC is at now. :)

- Morn
#17 by "Hulka"
2000-11-27 23:04:38
Very Nice Morn.
#18 by "Ave"
2000-11-27 23:05:45
Is it just me, or does sitting on front of the computer for hours on end make you really cranky? I'm gonna get up, go out and wrestle with my fate.

#19 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 23:10:48
Hulka, thanks!

One little question to everybody: I realize not everybody likes Courier that much. Would you rather like a different font for comments on PlanetCrap?

- Morn
#20 by "ynohtna"
2000-11-27 23:13:00
Is it just me, or does sitting on front of the computer for hours on end make you really cranky?

There is a certain art to surviving life in the swivel chair.

To avoid crankiness, I recommend taking a break every hour so that one may masturbate.

Occasionally, you may find that incessant masturbation leads to despair and agitation, rather than relief and relaxation. In these situations, a toke or two on a glass pipe stuffed full of crack tends to restore mental equilibrium.
#21 by "warmonger"
2000-11-27 23:31:01
Well, there's not much to say here really, except this: :D!!!!

Design looks nice, very clean, but maybe a new font would be nice. I'll go look for one that looks good.
#22 by "asspennies"
2000-11-27 23:35:45
I but I can't wait for crapspy to get the new script for this.

BTW, morn, PLEASE change the text inside the comments to Arial - it's a much more readable font than the default Times New Roman.
#23 by "grun7"
2000-11-27 23:38:14
First of, I'm not Flamethrower...I just wanted to bitch a bit (although I do think that the new system is superior to the old one...)

the problem as I see it is that some people, like me, will probably register the regular posters' should probably do something about that, morn.
Another thing I don't like is that you can't use spaces in your names. And I want the posters' IP adresses back. And the color scheme isn't bad, but it takes some time to get used to.

Thanks for your hard work, morn.

#24 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 23:46:00
grun7, well, there's not a lot I can do about people taking other people's names. Of course I can just rename them, but then they usually start bitching at me, ruining my day and making me wonder why I've put so much (well, 15 hours or so) time into something that people will just abuse.

When the real Flamey shows up, do you mind if I rename you to "grun7"?

- Morn
#25 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 23:49:42
Okay, I've changed the default CSS around a bit to use variable-width fonts in the form fields and comment bodies. If you're running your own subcrap and have already changed the CSS, the changes won't apply until you apply the default theme again (which you may not really want to do, anyway).

- Morn
#26 by "Morn"
2000-11-27 23:57:06
Almost forgot about this stuff, sorry:

Another thing I don't like is that you can't use spaces in your names.

Oh, there are some (good) reasons for this. But don't worry, once the User Settings page has been completed, you'll be able to enter a display name that can include any characters you want (but no HTML...!).

And I want the posters' IP adresses back.

The reason why we had the IP addresses on PC3 was to add at least a basic level of "automated authentification", allowing us to see if the game cancellation announcement really originated at 3D Realms and so on and so on. On Crapola, since users need to use their real email addresses to register, and the email addresses are displayed alongside the comments, displaying the IP address would be somewhat redundant (but I'll add it anyway if enough people bug me!)

And the color scheme isn't bad, but it takes some time to get used to.

I realize it's the complete opposite of what we had before. If too many people lose their eyesight, I may change it again. Just a matter of editing the CSS data (by the way, when you have your own subcrap, you can customize its entire looks by editing the CSS in the Control Panel!)

- Morn
#27 by "GeorgeBroussard"
2000-11-28 01:05:49

I think this is cool and a fairly brilliant idea.

Just need to watch the Subcraps so they don't get out of hand.  I can see people making them as tests and cluttering things up.  Maybe should have a test area, and a "live" area.  And you have to pass some criteria to get live (certain number of posts/interest) etc.
#28 by "bago"
2000-11-28 01:13:41
Uhm.. Just as a design note.. HAving the headings for every post on top of the post makes it hard to read. I liked having the headings on the side, so you could briskly run through the comments. If you could garuntee that the first comment would start below the end of the menu, you could use all that wasted space on the left


to post the header for the message.
#29 by "treblekicker"
2000-11-28 02:09:05
morn, as a long time reader and some-time poster, i'd like to thank you for all of the work you've put into the site...

and andy, it's good to have you back... please keep posting yr stories/articles

hello everyone else too...

