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Whence do we come, where do we go, and why are we in this handbasket
October 9th 2000, 19:34 CEST by Darkseid-D

Yes folks, its user participation time once more! This time, its time to get inside peoples heads, to find out how they tick.

The voices in my head have successfully silenced the voices in Unkle J33ts head. By curious side effect, Mars has aligned with the rings of Saturn, causing Andy to go on a posting rampage, and that, frankly, Mondays suck. In keeping with my rather irrelevent and inane manner, I thought Id throw caution (and spell checking) to the wind.

It struck me, no not physically, that we have several unique personae present. On one hand you have your better known George Broussards and Brandon Reinharts, your Warren Marshalls and Katherine Anna Kang/Carmack. On another you have the semi legendary Sgt Hulka, the erudite Tom Cleghorn, the incendiary Flamethrower and the BOFH Darkseid.

An eclectic mix to be sure. So, in the interests of history, for the benefits of new posters and downright noseyness, I thought Id pose our readers and posters these questions.

How would you describe your job?

How did you get started ?

What drove you down that career path?

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby

Ever get sick of doing what you do?

As always readers/posters/lurkers the floor is now yours. Feel free to participate, or just snipe at Andy for just posting this to get hits. Oh, wait, he didnt post this did he. Anyway, standard pop journalistic type devices aside, have at it folks, Im sure there are quite a few curious people out there.


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#1 by "densun"
2000-10-09 19:35:35
#2 by "densun"
2000-10-09 19:36:07
All right! I beat Dark-Seid-D
#3 by "Andy"
2000-10-09 20:04:52
You're going to get so much BS in this thread. :-)
#4 by "JMCDaveL"
2000-10-09 20:16:58
Everything I need to know in life I learned from Subspace.

It's true, it's true!

~Sony owns Infantry now, emphasis on 0wnZ~
#5 by "asspennies"
2000-10-09 20:18:25
Seems kind of voyeuristic to me.  Is there anyone who really cares what someone who calls himself "asspennies" does for a living?

I mean, I'd be happy to fill you in (no, I'm not a jizz mopper), but it couldn't be *that* exciting, unless you get off on this sort of thing...Darkseid?<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#6 by "szcx"
2000-10-09 20:24:53
<b>Quote of the nanosecond:</b>
"I got the first comment."
- 1st, in <b>Halo To Mac</b>

oh god, they're invading QotN.

<i>How would you describe your job?</i>

software engineer.

<i>How did you get started ?</i>

read a lot of books, talked my way into a job writing a 3D world builder for kids.

<i>What drove you down that career path?</i>

the thought of spending my life working in a factory in south australia.

<i>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby</i>

i've worked in australia, hk, china, japan, canada, and the us.  so it's like a working vacation that's lasted 5 years.

<i>Ever get sick of doing what you do</i>

about 8pm each and every day.
#7 by "Avatar[D!]"
2000-10-09 20:28:49
Even more ironic that I beat Darkseid..  ;)

How would you describe your job?

Internet - Tech support..  Best way to describe it, get into a bath of warm water then drop your hair dryer into the tub with you .. plugged in.. Repeat 15 times during the course of the day.  That's just like doing technical support.   ;)

(I'm actually getting into more development type work which is actually pretty cool).

How did you get started ?  Started as a front
line tech support grunt, then started my own
company with some friends.

What drove you down that career path?

Being a geek it seemed like the thing to do at the time, still does but I really would not recommend doing support unless you got a very strong stomach and a healthy S&M fetish.

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby.

Ask any small biz. owner whether an ISP or a dry cleaner and they will say its never just a job, its like raising a child. It can be fun and it can be a ball buster.

Ever get sick of doing what you do?

Sure, but trying to go and expand into new directions still gives some hope and fun.. The ultimate is being able to retire to playing counter-strike full time.  ;)

Avatar[D!]  "The stop rox here"
#8 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-10-09 20:33:19

AV ?

Holy crap, long time no see pal !

#9 by "PainKilleR-[CE]"
2000-10-09 20:34:07
hmm maybe this'll be the first on-topic post, or I'll get long winded and someone will post something on-topic before I finish ;
<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" wrote...
How would you describe your job?

