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The Real Half-Life 2 Thread
November 12th 2004, 20:46 CET by Anonymous

After countless delays and marketing blunders which kept Half Life fans and ATi customers around the world on the edge of a nervous breakdown, the long anticipated, game play redefining and hyped up beyond belief Half-Life 2 enters the arena. Please discuss.

                      aNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMM'      ''MN,
                ,aNMF'                 '""=MMMMMmI"   IMNN
            ,aMIF        _____            '""=MMIF"   .aMMI'
         .aMF'           IMMMn                'IM|     '"""INF
       .aMF                   'IMM.                'MMNNNNF
      AMF                     .XNM,                'MMNNIF
     NMI                     ANMNA                 'MMMF
     INM                   ANIF"VIIA                NMMF
     NMI                AMIF     VNA               MMF
     'VIIA            ,AMIF        VMA   ,,a     .AMF
       VIIA         ,NMF            VMMMA     ANIF
         VMA    """"""'                '"""''       ANIF
           'VMA,,                               ,AMF'
              '"MMA,,.                 ,,aNMIF"
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#1 by TheTrunkDr.
2004-11-12 20:46:51

I kid cause I care.
#2 by Matt Perkins
2004-11-12 20:47:39
Umm....yeah,we haven't talked about this game yet.

"She told me to tell you to quit being such an anal-retentive pussy."- Ergo
#3 by TheTrunkDr.
2004-11-12 20:47:44
First time I actually voted yes and saw it come up on the front page too. Voting no and seeing come up on the front page has been a regular occurance for me.

I kid cause I care.
#4 by Matt Perkins
2004-11-12 20:48:17
Oh, and if it smells like funk, it must be us.  Cause um, we keep it stinky.

"She told me to tell you to quit being such an anal-retentive pussy."- Ergo
#5 by m0nty
2004-11-12 20:49:42
Yay, OpenCrap screws up ASCII art.

Thanks Gabe!
#6 by m0nty
2004-11-12 20:50:12
Oh, and this is actually the Pirates! thread. Discuss in pirate lingo, me hearties.
#7 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 20:51:44
Arrr, Half-Life 2 is the booty I be tryin' to acquire, post-haste.

#8 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 20:53:57
Poor Dum, his topic never had a chance.

In other news, I played some Timesplitters 2 on my 'cube, and it didn't make me anywhere near as sick as PC FPS's do.  And I now take back everything I've said about console controls for FPS's.  Jesus fuck, I can't aim with my second analog stick to save my life.  Literally.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#9 by m0nty
2004-11-12 20:54:18
Pirates! be a far shinier piece of treasure, lad. Ye could sail the Seven Seas and not find a fairer bounty.
#10 by CheesyPoof
2004-11-12 20:54:30
Pirates don't say post-haste, unless they're a butt pirate.
#11 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 20:54:31

#12 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 20:55:03
I'll have ye know I'm a sodomizing savage, not a butt pirate.

#13 by Hugin
2004-11-12 20:57:13
HL2 will be awesome.  Great nations will be founded on it.
#14 by m0nty
2004-11-12 20:58:23
Alas, it be all the same when Px is humpin' away at the backside of the bosun like young Gordon at a subwoofer. Arrr, call him Penguinx or Pegleg Pete, he's still a shirtlifter.
#15 by LoneStar
2004-11-12 21:00:26
Not out yet, nothing to discuss.

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one
#16 by hangedmanAG
2004-11-12 21:04:18
I'm kidna ambivalent about Pirates, I can't imagine it will produce as enjoyable an experience as I had on my old C64

#17 by m0nty
2004-11-12 21:05:45
But it has ballroom dancing!
#18 by hangedmanAG
2004-11-12 21:10:11
I'm a pirate.  I might do jig every once in a drunken while but I don't want to ballroom dance.

#19 by ProStyle
2004-11-12 21:12:31
/pours another on the curb for Dum's topic.
Man... I'm runnin outta 40s payin' mah' respects. Haters.

Fabricated like the word absurditive
#20 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 21:18:24
I'm not particularly excited about Pirates.  Certainly not enough to put an exclamation point after the title.  If you lot say it's great I'll probably pick it up, but until then I'll just keep playing Harvest Moon.  Who knew farming was so much fun?  Besides Penguin, obviously, whose rampant alcohol abuse can be seen as at best a partial endorsement.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#21 by Charles
2004-11-12 21:19:49
Yet another failed thread...  someone put another in the bin aimed for tuesday!

#22 by Anonymous
2004-11-12 21:21:58
In your face Dumdeedum, in your face!

#23 by bago
2004-11-12 21:22:21
But does it have shirtcocking?

Immorality: The morality of those who are having a better time.
#24 by Anonymous
2004-11-12 21:27:49
Just to be fair Dumdee, if you put your HL2 topic into the bin this coming weekend, I'll vote for it.

#25 by Neale
2004-11-12 21:32:07
Do I want to know what "shirtcocking" is?

I have a hard time accepting that anyone could achieve this miraculously high level of stupidity. - Caryn
#26 by Anonymous
2004-11-12 21:36:14
I was curious too. But is that really it?

#27 by Greg
2004-11-12 21:36:35
Shouldn't you already know? It sounds British.