#30 by "Crusader"
2000-11-28 02:22:30
Good job Morn... looking forward to the new features and what not.
#31 by "Balwen"
2000-11-28 02:30:46
I like it. Will both sites exist or will your crap be spread all over the net.
I dont want to be tripping over your crap.
Who'e crap is this all over the place?
Morn, pick up this crap and put it away.

I invoke the name of the Infrenal Arch Overseer of Confusion......... Derek Smart

Bout time that guy showed up, Eh Bubba?
#32 by "Vexor"
2000-11-28 02:36:04
I don't like the new layout.  The content window should be embossed, not engraved.  And what the fuck is up with the dotted lines?  PLEASE get rid of the dotted lines, they suck anal warts!

"I used to trust the media to tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?"
Queensryche - "Revolution Calling"

"Do you believe in forever?
I don't even believe in tommorrow"
Type O Negative - "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of

My horrendous website:

Support the teenybopper holocaust!
#33 by "Dethstryk"
2000-11-28 02:49:53

#34 by "OrochiFlorist"
2000-11-28 03:00:30
As long as crapola doesn't support dynamic background and color scheme changes, I'm all for the redesign, or whatever you would call it. Preview button! Joy!
#35 by "OrochiFlorist"
2000-11-28 03:01:29
And of course, someone has to screw up a post while ranting how cool the preview button is.
#36 by "EvilivE"
2000-11-28 03:12:01
Yeah Morn, this is good stuff.  Thank you.
#37 by "treblekicker"
2000-11-28 03:12:36
Morn, just a question...
i seem to be having trouble creating topics on my subcrap...
i'm constantly timing out when i hit submit... tho i can post msgs fine.
i'm using ie5, not netscape...
any ideas, or is the site having problems?

#38 by "BloodKnight"
2000-11-28 03:28:39
Hey Morn, 2 questions

- Please delete my planetmod sub-crap, just experimenting with this (kick ass idea)
- Need topic!
#39 by "Iazu"
2000-11-28 03:51:39
Coolness :) Guess that's why crapspy doesn't seem to be working eh? Can't wait to see some of the stuff you people come up with.
#40 by "datafox"
2000-11-28 04:31:48
I now have to get used to reading things in a different format.

That or learn CSS. I doubt I will do the latter.

I hope more good ideas come out this way.
#41 by "CashMoney"
2000-11-28 04:45:15
Wow, I actually registered.

Usually I just read the action much as one on the freeway might look at an accident.

Neway, post a topic; lets get a real discussion going or the mob will get angry.
#42 by "CharlieWiederhold"
2000-11-28 04:47:35
I seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty connecting to any of the <Insertwordhere> locations (or to be more honest, I can't connect to them at all). Could this be due to our network firewall?

I like the idea in theory... and appreciate all the hard work. I'm of the stubborn mindset of not fixing what ain't broke though... but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm not like George, I finally got used to horseless carriages too.

Charlie Wiederhold
#43 by "CharlieWiederhold"
2000-11-28 04:48:48
I do agree with moving the headers to the left side of the screen btw, It makes it easier to read when they are there as opposed to on top of each and every post.

Charlie Wiederhold
#44 by "MaartenGoldstein"
2000-11-28 05:03:11
1) headers to the left please

2) cookies remembering how many comments you've already read? I dont want to load the entire page every time
#45 by "Intaglio"
2000-11-28 05:19:40
Morn I said it before but since this is the official opening I guess I'll say it again, Crapola is awesome and you did a terrific (sp?) job.
#46 by "CashMoney"
2000-11-28 05:49:04
Whatever you do, don't visit my SubCrap.  

You have been warned.
#47 by "player11"
2000-11-28 06:12:15
Hey morn, could you post my pending story?
#48 by "player11"
2000-11-28 06:13:58
oh and CrapSpy is busted, I miss its "flash like crazy" antics
#49 by "Glock"
2000-11-28 06:36:43
I just had to do this.  Check out my first story.
#50 by "IlIIllllI1"
2000-11-28 08:15:38
ok everyone come see my website!!
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