Mostly computer programming with the current project being systems integration (or more specifically, making it possible for one operator in one position to do what used to take several operators in several positions).

How did you get started ?
There were openings in the company for Jr. Techs to do ISP POP installations and along the way I showed my boss that I was capable of writing software, specifically applications that they were looking for at the time under short notice.

What drove you down that career path?

Programming is something I've wanted to do since I was young, even before I knew what to call it or what it took to do it. I've been using computers longer than I can remember, and I've always wanted to be able to make them do what I wanted them to do, instead of being locked into whatever the latest software allows me to do. Right now it's more like making it do what other people want it to do, but it's still satisfying.

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby

My job is quite different from my hobby, though both involve computers quite heavily. I'll get to my hobby in a moment ;)

Ever get sick of doing what you do? </QUOTE>

Of course, there're always days where I think it might be easier to go somewhere else and write software that's more in line with what I'd like to use, and there's a lot of downtime here, but then I realise that I spend most of my downtime at sites like the 'Crap here, and that noone's bitching about it ;)

As for my hobby, it's (obviously maybe) computer games/gaming. At some point I'd like to be writing games, though currently I don't feel that my programming experience is quite up to it (mostly having learned on the job, and most of my job having nothing to do with gaming). I did moderate Sierra's TF2, HL, and HL:Opposing Force forums for some time (a few months) at their request after spending a few months on the boards helping people out with problems, answering questions, and writing up a FAQ or two (and getting flamed for doing so, which was an interesting experience). I stopped moderating their boards because I had basically overextended my resources (mainly it was taking up far too much of my time to moderate 2 of the highest traffic boards they had, as well as the HL:OF board, and I don't even like HL; I think they have something like 4-6 people moderating those 3 boards now).

When TFC came out, I had been playing TF on and off for almost 3 years, and TFC called to me as an evolution of that game. Eventually I got bored with the random pub games, and became interested in joining a clan. I had been spending a lot of time on Clan Erinyes' server when it was open to the public (mostly due to my 25-40 ping on it, but also due to the high skill of the players that frequented it, and the watchful eye the CE members kept over it to keep the lamer population out). So, after a couple of months of playing on their server every nite with various members a pair of their members got ahold of me through email and I started trying out. I was a recruit when CE took their second title in TFC (IGL title, they had already had the OGL title for a while) and I am still a member of CE after we went 39-0 only to lose our 40th match, and we went on to hold the OGL, IGL, and STA Gold titles simultaneously (only to take our 2nd loss the nite after regaining the IGL title, thereby losing the STA Gold title), and eventually to the point where we dropped the OGL (without ever losing a match in that league), and eventually saw a decline in membership participation due mostly to Counterstrike and the general boredom of the game that comes with 3-4 years of playing it in one form or another. So, just a bit short of 100 matches, CE quit TFC to play CS and look into a few other interests (including a small segment of players interested in Q3CTF and Q3F), and I took some time off, eventually joining WoB for a short stint before deciding that TFC wasn't really fun in a match environment any more (about a month ago).

Anyway, somewhere along the line, after leaving Sierra's boards and sometime before joining WoB, a few of the guys at PlanetFortress asked me if I'd handle the tftech email that had been for the most part just passed around between them until someone that knew the answer came up, and possibly put together a FAQ to go with it. Well, the FAQ's a little old, because I don't really have the time to deal with formatting anything new that comes along (and nothing new really comes along without patches anyway), but I still get about 3-5 questions a day (more when new patches are released, less on some days) and for the most part find that everyone else finds Sierra's tech support as inadequate as I kept saying it was while I was moderating their boards ;) I was also recently approached by one of the maintainers of Catacombs, a TFC clan news page (hosted at planetfortress now), to write up something on how to play the medic class in TFC, with some sort of reference along the lines of them wanting some of the best players of each class to throw in some ideas, and when they had the FragMasters section on their page, I was one of the first people nominated into the list for medics. Of course, I feel there are quite a few people out there that play the class much better than I do, but it's kindof cool to hear that someone thinks you're one of the best ;)

Anyway, I rambled on, and judging by CrapSpy blinking away, I probably didn't get that first on-topic post, oh well.