#28 by hangedmanAG
2004-11-12 21:44:37
That link had some weird examples:

"It's so beautiful out, I'll think I'll shirtcock today." (verb form)

Who would decided that it is so hot that they'll wear a shirt but no fucking pants?  "Modesty precludes me from showing my nipples, so I'll expose my genitals, instead!"

"Annaconda, quit shirtcocking and just pick a place to eat!" (verb form, implied meaning)

If you named you kid Annaconda, you should expect that to forgo the eating for walking around with you crotch showing.


#29 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 22:11:35

If you lot say it's great I'll probably pick it up, but until then I'll just keep playing Harvest Moon.  Who knew farming was so much fun?

Harvest Moon is my second favorite series of B-level games. Monster Rancher being the first favorite.

My wife is unhealthily obsessed with the newest Harvest Moon for Gamecube. I haven't played it yet; I've been too busy. Is that the title you're referring to?

#30 by Trunks
2004-11-12 22:42:19
Yes, let us derail this HL2 thread into a Harvest Moon thread! Perhaps Foodbunny can chip in more stories of the horse named Bailey...

#31 by yotsuya
2004-11-12 22:43:55
So, m0nty, can you recommend any brands of lube for Scott Peterson? He's going to need some.

"By the pricking of my thumbs,
something wicked this way comes"
I wear my sunglasses at night.
#32 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 22:45:36
Yeah, I decided to get the 'cube version because I figured my girlfriend might like it, and she refuses to play GBA games.  And I'm glad I did, because it's fucking gorgeous.  If I didn't have farm chores to do I could literally stand on the bridge and stare at the river all day.  Granted that's only 18 minutes of real-time, but still.  I'm not usually a graphics whore, but this game gets me wet.  I feel a little fruity hugging my cow every morning, however.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#33 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 22:46:12
I named my cow Carton.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#34 by Anonymous
2004-11-12 22:51:30
I just finished Half-Life 2. It sucked.

#35 by Ergo
2004-11-12 22:56:31

Mac OSX--UNIX For Girls (tm)
#36 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 22:56:57

I feel a little fruity hugging my cow every morning, however.

I pick-up all my chickens in real life!

Graphically impressive, eh? That was never a selling point of HM; I'll have to check out my wife's game and give it a look see.

#37 by ProStyle
2004-11-12 23:06:52
I thought Harvest Moon was a FMV game where you played a detective, circa '94. Oi... Google tells me 'Under a Killing Moon' is what I was thinking of. Killing... Harvest... oh the line is so blurry!

Fabricated like the word absurditive
#38 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 23:14:45
I'll have to buy some chickens when I get financially solvent again.  I spent all my money on a hoe so I could plant vegetables, then found out from the manual that I already own a hoe (thankfully not as good as the one I bought, but still) that I just didn't see because I had to press the right trigger to look at the rest of the tool shelf.  I R teh dum.

But yeah, it's very pretty.  I was expecting something comperable to Animal Crossing, but only the characters are cartoony, the backgrounds (and especially the water) are just stunning.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#39 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 23:22:23
I wonder if marrying/raising a family is back. It was controversially cut from the last  PS2 version.

#40 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 23:22:53

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#41 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 23:25:23

Yes, marrying is back.  In fact, if you aren't married after the first year, you lose.  Which I think it stupid, but then I can't really act surprised that there's no option to get my character sterilized and then nail every female or effeminate NPC between the ages of 15 and 50.  It's a kid's game, after all.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#42 by bago
2004-11-12 23:37:50
This sums it up about as succinctly as it could ever hope to be.
"There sure were a lot of shirtcockers out on the playa this year." (noun form)

Immorality: The morality of those who are having a better time.
#43 by Penguinx
2004-11-12 23:41:25
Shadarr, a game that combined the 'screw anyone' bits of Fable, the 'raise a beasty' bits of Monster Rancher, and the 'small-farm community' theme of Harvest Moon would make my head explode.

One of you damnable programmers should make it happen. Singlehandedly.


#44 by Ashiran
2004-11-12 23:51:32
I need someone to do the art.


Nihil nequeo.
#45 by Shadarr
2004-11-12 23:54:08
That would indeed be a kickass game.  And despite my spooging over the graphics in Harvest Moon, make it 2D pls.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#46 by Penguinx
2004-11-13 00:06:17
I actually have a lot of sprites already drawn for just this game. My protagonist was a little Robot who was the equivalent of a recently freed slave. His goal was to make money raising monsters on his farm for the equivalent of cock fighting.

I did several of the monsters, him, a floosey-chick, a referee... All sorts of crap. Sprites out the wazoo. I promptly realized I could never program it, though.

#47 by Ashiran
2004-11-13 00:13:40
That could work, I'll be damned before I start coding a 3D engine no matter if Charles says it's easy.

Nihil nequeo.
#48 by Shadarr
2004-11-13 00:24:53
I question the feasibility of robot sex.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
#49 by Penguinx
2004-11-13 00:26:07
Most of that kind of game is stats-based monster customization. There'd be minimal involvement in the battling; I'd rather your treatment of the monsters influenced it's behavior more than have the monster directly controlled ala Monster Rancher.

An Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon like community with the stat-building, animal raising backend would be cool.

#50 by Shadarr
2004-11-13 00:42:29
Yeah, that all sounds cool.  I just think the robot main character wouldn't work with the "fuck anybody" game mechanic.  Unless part of the backstory is that he's a decomissioned military rape-bot.

UAC! Fuck yeah!
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