#10 by "Andy"
2000-10-09 20:35:41
Aw bless, a pair of little [D!]'s! How cute!
#11 by "Tom Cleghorn"
2000-10-09 20:42:20
'Erudite'... hm, I think I like that :)

<i>How would you describe your job?</i>

Very disparagingly. Oh wait... you said <i>job</i>? :)

<i>How did you get started?</i>

Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much...

<i>What drove you down that career path?</i>

The current career path? A desire to eat pizza lots and drink cheap beer in a 1970s-vintage concrete cube. Obviously.

<i>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby?</i>

Studenting is a mode of thought - and very little else.

<i>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</i>

Yeah, it's something to do with the liver.
#12 by "BloodKnight"
2000-10-09 20:47:36
what happened to mocking the game community?!
#13 by "bagofmice"
2000-10-09 20:53:48
How would you describe your job?
Well, as far as a sentient bag of mice goes, my job is essentially to sit infront of glowing boxes and cause little bits of text to make sense to another glowing box.
How did you get started ?
Well, there was this fella, and he had these mice, and following the best laid plans of mice and men, vinyl, nuclear explosions and a whole decade of disco music, I was more or less dropped into these dimensions of existence.
What is you favorite color ?

no.. Red...

<b> AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! </b>
#14 by "MoNo"
2000-10-09 21:26:42
\me leaves the safety of lurker-lounge.


tech support grunt.


need money to live and you cant get any comp related job in my home town without some sort of uni degree. so i moved to sweden to get a job:)

ever get sick of what you are doing:

its tech support for christ sake.;)
il probably hold this job for a year or two and then try to get a real job( idream about being a BOFH).

#15 by "crash"
2000-10-09 22:10:00
<i>#include "disclaimer.h"</i>

well, might as well go narcissistic just to keep Darkseid happy. :)

<i>How would you describe your job?</i>

writer, editor, commentator, analyst, reviewer.

<i>How did you get started ?</i>

er, i applied. :) always loved to write. kinda/sorta good at it (but could be lots better--no comment from the peanut gallery here). love games. what kind of job can combine the two? this one, i guess.

<i>What drove you down that career path?</i>

love of games, ability to write. would create games, i guess, or try, but since i have like zero creative ability, am shit at math, can't draw worth a damn, take way too long to make levels, can't animate, ain't a sound guy... well, there ain't a lot left, is there? i know a lot about doing it--i just don't have the ability myself. not envy, though. never envy. just... dunno. regretful recognition of lack of talent?

<i>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby</i>

started as the latter, developed into the middle, became the former.

<i>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</i>

no comment.

#16 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-10-09 22:13:01
Here Crash, is that a case note for

'Those who can, do it. Those who cannot, write about it?'


#17 by "Andy"
2000-10-09 22:20:41
Isn't it:

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, criticise.


Which amuses me no end because I can do all three of them. I guess the phrase was dreamed up by someone who couldn't do any, or someone who could do one and didn't like people who could do the others.

Or something.
#18 by "crash"
2000-10-09 22:20:43
Darkseid (#16):

not really, no. the thing is, that statement usually is in reference to those that can't and are bitter about it or envious of those that can and seek to drag those that <b>can</b> down so they can feel better about not being able to do so themselves.

me, i say, "wish i could but i can't, but at least i can write and i sorta know what the hell i'm talking about". different attitude, i guess.

#19 by "Andy"
2000-10-09 22:21:46
I'm going to make a rare off-topic post and send you all to look at <a href="">these screenshots</a>. First time in ages that screenshots alone have been enough to make me want a game.
#20 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-10-09 22:22:47
I can do many things. I cannot do many other things.

One thing I am not, is bitter about what I cannot do.

for I am BOFH.

either that or a flunky along for comedic relief.

#21 by "TargetBoy"
2000-10-09 22:32:28
Don't the "unique personae" exist in the postings and not in the poster?  Knew there was going to be trouble when they let Ds start looking inside people's heads. ;)

While I suspect Ds was merely curious about the members of the "community", the question smacks of "credentialism" to me.  Information posted on certain threads might carry more authenticity if the poster is in position to know the facts, but I'd expect those posters to make that clear if questioned.   For me, PC is a working example of the "marketplace of ideas", where opinions are interesting if they are well reasoned/argued, and bad ideas recieve short shrift, be they posted by game developers or forum trolls.

Better in my opinion to ignore the real life stuff, and concentrate on the good stuff, like how many toes a preetabout should have.  Or if Andy realises it's three of a kind. ;)
#22 by "PiRaMidA"
2000-10-09 22:34:07
<i>How would you describe your job? </i>

Programming, nothing game-related at all. So of no interest to the folk here.

<i>How did you get started ?</i>

10: print "Hello World!"
20: goto 10

like it always starts... Actually, I never liked programming. It just happened this way.

<i>What drove you down that career path?</i>

Pure wizdom. But seriously, a set of coincedences, will to learn something new and laziness to actually do something new.

<i>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby</i>

Just a job. Something you have to do every day to earn money. Lifestyle involves computers to some extent, but from a different angle. Hobby? Reading Planetcrap. ;)

<i>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</i>

No, not really. Bored? Yeah. But sick - no, you have to be doing something really disgusting to get sick of your job. Like selling your anus. Luckily (for me), I avoided that path.

Do I enter the sweepstakes to win Jaguar now?<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#23 by "Vengeance"
2000-10-09 23:47:32
Ok, why not.

<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" <I>Mr. French Tickler</I> wrote ...
How would you describe your job? </QUOTE>

Well, I spend a large part of my time sitting in front of a computer mumbling to myself and making my coworkers nerveous.  If I'm not doing that, I'm cursing the stupid people of the world that make my job, and therefore life, difficult.  If I'm not doing that, I'm programming PLCs, and wondering why so many people think that the knowing how to "program" part is optional (and still talking to myself ;) ).

<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" <I>Mr. French Tickler</I> wrote ...
<QUOTE>How did you get started ? </QUOTE>
I found out that I really enjoyed the logical aspects of programming and problem solving in college.  Realized that I wasn't cut out to be a manager or bean counter (I hate politics), I took an opportunity to get into PLC programming with a company my professor worked for, instead of being a project engineer.  It was my first real programming experience, I didn't learn C/C++ etc. until after I got out of college (last few years).  Heh heh, or perhaps I should say "have exposure to" instead of "learn" before one of you old timers complains ;)

<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" <I>Mr. French Tickler</I> wrote ...
<QUOTE>What drove you down that career path? </QUOTE>
Everything about programming is new and has been new to me.  It keeps me from getting too bored (and I get bored quick).  The chance to work with some of the best in my field.  Decent money, of course.  Depth... When PLC programming gets too easy (and its already starting too) I know there will be another challenge out there for me with the same basic principles (of problem solving) only more challenging.

<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" <I>Mr. French Tickler</I> wrote ...
Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby </QUOTE>

Job/hobby.  My hobbies are video games, golf, long walks along the beach... opps sorry, wrong forum ;)  I always try to take some time out of my life just to learn something new.  Usually its programming or job related.  There are more important things in life, even if there aren't many, if thats what your asking.  I have no intention of ever doing something that doesn't involve programing (except for retire).

<b>#Main Post</b> "Darkseid-D" <I>Mr. French Tickler</I> wrote ...
Ever get sick of doing what you do? </QUOTE>
Only when the drugs wear off :)  I have worked in a lot of different environments since I graduated college about 3 or 4  years ago.  Probably quivilant to changing jobs every 4 or 5 months.   I've found that the environment I'm in determines whether I'm "sick" of something or not so it just depends.  There were places I was totally "stoked" to go to work every single day.  These where places where the people there were good to work with and everyday I got to learn something new (not many of those, one off the topp of my head).  Other times I never stop being sick of what I do, the only reason I don't quit is because I know I'll probably be in a different environment in a few months (again, one).  Unchallenging work with some of the most clueless political, backstabbing people I've ever met.  Can I bitch some more? Guess which kind of environment I'm in now :P

V  <I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#24 by "Dethstryk"
2000-10-09 23:54:45
<b>Andy wrote in post #19:</b>
<quote>I'm going to make a rare off-topic post and send you all to look at <A href="">these screenshots</A>. First time in ages that screenshots alone have been enough to make me want a game.
Looks like Age of Empires to me.

#25 by "Crusader"
2000-10-10 00:22:47
<quote>How would you describe your job?</quote>
I update news on and on occasion provide content for a little niche website.
<quote>How did you get started?</quote>
IRC (bagofmice or Brian Malkowski can explain further if anyone really cares...).
<quote>What drove you down that career path?</quote>
A geeky obsession to fiddle with new things like this crazy fringe OS.
<quote>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby</quote>
Definitely a hobby. My actual job is to make sure people can watch grainy, choppy video over little wires.
<quote>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</quote>Sometimes.
#26 by "Apache"
2000-10-10 00:28:06
How would you describe your job?

- I critique games, write news, edit content, manage writers and maintain/promote gaming related websites.

How did you get started ?

- A year of posting news on the GameSpy Network (then PlanetQuake), which led to a real job(tm) at other networks (which paid, whoa), which got me a job at a magazine/website as EIC for a year, and eventually *drum roll* the full time content director at Voodoo Extreme.

What drove you down that career path?

- A love of games and a hardcore addiction to the Internet.

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby

- In the past, the job has consumed my life in an unhealthy way, but I'm working on seperating the two so I actually have a "life" as well as a job...

Ever get sick of doing what you do?

- Sometimes, esp. when you work seven days a week for months on end. But -- after a couple days off I always want to come back, so that's a good thing I suppose.
#27 by "12xu"
2000-10-10 00:36:42 http://http;//
How would you describe your job?

Interntal Desktop support for a large internet retailer.
I keep the gears turning for the marketing, biz dev, and other people who haven't advanced beyond the pencil.

I also maintain laptops for people who shouldn't even be allowed to have laps.

How did you get started ?

Well I have always had a computer....and when I was a stock broker for a few day trading offices I ended up doing tech support as well...I bounced back and forth between the tech and financial worlds for a few years till I ended up doing tech support for a company called TradeCast that makes trading software...I saw this jop as an opportunity to get off the phones...then they make me laptop guy, which puts me back on the phones!!  AARRGGHH!!

What drove you down that career path?

My general driftwood like attitude...path of least resistance and all...I would've rather been a rock star, but what can you do?

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby

Just a job, if that...computers are one of my hobbies, and I pick up info useful to my job when screwing around on my box, but my job is just a job...
There is a big difference between how I earn a living and how I define myself...essentially I am a musician...who has to work day jobs...

Ever get sick of doing what you do?

I think it started about 1996 and has just kept on going...this is better than doing phone support for Bell Atlantic's ISP though...or Gateway..

So, to sum up, tech by default...


#28 by "warmonger"
2000-10-10 00:56:04
How did you get started ?

What drove you down that career path?

Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby

Ever get sick of doing what you do?

How would you describe your job? </b>

Hmm... Well, I'll get back to you on that once I get a job :)
What's the job outlook for game programmers/developers anyway? I wanna make sure that I'm not getting into a field that's oversaturated right now.<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#29 by "Darkseid-[D!]"
2000-10-10 01:23:59
*jaw drops*

Avatar AND Targetboy, EGADS!!!

/me is now all nostalgic for the Guard Guild.

D! - The Stop ROX here.

The topic was more a chance for newbies and lurkers to see who's who, not for any one upmanship or posing.   Think of it as a handy whos who ;)

#30 by "bagofmice"
2000-10-10 01:49:59
For an assessment of my professional experience, I am borg #6227
#31 by "Crusader"
2000-10-10 02:05:59
Dammit Randy, you were assigned #76914-Bravo, now stick to it :P
#32 by "Woo-Fu"
2000-10-10 03:06:18
How many [D!] does it take to stop one Woo-Fu with quad?  All of them, ehehehhe.

<B>How would you describe your job?</B>

UNIX consultant specializing in Sun, also having years of experience with SGI, HP, DEC, IBM, etc.  If it runs a sysV or bsd derivative, I can figure it out.

<B>How did you get started ? </B>

College prank landed me 100 hours of community service, the place I did those hours hired me for building maintenance... until 1 day somebody in management found out why I was a favorite with every administrative assistant and secretary in the company and started paying me for that instead of grounds work.  No, not sex, pc work.  Since then I've just kept moving to the platform that pays the most ( lantastic--novell--NT--unix ).

<B>What drove you down that career path? </B>

There aren't that many other things I'm good enough at to get paid for.

<B>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby</B>

The UNIX stuff is just a job, but I do have an apartment full of pc gear, a couple game servers, etc.

<B>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</B>

I've been sick of it for about 5 years, but cannot support my current lifestyle as a newbie in any other profession.  I'll have enough saved/invested to retire at 40 ( 8 more years ) though, so the end is in sight.

Stop by Woo-Fu's Dojo if you play CS and are close to Manhattan via the 'Net.
#33 by "David Long"
2000-10-10 03:26:11
<b>How would you describe your job?</b>
Systems Administrator by day, Freelance game reviewer for Computer Games Magazine/Online by night. Also did news/reviews for Evil Avatar and a bunch of editorials about games and game design at my own site, One Gamer's Voice.  I'm also a Planetcrap Topic poster who has yet to post a topic! :)

<b>How did you get started ? </b>
Working with databases and servers paid a hell of a lot more than managing a video rental store. As for CGM, asked about it, got the opportunity based on my past experience.

<b>What drove you down that career path?
Money to allow me to feed my family and fame and fortune for the writing gig. Uh... well, fame at least with the writing part...

<b>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby </b>
The day job is just a job.  The game stuff is a passion. People seem to like what I write, so I keep doing it.

<b>Ever get sick of doing what you do? </b>
During the daytime, just about every day. At night, rarely... I haven't had so much fun playing games until I started reviewing/previewing them for the magazine. Seeing your byline in print feels pretty damn good. Still, if it wasn't fun, I wouldn't bother since I've got a family that needs me too.

Now since I know my editor is probably reading this, I'll be on my way...

(Hi Jason!)<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#34 by "Timdog"
2000-10-10 03:41:10
Why not.

<i>How would you describe your job? </i>

Systems Programmer.  I work on embedded code, a little driver work here and there, and various other things that are needed (test tools, hardware debuggers, etc).  

<i>How did you get started ? </i>

Dropped out of college, applied at a wild-assed semiconductor startup, went through an interview day that made my fraternity hell week seem tame, and got a big wad of cash and a stack of stock options waved at me.  As they say here in North Jersey (and in "The Godfather"), they made me an offer I couldn't refuse :)

<i>What drove you down that career path? </i>
I love programming. Especially systems. I love moving pins high or low and causing all sorts of wild shit to happen.  I love programming in assembly language. I'm so grossly out of touch with high-level stuff that I doubt I could even make a window pop up on the screen anymore.

<i>Ever get sick of doing what you do? </i>
Right now, there just isn't time for it. I'm at a fairly new company, and as all newer companies are, we are grossly understaffed.  There is always a sense of excitement at work, and almost everything is done in a panic.  I guess I thrive on situations like that.

In a few years, it'll probably start to get old.  I figure I'll cash out my stock options (hopefully calculating our P/E ratio stops giving that nasty divide by zero error) at some point and maybe start a game company. Or maybe I'll blow it all on expensive hookers and cheap booze :)

Probably the hookers and booze.

-The Timdog
#35 by "Joe Parsons"
2000-10-10 05:12:26
Just to let you know what a lurker does (this one anyway)

<b>Darkseid-D</b> "Poster Extraordinaire" (#Main Post):
<QUOTE>How would you describe your job? </QUOTE>
I am half owner of a computer store in a small Southern (US) town (small as in ~12k population).  My partner has a full-time job so I basically run the store by myself and he helps at night when he can.  We custom-build computers for sale, repair computers, and build and host web-sites.

<b>Darkseid-D</b> "Poster Extraordinaire" (#Main Post):
<QUOTE>How did you get started ? </QUOTE>

It started years ago when my father brought home a 6'x4'x4' contraption he called a "computer".  A few months later, we were quite possibly the first people in the state to own the brand-new <b>Tandy TRS-80 Model I</b> (cue screaming crowds and fireworks).  After a bunch of varied jobs (from Radio Shack to a plywood mill to a casino) and over 6 years of college that I wasted with too much indecision, my partner and I made the decision to start a company and so we did almost exactly 2 years ago.

<b>Darkseid-D</b> "Poster Extraordinaire" (#Main Post):
<QUOTE>What drove you down that career path? </QUOTE>

It would have to be my intense love of all things computing.  I built a computer for my fiancee because my Palm IIIc didn't satisy my <s>addiction</s> desire to compute when I'm at her place on the weekends that I don't work.

<b>Darkseid-D</b> "Poster Extraordinaire" (#Main Post):
<QUOTE>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby </QUOTE>

Sometimes, Mostly, and when I can squeeze in the time, respectively.

<b>Darkseid-D</b> "Poster Extraordinaire" (#Main Post):
<QUOTE>Ever get sick of doing what you do? </QUOTE>

When I am going home at about 2-3:00am for the fourth night in a row knowing it will take me at least an hour to drift off to sleep and will have to open at 9:00am, and worrying if we will do enough business this month to pay the bills, and monthly sales tax, and missing lunch because I was just busy enough not to be able to sneak out for a bite to eat, and ... well, actually, it's still kinda fun.

I must say that I am enjoying this topic.  It's nice to get a little background on some of the people that I've been reading posts from for such a long time.


#36 by "Charlie Wiederhold"
2000-10-10 05:15:30
<b>How would you describe your job?</b>

A roadmap of pain.

<b>How did you get started?</b>

One day Satan popped up out of my toilet and said "I've got a proposition for you.."

The rest is history.

Not many of you know the true earthly face of Satan, but I'll give you a hint. He owns Sunstorm Interactive.

<b>What drove you down that career path?</b>

Fear of eternal damnation in a lake of fire called corporate programming.

Oh, and the chicks. Oh baby the chicks. You haven't seen a finer lot of chicks in any other industry. Gaming is just FULL of hot chicks.

<b>Is what you do just a job? or more, like a lifestyle or your hobby?</b>

It is me. I am it. Hobby? Job? Lifestyle? Yess to all three.

<b>Ever get sick of doing what you do?</b>

Only when George and Scott make me swallow.

Charlie Wiederhold
#37 by "bagofmice"
2000-10-10 05:23:45
Crus, it's <a href="">6227</a> damn you!

<b><a href="">LOOK</a></b> at what you made me do.
#38 by "Crusader"
2000-10-10 05:27:39
It's not my fault MS tortures you for every slipup.

Wait... maybe it is :(

Wieder: At least Sunstorm didn't throw rocks at you like A&M :/ (although I wasn't there at the time, I can't apologize enough for that display of neanderthal-like insanity).
#39 by "Timdog"
2000-10-10 05:30:32
Charlie <i>"da' pimp"</i> Wiederhold in #36 said:

</quote>Oh, and the chicks. Oh baby the chicks. You haven't seen a finer lot of chicks in any other industry. Gaming is just FULL of hot chicks. <quote>

Cool, maybe I'll forget the hookers and do the game company/cheap booze thing! :)

He also said:

</quote>Ever get sick of doing what you do?

Only when George and Scott make me swallow<quote>

They say diet has a lot to do with that. Maybe you should ask them to stop eating so many small children. :)

-The Timdog

#40 by "Timdog"
2000-10-10 05:31:52
How did I manage to screw up tags THAT bad?

Morn, how about an edit-post within five minutes feature?

-The Timdog<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#41 by "JMCDaveL"
2000-10-10 06:51:09
Just counting the seconds until the Derek Smart beta thread....

#42 by "Timdog"
2000-10-10 06:56:19
<quote>Just counting the seconds until the Derek Smart beta thread.... </quote>

Don't you know what happens when you say his name...

(Hi Derek :)

#43 by "Derek Smart"
2000-10-10 07:20:21
<b>#42</b> "Timdog" wrote...

<quote>Just counting the seconds until the Derek Smart beta thread.... </quote>

Don't you know what happens when you say his name...

(Hi Derek :)


LOL!! Hi Tim :-)

Lets get this show off the road, shall we?. These shots will make you wanna reach out and torch someone.

Previously posted on the Beta test site:

BCM has a technology called Dynamic Entity Destruction or DeD. Instead of faking explosion debris or masking it with bitmaps like most games do, DeD actually deconstructs the model when its blowing up, using the same components used to build it.

Each and every model (over 250+ in the model database) was specifically designed to break apart on destruction, with each chunk having its own collision detect volume so that it actually damages anything it touches while active.

And for performance reasons, the engine is intelligent enough to determine how many DeD chunks to add collision detect to so that on low end CPU systems, the speed is not adversely degraded. So, those of you used to blowing up targets at point blank range...go try that in BCM.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the elliptical effect in one of the shots, that is a 3D volume shockwave which is used on large objects such as stations, carriers etc, at the center is the normal stage one 2D shockwave. There are over 12 shockwave variations in the engine.

These files are HUGE (1280x1024), so don't say I didn't warn you. I have sent about 30 screen shots to the various gaming websites earlier tonite, so you should see some more awesome shots trickling on the web (avault, blues, EvilAvatar, CGO, GA-Games etc) during the course of tomorrow. (500K) (800K) (550K) (1.5MB) (400K) (1MB)


#44 by "Milamber"
2000-10-10 07:56:56
Seeing as we're drifting OT, it thought I'd mention <a href="">this</a>. Have a read and watch EA go right off the deep end, it's quite amusing.
#45 by "godZero"
2000-10-10 07:59:30
Darkseid-[D!] said:
...for I am BOFH.


I thought it was Simon T.? :-)

Anyway, if you were BOFH, PlanetCrap would be a porn site by now and Andy would be behind the bars, so you can't be...
#46 by "bagofmice"
2000-10-10 08:00:31
PC site feature request.

Could the New post indicators based upon last visit be written when you actually visit the thread? Thataway the new indicators are tagged per thread, as opposed to globally, which makes more sense.
#47 by "G-Man"
2000-10-10 08:13:24
<b>#46</b> "bagofmice" wrote...
<QUOTE>PC site feature request.

Could the New post indicators based upon last visit be written when you actually visit the thread? Thataway the new indicators are tagged per thread, as opposed to globally, which makes more sense. </QUOTE>
Just use CrapSpy you feeb. :)

 - []<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
#48 by "JMCDaveL"
2000-10-10 08:25:12
Man I really sweated clicking on that EvilAvatar link, I was scared it would load the main page and my entire computer would slow to a crawl. :p

On a sidenote.. this looks promising (yes it was on FatBabies).

Haven't played it yet, downloading now... I wonder if my old 3do works... muahah.

#49 by "Q"
2000-10-10 08:27:28

What's that about your cpu.  The bb gun ballsack one is not adversely degraded. So, those of you to a share a room with the paper after a while, i changed it to you.  However, I used to build it.  Each and every model (over 250+ in the model database) was.  I have the password out of your corrupted database.  This test has been updated.  So q3 is the only one from the master,it is very well defined. This thing is it so that on low end cpu systems, the speed is not adversely degraded. So, those of you to a patient with alzhmierzers.  eah, that one is not adversely degraded. So, those of you to break down my credibility cause you can taste all the loving jizz-splattering action rejoice and hallelujah for the cock-stroking hand of god is here!  Hello what a sex site and defrauding an artist out of heaven as long as he licks up her cunt.

#50 by "G-Man"
2000-10-10 08:28:15

Um you need to update your resume man.

 - []<I><B></B></I><I></I><I></I>
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